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Keen to divest him of his estateEdward St Aubyn is renowned for his masterwork the five Melrose novels which dissect with savage and beautiful precision the agonies of family life His take on King Lear Shakespeare's most devastating family story is an excoriating novel for and of our times an examination of power money and the value of forgiveness. This is the sixth book in the Hogarth Shakespeare series that I have read It is a retelling of King LearIt is many years since I read King Lear and it never was one of my favourites out of Shakespeare's plays However Edward St Aubyn does a good job of making it into a very readable book Really he takes the bare bones of the original and builds his own story but there are enough similarities in the action and in the characters to see where his ideas came fromOne unexpected delight was the humour Dunbar's fellow inmate Peter is very funny as is their rackety escape from the institution they find themselves in It is also uite a short book which seemed to finish almost as soon as it had begun However having just finished a row of lengthy tomes one of which bored my socks off I was very happy with something short sharp and snappyIf you enjoy this kind of retelling of classics then try this series It is excellent

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Dunbar by Edward St. AubA reimagining of one of Shakespeare's most well read tragedies by the contemporary critically acclaimed master of domestic dramaHenry Dunbar the once all powerful head of a global media corporation is not having a good day In his dotage he hands over care of the corporation to his two eldest daughters Abby and Megan but as relations sour he starts. From the Hogarth Shakespeare series A wonderful read by Edward St Aubyn

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DOWNLOAD ã Dunbar by Edward St. Aubyn · A reimagining of one of Shakespeare's most well read tragedies by the contemporary critically acclaimed master of domestic dramaHenry Dunbar the once all powerful head of a global media corporation is not having a good day In his dotage he hands over care of the corporation to his two eldest daughters AbTo doubt the wisdom of past decisionsNow imprisoned in Meadowmeade an upscale sanatorium in rural England with only a demented alcoholic comedian as company Dunbar starts planning his escape As he flees into the hills his family is hot on his heels But who will find him first his beloved youngest daughter Florence or the tigresses Abby and Megan so. ”In the beginning was the Thought and the Thought was with Dunbar and Dunbar thought car and behold there was a car and he saw that it was good”Henry Dunbar has escapedNot an easy thing to escape from a mentally ill facility otherwise known as the nuthouse the funny farm the rubber room and the booby hatch It isn’t exactly what Henry had in mind for his retirement He is tired no doubt about that but he isn’t crazy Well not too crazy just a spell of being mad furious really which leads to the worst mistake of his life He disinherits his favorite daughter Florence who has the least interest in his grand fortune and gives over control of his company his life really to his two power hungry daughters Abigail and Megan They are rather feral If this story seems familiar it is because William Shakespeare wrote a play called King Lear and Edward St Aubyn was tasked by Hogarth to write a modern version of the brilliant play I can’t hear the name Hogarth without thinking about the original founders of the press Leonard and Virginia Woolf I’ve enjoyed the Hogarth Shakespeare’s and believe the the Woolfs’ would have approved as well Dr Bob is sleeping with both sisters sometimes at the same time and it is good that he has medical training because the romps are proving to be rather a flesh tearing affair It isn’t fun until someone is bleeding right For Megan rough sex is a way to finally feel something It is a way to open up the emotions in her windswept soul ”In her view pain was the gold standard in which the paper currency of love needed to be pegged Pain could be measured whereas love often couldn’t even be located Why not gradually exchange something that was not much better than a rumor for something real Why not turn a fleeting emotion always on the verge of reversing itself into a repeatable sensationThe daughters are not above torturing people to get what they want The thing is when you associate pain with pleasure then are they really punishing people when they give them pain If painpleasures then aren’t they simply giving people joy Dr Bob the seemingly most loyal ally of the Dunbar girls is working a lucrative back door deal with a rival company Unicom He hasn’t enjoyed his bruising time as the Dunbar punching bag and now with the company vulnerable from a change in oversight he sees a chance to destroy and conuer A bold move that as the sea changes occur he starts to wonder if he went up the wrong gangway to an unsound boatSpeaking of one of those sea changes where is Duncan He is in the wind ”He let his hands fall to his side completely absorbed in watching a raindrop change color as it swelled on the tip of the leaf and flashed into the ground He longed for its fleeting iridescent; he longed to be absorbed into the earth or if the earth wouldn't have him to evaporate into the sky to become a part of everything with no part in anything no role no point no location no pattern and no mind”If not for Florence his jilted child the octogenarian would probably just escape to a place in the back wilds of England and never been seen again but he feels there is unfinished business The uestion is can he marshall the combative part of his mind that made him so ruthless in business to challenge his spawn or will the loose threads of his thoughts continue to unravel I would suggest before you read any of these Hogarth retellings of Shakespeare that you read the play first or if you are like me reread the play My enjoyment of the retellings goes up exponentially Now unfortunately when I have suggested this to people no one that I know of has actually taken my advice Shakespeare has made the greatest contribution to English literature He has added many words to our everyday language You shouldn’t be afraid to read him Yes it does take a bit of a mental adjustment to get into the flow of his style but you have to think of yourself as a time traveller going back to the late 16th century or the early 17th century Adjustments will need to be made to blend right Read the notes as you go They do help you make those adjustments and after a few scenes you start to realize that you don’t need the notes as much because what was so unfamiliar has started to make sense You suddenly find yourself bouncing off people in the mosh pit below stage and starting to have a grand old time I read a lot of Shakespeare while I was in college and now that I’m going back through his plays again with wiser eyes I am enjoying them because I’m building on what I learned then We don’t read things once and are done with them not great things like Shakespeare’s plays or Tolstoy or Dostoevsky or Baudelaire's poetry They are to be read several times and with each reading new and marvelous things are discovered Even likely with the passage of time a scene resonates with you than it did when you were younger Anthony Bourdain was a huge fan of Edward St Aubyn’s Melrose novels which I must confess I haven’t read yet I’d already planned to read the pairing of King Lear and Dunbar so I put off the Melrose novels to read Dunbar This book starts off absolutely terrific I am thrilled that St Aubyn exchanged Lear’s kingdom for a powerful corporate company of today The kingdoms of the future I’m afraid The book seems to flutter away from him a bit by the end I was all geared up for a grand finale and it was of a balloon popping in lieu of a fireworks display Despite my disappointment in the conclusion by being encouraged to reread the play and reimagining Lear in the corporate kingdom of Duncan I am still satisfied that I have been entertained All that is reuired of me is that I create the conclusion that I want where St Aubyn left off We must never rely completely on the writer’s imagination It is wonderful to feel our own imagination stirred by a writer or a filmmaker or a poet or an artist but we must never be complacent in our entertainment ”Here we are now entertain us” We must let our thoughts go beyond the bounds of what has inspired us We must let go of the hand of the writer In fact buy him a pint in a pub let him entertain the natives with his sordid tales and travel on beyond him If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at