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Lestat de Lioncourt Er ist schön wie ein gefallener Engel und wenn er lacht bersten die Spiegel doch seine Tr? This is one of those books that defined me I don't mean that I turned goth or vampire or whatever No it started me thinkingI was born and raised in the South I didn't read anything else other than fantasy novels like Dragonlance I joined the Marines in 89 and while watching a movie about a teenage vampire it was mentioned that Dracula is 'good literature' I went to the base library to check out Dracula and beside it on the shelf was this book I took this one insteadThe book was great I loved it The book engendered a uestion within me that never found any sunlight growing up a protestant in the Deep South That ueston can something evil love? The values of the Southern protestant is one of black and white and there is no mixing no grey no overlap By witnessing the drama of Lestat's journey this manifestation of the Shadow declaring it's evil and it's good I uestioned this myself It is a slippery slope to uestion everything With no reading history or even exposure to any philosophy Arkansas public school after all I now asked uestions about ethics the nature of God what is beauty morality and I had become a philosopher though not a good oneNow 17 years later I've been around the world many times am nearing the completion of two degrees psychology and philosophy and am a much different much broader much deepened soul The uestions I've asked the roads I've taken the experiences I've had are all a result of my search for my own truth A lot of that was set afire because of reading this book I know that many bemoan Anne's move from the supernatural and to Christian writings It's her life and I respect that Yet I am reminded of something Jung said we do not become enlighted by imagining beings of light but by making the darkness visible I'm paraphrasing Lestat might not be a being of light that's another topic but his darkness is illuminatingThis is one of my favorite books ever

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The Vampire Lestat?nen sind bitter und sein Lebenselixier ist – Blut Ruhelos durchstreift der Gentleman Vampir die Welt bis er The year is 1984 and Lestat is the famous lead singer of the group The Vampire Lestat He stumbles upon a simple little book Interview with the Vampire starring Louis his ersatz lover of sorts because vampires don't exactly have lovers the same way humans do So Lestat sets the record straight and tells the tale of his life as a vampireWhen people say this is better than Interview with the Vampire they are not kidding This book is light years better than Interview I almost wish this book never ended it was so good I already have book 3 lined up to read and normally I would give myself a break just so I didn't burn outWhat makes The Vampire Lestat so good? Just about everything from characters to setting to writing to mythos About the only thing I can critiue is that at one point not long after Gabrielle is turned and we meet Armand the story kinda stalls and gets a bit dull Oh and when Marius is telling his story I kinda got confused and thought we went back to Lestat's POV But honestly those are nitpicks I enjoyed myself thoroughly with this bookLestat is a WAY better protagonist than Louis He's not so whiny so pathetic so useless He's a master of his own life sure he contemplates whether he is evil and tends to choose victims who are evil those women Louis says Lestat seduces? They are prostitutes that cheat sailors and probably kill them He is a passionate being he cares enormously for Nikola and Louis some of the sweetest interactions in the book and his mother though his love for her gets a bit creepy in the I don't think we should be kissing our MOM this way He is a curious being he searches all over the Mediterranean for Marius and the source of answers He is a powerful being his powers attract the attention of Armand and Marius and when others can't stand being a vampire he is able to press onThe rest of the cast is beautifully done as well Gabrielle Nikola Marius Armand and even Louis all get dimension They are real people with real desires Gabrielle to be set loose to live alone Nikola to balance his wicked pursuit of the theater with his religious beliefs And so on And so forthThe story was engaging and exciting I was enthralled with the depths of the mythos a perfect balance of complex and yet simple not a list of rules sloppily tacked together when the author needs to add a new challenge to her characters but actual rules that make sense in the world and seem to originate naturally from the circumstances And the addition of Akasha and her brother I can't tell you how deliciously creeped out I was I loved itAt this point I'm just gushing Honestly I really loved this book and am SO GLAD I didn't give up on this series If you like your vampires wicked and blood thirsty you definitely need to check out this series

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EPUB Á MOBI The Vampire Lestat ò 9783442098422 FREE ↠ ANNE RICE ↠ Lestat de Lioncourt Er ist schön wie ein gefallener Engel und wenn er lacht bersten die Spiegel doch seine Tränen sind bitter und sein Lebenselixier ist – Blut Ruhelos durchstreift der Gentleman Vampir die Welt bis er schlSchließlich in New Orleans in einen todesgleichen Schlaf fällt aus dem er erst in unserer Zeit wieder erwacht I was raised by an unapologetic bookworm with rather eclectic tastes and whether its nature or nurture I eventually turned into one of those myself During my formative years if I dared to say I was bored to my mother she would simply throw a book at me and say “Read You won’t be bored any” It was very good advice that I keep to this day you will never catch me without a book in my purse But the thing about my mother is that most of her library was not childrenteenager appropriate and she does not believe in censorship so I read an awful lot of very adult books very young I think that I picked up my first Anne Rice when I was about nine years oldI have read many vampires stories since – some really good and some really bad – and Lestat remains to this day my all time favorite vampireGranted there was a lot of stuff I missed when I read “The Vampire Lestat” the first time because well I was nine But rereading it as an adult made me appreciate it so much First off the amount of historical research that went into creating this book is staggering Say what you will about Anne Rice as a person she sounds rather insufferable but the woman does her homework and weaves an amazing complex and intricate story that bounces through the Âge des Lumières France Roman Empire Egypt colonial era New Orelans and modern day California I am a sucker for history so when a historical setting is as vivid as Ms Rice makes them I find myself utterly fascinatedOf course the character of Lestat is what truly makes this book wonderful he’s a brat with an greedy curiosity and a devil may care attitude that he takes a bit too literally “If I was a damned thing then let the son of a bitch come for me” This was my first encounter with a villain who is not really a villain because he’s a bad person and it might just be where my weakness for bad guys comes from The things about Lestat is that while he can be an absolute monster he’s also a tortured being who wrestles with a strangely twisted conscience strong feelings and an insatiable need to be loved When you read “Interview with the Vampire” he seems like a selfish pompous jerk; but his background so wonderfully detailed in “Vampire Lestat” shows him for what he used to be as a mortal and how the sorrows of his younger days are still a burden he carries within him and tries his best to camouflage by acting like a rock star – ages before such a thing even existed He is a complex herovillain who throws it all in your face with charm and panache – and that is just irresistibleI am glad to see I am not the only one who like this book better than “Interview” Louis is super whiny and kind of a drama ueen as where Lestat just rocks The supporting characters are really well fleshed out the relationship with his mother Gabrielle is wonderful if somewhat disturbing The introduction of Marius who is my second favorite of the Rice vampires is also a huge plus His story is fascinating and his voice is just as delightful as Lestat’s albeit less bratty And of course he tells us the massively awesome story of “Those Who Must Be Kept” This sort of elaborate mythology that blends history with supernatural elements never