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All the King’s Men review ô eBook or Kindle ePUB é Winner of the Pulitzer Prize this classic book is generally regarded as the finest novel ever written on american politics It describes the career of Willie Stark a back country lawyer whose idealism is overcome by his lust for power New Foreword by Joseph Blotner for this fiftiIs overcome by his lust for power New Foreword by Joseph Blotner for this fiftieth anniversary editi. King of Pain Storytelling and copulation are the two chief forms of amusement in the South They're inexpensive and easy to procure Robert Penn WarrenRobert Penn Warren had been teaching at LSU for about a year prior to the 1935 assassination of US Sen Huey P Long La nicknamed Kingfish the populist and crooked 42 yr old senator and former Louisiana governor on whom his novel is loosely based The title comes from Long's motto Every Man a King and a Humpty Dumpty verseThe story follows the political rise and fall of the fictional Willie Stark who came from modest roots as a small town lawyer and made it into office as a populist before the Depression to be elected twice as governor of a Southern state Warren left references to location intentionally vague even throwing in red herrings about coming in from the beach at a close by vacation home Louisiana has lakes but no beaches; it's oceanfront the wetlands leading into the Gulf of MexicoJack Burden the novel's narrator was a former newspaper columnist and history student before becoming Governor Stark's right hand man He is exceedingly dispassionate as a bystander and participant in the ongoing tragedy and remains so despite watching the tragedy unfold and suffering two epic betrayals Maybe Penn Warren was going for the shock or sense of bewilderment a reader may feel about the narrator seemingly not being affected by occurrences that would likely devastate any normal person This is not simply a political novel as I thought; I was surprised to learn that Warren said he didn't intend it to be one The book is much about all actions having conseuences intended or not; accepting responsibility for one's actions; issues of identity such as how a boy can be affected even as a man in his 30s upon learning the true identity of his father; and maybe most substantially the variety and grades of betrayal and the impact of each on the betrayed and the betrayer As I think about it I'm certain All the King's Men covers all 7 deadly sins particularly the Big Five Pride Greed Lust Envy and WrathA uote from the novel I found most poignant as I was reading it but not uite as much so today “the air so still it aches like your heart in the bosom when you stand on the street corner waiting for the light to change and happen to recollect how things once were and how they might have been yet if what happened had not happened” I must admit I tuned out a couple of times when the authornarrator trailed off into 2 to 3 page abstruse ramblings on the meaning of life in relation to space and time I don't like lecturesAll in all I enjoyed the book immensely for its political nature its place and time and its exploration of these various themes

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N on american politics It describes the career of Willie Stark a back country lawyer whose idealism. All the King's Men Robert Penn Warren's Spider Web This Novel was chosen as a group read by members of On the Southern Literary Trail for July 2012 and again in October2014 It all began as I have said when the Boss sitting in the black Cadillac which sped through the night said to me to Me who was what Jack Burden the student of history had grown up to be There is always somethingAnd I said Maybe not on the JudgeAnd he said Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption and he passeth from the stink of the didie to the stench of the shroud There is always something There is always something even on the Judge Broderick Crawford as Willie Stark John Ireland as Jack Burden and Adam Greenleaf as Judge Stanton from the 1949 film The film changed the identity of Judge Irwin to Judge Stanton A slight problem with the object of Jack's romance First Edition Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1946If you're expecting a fictional recounting that serves as a short cut to T Harry William's masterful biography of Huey Long this isn't it But Williams does have something to say that pointedly echoes the themes Robert Penn Warren wove into a masterpiece of American politics I believe that some men men of power can influence the course of history They appear in response to conditions but they may alter the conditions may give a new direction to history In the process they may do great good or evil or both but whatever the case they leave a different kind of world behind them pix Preface T Harry Williams Huey LongAlfred A Knopf 1969That Willie Stark is a stand in for Huey Long Robert Penn Warren frankly admits I was fortunate to find the Thirty Fifth Edition of the novel published in 1981 It contained a new and very informative introduction by WarrenWarren did not originally envision this work as a novel but as a tragic drama entitled Proud Flesh Warren ended up putting that manuscript away He realized that he had focused on a man of power rather than those few people who are always surrounding that man of power and in writing All the King's Men Warren focused on the Greek chorus to whom he had not given proper voice in his originally conceived workSo there we have the title All the King's Men the chorus that relates the rise and fall of Willie Stark For all great men have an inner circle some of whom are as vague as phantoms performing the will of the King and they will perform that will whether it be good or evil But all the King's Men cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again should the King fallWarren proposes the uestion of whether those minions are mere pawns or whether they recognize the conseuences of their actions and accept responsibility for them and if so can they find redemption for the evil they do even when it is couched in terms of doing good Willie Stark the Boss is a practical man So politics is a dirty business He tells us Dirt's a funny thing come to think of it there ain't a thing but dirt on this green God's globe except what's under water and that's dirt too It's dirt makes the grass grow A diamond ain't a thing in the world but a piece of dirt that got awful hot And God a Mighty picked up a handful of dirt and blew on it and made you and me and George Washington and mankind blessed in faculty and apprehension It all depends on what you do with the dirt Jack Burden is a one man Greek Chorus that tells us the story of Willie Stark And it is Jack Burden who provides the moral center of the novel In one long narrative voice Jack a child of privilege intrigues us relating the present and the past not only Willie's but his own Willie's rise is rather straight forward As Williams tells us in Long's biography Willie appears on the Louisiana scene in response to conditions of the Great Depression which seemingly provided the fuel for Populism common to that eraJack comes from a level of society that comprised the previous leaders of Louisiana a class who would forever be opposed to a man of Willie Stark's origin and philosophy He is the friend of Adam and Anne Stanton the children of the governor preceding Stark His mentor is Judge Irwin who advised and influenced Jack from his youth His father Ellis Burden the scholarly lawyer is a good friend of the Judge His mother is beautiful poised and confidentSo why would Ellis Burden walk out of his law office one day to become a street evangelist But Jack's mother has no problem keeping a stream of husbands in her bed It's enough to make a fellow a little cynical Rebellious too Rebellious enough to go to State University and study history Jack has a future He's working on his doctorate studying the papers of an ancestor named Cass Mastern The papers of Mastern serve as a mirror of Jack's life But Mastern who betrayed a friend by having a love affair with his friend's wife lives the rest of his life with the knowledge of that betrayal It is Cass who writes in his journal The world is all of one piece He learned that the world is like an enormous spider web and if you touch it however lightly at any point the vibration ripples to the remotest perimeter and the drowsy spider feels the tingle and is drowsy no but springs out to fling the gossamer coils about you who have touched the web and then inject the black numbing poison under your hide It does not matter whether or not you meant to brush the web of things Your happy foot or your gay wing may have brushed it ever so lightly but what happens always happens and there is the spider bearded black and with his great faceted eyes glittering like mirrors in the sun or like God’s eye and the fangs dripping The long and the short of it is that our actions have conseuences and we owe a responsibility for the conseuences of our actions This is a premise that Jack would rather rejectRather Jack grasps on to the theory of the Great Twitch a world in which the actions of people are no controllable than the muscles of a frog's leg twitching in response to an electrical impulse However it is Cass Mastern who was correct In rejecting his ancestor's journal Jack becomes the cynical wisecracking news reporter assigned to cover Willie Stark's first gubernatorial election It is Jack Burden along with savvy political advisor Sadie Burke who tell Stark he's been duped into running to split the vote of the opposing candidate to bring about the win by yet another politician Jack Burden and Sadie Burke telling Willie he's been had It is that campaign that transforms not only Willie Stark into a Kingfish lookalike but transforms Jack into Stark's most trusted fix it man Maybe not the Judge Oh yes even the Judge And so it is that a chain of conseuences begins to be unveiled each the result of a deliberate undeniable action Even the death of Willie Stark is a conseuence of one of the Boss's improvident decisions As Warren wrote The end of man is knowledge but there's one thing he can't know He can't know whether knowledge will save him or kill him He will be killed all right but he can't know whether he is killed because of the knowledge which he has got or because of the knowledge which he hasn't got and which if he had it would save him Do the ends justify the means Can Willie Stark find redemption Willie's death comes about not from an assassin who believes him to be a dictator but for a very personal reason Nor will I even resort to a spoiler alert I'm simply not going to tell you because I want you to read this book And what of Jack I will share the final sentence and I remind you that Jack is the narrator Go out of the house and go into the convulsion of the world out of history into history and the awful responsibility of Time Perhaps Jack Burden has come to terms with his ancestor Cass MasternTo say this is a masterpiece about American politics is true But it goes much further than that It is a reminder that the past is the father of the future They are inevitably inseparableEXTRAS EXTRASHuey Long The Man Behind Willie StarkHuey Long's Share the Wealth Speech Huey Long on the Difference between Democrats and Republicans The Assassination of Huey Long A Biographical Documentary of Robert Penn Warren Robert Penn Warren All the King's Men and Huey Long WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERSSoundtrackLouisana 1927 by Randy Newman Kingfish by Randy Newman Every Man a King written and sung by Huey Long

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All the King’s MenWinner of the Pulitzer Prize this classic book is generally regarded as the finest novel ever writte. All the King’s Men Robert Penn WarrenAll the King's Men is a novel by Robert Penn Warren first published in 1946 Its title is drawn from the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty In 1947 Warren won the Pulitzer Prize for All the King's Men It was adapted for a film in 1949 and 2006; the 1949 version won the Academy Award for Best Picture It is rated as the 36th greatest novel of the 20th century by Modern Library and it was chosen as one of Time magazine's 100 best novels All the King's Men portrays the dramatic and theatrical political rise and governorship of Willie Stark a cynical liberal populist in the American South during the 1930s The novel is narrated by Jack Burden a political reporter who comes to work as Governor Stark's right hand man The trajectory of Stark's career is interwoven with Jack Burden's life story and philosophical reflections the story of Willie Stark and the story of Jack Burden are in one sense one storyتاریخ خوانش نسخه انگلیسی روز یازدهم سال 2007 میلادیعنوان همه مردان پادشاه؛ نویسنده رابرت پن وارن ؛ مترجم یوسف سلیمان‌ سالم؛ تهران نشر تیسا،‫ 1397؛ در 570ص؛ شابک 9786006662046؛کتاب «تمام مردان شاه» اثری از «رابرت پن وارن» است؛ برای نخستین بار در سال 1946میلادی منتشر شده، و عنوان آن برگرفته از اشعار کودکان، و شعری به نام «هامتی دامتی» است، در سال 1947میلادی «وارن» برای نگارش این کتاب، جایزه ی پولیتزر را به دست آورد، از این کتاب فیلم‌هایی در سال 1949میلادی و سال 2006میلادی اقتباس شده است، فیلم نسخه ی سال 1949میلادی این اثر، برنده ی جایزه ی اسکار بهترین فیلم سال شد، کتاب به عنوان سی و ششمین اثر برگزیده، از بهترین رمان‌های سده ی بیستم میلادی از سوی کتابخانه ی مدرن برگزیده شد، مجله ی «تایم» این کتاب را به عنوان یکی از صد رمان برتر پس از سال 1923میلادی برگزیداین کتاب «رابرت پن وارن» بر اساس یک سری از ماجراهای واقعی نوشته شده، و نویسنده با الهام گرفتن از آن ماجراها که شامل زندگی یکی از سیاستمداران عوامگرای جنوب آمریکا، به نام «ویلی استارک» در طول دهه ی 1930میلادی است، راوی این داستان شخصی است به نام «جک بوردن»، یک خبرنگار سیاسی، که آمده تا به عنوان دست راست فرمانده «استارک» و در کنار او کار کند، مسیر زندگی حرفه‌ ای و سیاسی «استارک» با داستان «جک بوردن» بازتابی فلسفی به خود گرفته، و به گونه‌ ای شامل دو داستان شده، داستان «ویلی استارک» و داستان «جک بوردن» در یک معنای کلی، کتاب به شکلی بازتاب کننده ی کارهای اخیر رابرت پن وارن است ایشان مدعی بودند که که کتاب «همه ی مردان شاه» از دید او کتابی نیست که درباره ی سیاست باشدتاریخ نخستین خوانش 18031399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی