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RenegadesReunite with Navan and Riley in Renegades the heartp. 355 StarsThis review MAY contain minor SPOILERS Read at your own riskI am really enjoying this series I liked this book much than the previous book So far this series is in the mid range for me It's not spectacular but it isn't bad I am really liking the way that the plot is going in the series In Renegades things are happening and the storyline is constantly moving forward I think that perhaps the pacing could use work though not really in the way you would think The pacing works in this book but I feel that should be happening Like combining two books from this series into one would totally fix things The books in this series are very fast paced which isn't a bad thing I think that it may just be my preference I don't like the plot to drag on in a book but when things are too fast paced things can start to lose emotion and sometimes things become unrealistic I still think that the premise of this series is very good I like the originality I am liking the character development for Riley She seems to be growing and learning and trying to do everything that she can to save Earth and prevent anything from happening to her parents The other characters don't feel like they have a lot of growth They feel like they are staying the same Navan has minimal growth In the first book he was definitely robotic so that has changed He isn't emotionless now but I still wish that he felt real Bashrik Angie and Lauren also feel like they are staying the same I would like to see emotion where they are concerned Something from their past that defines them or something happening now that would display a powerful characteristic Anything If I am being honest I just don't feel any emotional attachment to these characters Which is a shame because they have a lot of potential The author needs to find a way to make me care about the characters instead of just being entertained by the storyThe world building is about the same in this book as in Coldbloods The characters are still on Vysanthe The world building isn't necessarily atmospheric but there are enough details to get the general idea of places and situations To me it felt like being told a story instead of being immersed inside of it The difference between being in a character's shoes and hearing about their journey I personally like a plethora of details while reading a book but I think that most people would be okay with the world building in this bookThe romance between Riley and Navan is cute I think that is the best way to describe it It doesn't feel all consuming the way that I was hoping it would They do finally become intimate in this book but it was a little disappointing to me I wasn't feeling it I think that their romance could be so much I don't feel like I care enough about it It has potential to be incredible but there isn't enough emotion to make things feel real I like the emerging romance between Bashrik and Angie Not much has happened thus far but at least it is entertaining I am rooting for them And I am hoping that the author can wiggle in some emotion with Riley and Navan I so want to love their romance but it isn't doing it for me yet sigh Overall this is an entertaining read in a series that has a lot of potential Even though there are many things that I think could be improved in this series I am still reading it I am still interested and that has to mean something I definitely think that this series is worth reading If you enjoy fast paced paranormal stories then I think you'd enjoy this More reviews on my blog Novel Nerd Faction

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Ounding third book of the bestselling Hotbloods seri. Great third part of the story Not sure how long this story will go Stillplenty of twists and turns

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Summary Ð Renegades ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ Reunite with Navan and Riley in Renegades the heartpounding third book of the bestselling Hotbloods seriesPre order now and prepare for an unputdownable readEsPre order now and prepare for an unputdownable rea. As always I love Bella’s books Book #3 is really starting to get in depth with the Vysathians and their society I’m Renegades Navan and Riley really realize their love for one another I’m always a sucker for a good love storyThere are many trials and tribulations that happen and it keeps you on the edge of your seats This book is definitely a build up to what’s about to go down on their planet Orion and Pandora Ack I can’t decide if I like ueen Brisha or not Sometimes she seems so kind and others very cruel Is that just the way of royalty thereAs usual I will be waiting for book 4 to come out in March Yet another great series from Bella Forrest Bravo