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DOWNLOAD ✓ And Then There Were Crows Ñ New York City has always been a big fat sack of stress for Amanda Grey From turning herself into knots as she strives to evade rubbing ass cheeks with strangers on the train to round housing public bathroom door handles to stave off plague contaminations Grey has always found the simple techniue of avoEnted your bedroom to and before you know it you've set into motion the biblical apocalypse prophesized in the Book of Revelations literallyIn one night Grey goes from a woman concentrated on clamping down on her own personal demons to the woman responsible for recapturing the six Shades she's unleashed upon the city To accomplish this she must venture out into a society even alien to her now than before oh and try to stay alive too She manages to survive by accepting the help of Barnem a seraphim who just happens to reside in an upstairs apartment and also just so happens to be eually terrible at human interactions as she is Oddly the demon Grey now shares an apartment with also steps up to help her vanuish the Shades though she can't be sure if it's out of roommate loyalty or a secret plot to enslave humankind Probably the latterTogether the unlikely trio faces a bevy of social demons from navigating political warfare to breaking the curse of infomercials and figuring. So despite my five star rating this may not be the book for youYou have cursing lots of it gruesome violence lots of it just general weirdness a whole freaking lot of it and snark pretty much the entire bookAdded to the above mentioned virtues lol no not vices you've got a rocking adventure of a story that made me smile than once laugh out loud literally a few times and snort unattractively many many timesI loved our main character Somehow our author managed to make her snarky without making her sound like a teenager D was beyond awesome and even the Pope made me laugh Note if you can't take a rather tongue in cheek view of religion you might want to skipMy first reaction when I started reading it could best be described as a rather stunned what the heck am I reading expression but the book uickly became just pure funSo probably not for everyone because severed body parts but definitely for me ARC Provided via Net Galley

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Out exactly how Grey becomes the leader of a cult or two For Amanda Grey it becomes harder and harder to tell the difference between the ills of society and the influence of the Shades She begins to notice that living with her social anxieties makes her sensitive to the oddities around her which ironically seems to make her the perfect person to deal with the world's mounting weirdness As Grey comes to be part of a society that has accepted the strange ways we communicate with each other she uestions if the social sanity she felt excluded from her entire life ever really existed in the first placeWith the capture of each Shade Grey's world begins to open from the possible love interest that just moved into her building to re establishing the failed relationship with her younger sister Amanda uietly begins to notice that maybe an earth shattering apocalypseis exactly what her life needed The only thing left to figure out is how to actually cope with the end of the world. When I first saw the plot and the title of the book And Then There Were Crows I found it way too intriguing Once I received the book and started reading it I found it rather absurd The book was fine but it took me a long time to finish it because of its slow pace Few instances I didn't even feel like ending it Reading the blurb on Netgalley made me get excited I thought the book would be different than the usual YA genre but it was disappointing to me The writing style was way too dull The story tends to get a little tangled up at times but in like a uirky and endearing wayAbout the character if I talk about the main character Amanda she was a mess and I suppose that was the only aspect handled by the author nicely A young woman coping with mental illness but not in a sad but pretty way was something that made me pull on with the book Although the plot or the idea about the entire book wasn't that bad the execution was horrible It could have been written in a much better manner with a fast pace and intriguing structure Other than that the front cover was interestingly chosen including the title name I suppose most of the bookworms would get this book just cause of its title And Then There Were Crows and the front cover kinda gives you the creep 

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And Then There Were CrowsNew York City has always been a big fat sack of stress for Amanda Grey From turning herself into knots as she strives to evade rubbing ass cheeks with strangers on the train to round housing public bathroom door handles to stave off plague contaminations Grey has always found the simple techniue of avoidance best in dealing with NYC What's always saved her what's always served as her bastion from the City's bright lights and cat calling construction workers was the little one bedroom apartment in ueens she's shared with her parents Of course that's all about to changeWhen her parents go on an extended vacation and leave Grey to her own devices she uickly manages to screw everything up finding herself broke behind on rent and facing eviction That's how fast life in the city goes One second your biggest concern is rising Metrocard costs and avoiding eye contact with creepy looking children The next you're nearly murdered by a man infested with demons one of which you've r. When I read the blurb for And Then There Were Crows I was really excited A regular mousy even chick must become badass in order to recapture the six Shades from Hell and save the world Badass chick Right up my alley bring it on pleaseUnfortunately I really struggled with the writing style of this one The pacing was somewhat erratic alternating between being rather slow and somewhat repetitive with being very sudden many things happening all at once which made it difficult for me to stay engaged with the storyI often felt like I was listening to an excited small child relating every single detail of the happenings at a sugar infused birthday party I'd get to a sentence that would jolt me Wait you threw up You didn't think it was important to tell me that before telling me what colour the icing on the birthday cake was Oh that was also the colour of your vomit I see and cause me to scramble back a few pages because either the information was very sudden or I must have zoned out and missed the lead up to this new ideaAlthough this book was really not a good choice for me I think this it will appeal to hardcore urban fantasy readers who like a lot of silly humour mixed in with gritty action Thank you to NetGalley and Black Spot Books for providing me with a DRC of this book