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Ynasty Militza and Stana hold séances and experiment with rituals and spells Gurus clairvoyants holy fools and charlatans all try their luck The closer they become to the Tsarina and the royal family the their status and power is elevated But when the sisters invoke a spiritual shaman who goes by the name of Rasputin the die is cast For they have not only irrevocably sealed their own fates but also that of Russia itselfBrimming with black magic sex and intrigue The Witches of St Petersburg is an exuisite historical fiction debut novel filled with lush historical details from the Romanov er The Witches of St Petersburg gathers up a lot of my interests Court Royalty historical fiction and the occult seems to be a concentration of mine I perhaps have obtained a major in historical fiction with a minor in court intrigue as well as the occult I have always been interested in the royals vying for succession and power marriage alliances using each other as pawns Killing for the sake of succession Throughout all of these madness and the occult are never far What was different for me around this is that I knew very little of Russian history and almost nothing about Rasputin our infamous nefarious evil character who commands the dark arts as generals command armies Rasputin is one of our most evil historical characters He commanded the Tsar and Tsarina and the entire court the armies and the militia Something about him was commanding and mystical He enticed forced women to sleep with him carouse with him and called it a healing In this account he even beat their sins out of them and they were willing to this cause so great was their faith But in this tale he was not completely unopposed He had two women our heroines Militzia and Stana our Black Princesses Known for pitch black hair and eyes these Cinderella figures were also known as the Goat Princess and they were seen as peasants and intruders and treated as such They were not accepted into the court and had to vie for power Not to mention the sisters had the gifts of the occult and were not afraid to use it as leverage to save their skins They both introduced and created Rasputin to the Russian community and were responsible for the catastrophic impact of that cascade Rasputin became unstoppable To digress for just a moment from the storyline I want to share an everyday moment I was in a Starbucks line missing the beginning of a 4th grade soccer game where I missed my son making an incredible life defying goal A woman commented on the book I was holding The Witches of St Petersburg I love that because normally I am the one to bee peeking at the titles folks are reading and to engage them in book discussions Anyway the woman was intrigued because she was Russian and she had just returned from St Petersburg two days earlier I read the back of the book synopsis and we talked about her history briefly She said Its so funny how the women were blamed back then for producing daughters when nowadays science we know sex is entirely determined by the men Y chromosome and all that Women feared for their lives if they couldn't produce a son They were killed for it abandoned Its why they turned to the dark arts She also told me of the little Tsar having hemophilia which of course they didn't understand scientifically back then or how to treat it I didn't realize that this all came from ueen Victoria's line the royal disease which emerged from way back when the curse of the Tudors Where the curse was whoever was responsible for the death of the boys in the tower would never be able to produce sustaining male heirs and that appears to have come all the way through history Obviously my coffee line partner wasn't talking about the English monarchy she was much steeped in the Russian which I found interesting But clearly the long awaited Tsar and his hemophilia was the perfect storm for a Rasputin to enter and that landscape of fear was his calling card and source of his power Tsarina Alix would do whatever it took to keep that child safe and linked Russia's fate with Rasputin's And therefore the Black Princesses tooMy coffee line partner says there is much lore in Russia about Rasputin and the greatness of his powers That he was stabbed shot drowned and poisoned and his strength was so great he still didn't die She said medically autopsy he lived underwater long after he should have drowned and it was medically impossible The book strongly hints at that too He is as scary and evil as Voldemort or any other character And I must admit that while I was writing the review and thinking about how all of these women were swayed by this character of ill repute who gained power by a mixture of charm power over others and his cock that the unlikely image of Donald Trump continued to come to mind How people allowed this man to overrun way past any boundary political personal in ways that defy our understanding Our black princesses seemed to me to be no different than any other female court royalty in trouble and in danger No or less noble or nefarious They were just trying to save their lives and in a way Russia's The idea being that no one should hold that much power Which is an interesting thought for both the political and the occult Militzia far than Stana is the heroine of the book Stana too is ruled by desire Militzia by principle and powerful strategy And yet Militzia had that privilege due to the happier marriage and perhaps that makes a difference Her husband was a minor character but I have to say that I liked him He and his brother were stand up men at a time where scheming and power grabbing men were also at the center of the book as well as in history Historical fiction is really wonderful because we get to take a well known story and make guesses really develop the characters inside of them and give them feeling warmth heart and motivations I loved learning about Russia and also the occult piece which appeared to fit right in and actually always has throughout our history of court royalty and the fight for succession and power These women were noble ladies with a badass spirit A combination I very much like 4 stars and I really enjoyed this

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The Witches of St PetersburgInspired by real characters this transporting historical fiction debut spins the fascinating story of two princesses in the Romanov court who practiced black magic befriended the Tsarina and invited Rasputin into their lives forever changing the course of Russian history As daughters of the impoverished King of Montenegro Militza and Stana must fulfill their duty to their father and leave their beloved home for St Petersburg to be married into senior positions in the Romanov court For their new alliances to the Russian nobility will help secure the future of the sisters’ native country Im Find this and other reviews at warning folks Imogen Edwards Jones’ The Witches of St Petersburg is not appropriate for those with weak constitutions and before anyone asks the answer is no that statement has absolutely nothing to do Rasputin’s gherkin scented breath or wart tipped phallusThe hard truth of the matter is that if you can’t stomach the prying of a half developed chick from its egg the disintegration of a miscarried fetus as part of a summoning spell or the idea of Alexandra Feodorovna dropping to her knees to scoop up and eat vomit from the snow covered ground this book isn’t for youGenre readers who get frustrated when significant liberties are taken with the source material might want to think twice here too A date change is one thing but pitching Suzanna Catharina de Graaff’s claim as fact is a bit of a stretch An interesting and arguably creative stretch but a stretch just the sameAt four hundred and sixty four pages The Witches of St Petersburg is an absolute beast The pacing is also slow and I had a tough time with the characters I don’t mean that I hated them or anything I just couldn’t understand them or their motivations Were they selfish social climbers or self sacrificing Montenegrin royalty The novel vacillates back and forth but the lack of clarity made it impossible for me to appreciate what either sister was aboutThere’s some interesting content in this piece and I think the author flirts with some very interesting concepts but the execution was all over the place Complex stories are great but they need to translate and I can’t say I felt this one succeeded on that frontNot for me and not something I’d have an easy time recommending forward

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read kindle ¿ The Witches of St Ñ Petersburg à randarenewables ↠ Inspired by real characters this transporting historical fiction debut spins the fascinating story of two princesses in the Romanov court who practiced black magic befriended the Tsarina and invited Rasputin into their lives—forevMediately Militza and Stana feel like outcasts as the aristocracy shuns them for their provincial ways and for dabbling in the occult Undeterred the sisters become resolved to make their mark by falling in with the lonely depressed Tsarina Alexandra who as an Anglo German is also an outsider and is not fully accepted by members of the court After numerous failed attempts to precipitate the birth of a son and heir the Tsarina is desperate and decides to place her faith in the sisters’ expertise with black magicPromising the Tsarina that they will be able to secure an heir for the Russian d THE WITCHES OF ST PETERSBURG is the tale of two sisters that have to fend for themselves at the Romanov court and they do so by not only befriending the Tsarina they use black magic as well Militza and Stana are the daughters of the King of Montenegro They are forced to marry men with status in the Romanov court and to secure the future for their home country However they are shunned by the aristocracy especially the women But they soon find out that the lonely Tsarina desperately needs a male heir and they decide to help her even if that means using black magicREAD THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION