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Beauty AUTHOR Sheri S. Tepper kindle À eBook 9780553295276 ✓ Sheri S. Tepper ✓ With the publication of The Gate to Women's Country Sheri S Tepper came to be recognized as a major science fiction writer Now the author of Raising the Stones and Grass a New York Times Notable Book and Hugo T places both imaginary and real Finally she comes to understand what has been her special gift to humanity all alongFor in Beauty there is beauty And in beauty magic Without our enchanted places humanity is no than an upstart ape And this we realize is why Beauty must be saved both in the fantastical world of Tepper's novel and in the actual world in which we li I loved this book immensely It weaves a tapestry of fairytales linking Sleeping Beauty Cinderella and Snow White in a timeless fantasyIt transported me to the Realm of Fae and I was completely immersed in the novel Sympathetic characters made it easy to loveI sent this to my neice and wish I didn't because I'd love to read it again

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With the publication of The Gate to Women's Country Sheri S Tepper came to be recognized as a major science fiction writer Now the author of Raising the Stones and Grass a New York Times Notable Book and Hugo Award finalist turns to Beauty a fantasy with a story that is much than fableDrawing on the wellspring of much loved well remembered fairy tales Tepper deli About 100 pages into Beauty I wasn't sure whether I was really going to like the book as it kept moving from subject to subject without staying long enough with each one to make it work About 200 pages in I was convinced the author had far too many ideas for her own good and no idea of how to weave them together into a cohesive story Despite my misgivings though I stuck with the book and I'm glad I did because the second half than made up for the flaws of the first I ended up enjoying the hell out of Beauty so much so that I considered giving it five stars Not bad for a book which initially struck me as trying too hard and failingSo what is Beauty about It's hard to summarise the story as it is so terribly convoluted but in a nutshell it's about a fourteenth century princess half human half fairy named Beauty who escapes a terrible fairy tale like fate and magically ends up in the twenty first century which is a distinctly unpleasant place bereft of all beauty From this dystopian future she makes her way back to a very recognisable twentieth century which clearly carries the germs of the wave of destruction which is about to follow and from there the story weaves in and out of different ages and worlds reality Faerie even Hell where Beauty gets to deal with love rape and rejection among many other things She also discovers that she carries something important within her something essential to the survival of Things Which Matter And so the reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride through time and space which is further enlivened by the many well known fairy tale characters Beauty meets on her way I don't want to give away too much here but Beauty somehow ends up giving birth to Cinderella and also counts Sleeping Beauty and the Frog Prince among her descendants These well known characters are among the most inspired elements of the book mainly because they are so different from the way they are portrayed elsewhere Take Cinderella for instance In Tepper's vision she is not the sweet and innocent girl of Perrault's tale but rather an outrageous slut who must have her prince because she can't wait to shag his brains out For her part Sleeping Beauty while insanely beautiful is also insanely stupid and as for the seven dwarfs who guard her while she is asleep well let's just say they are not as innocent as Disney made them out to be I had a ball with Tepper's take on these classic characters freuently laughing out loud at the way she perverted old tales and wove them into her own story There is some very clever pastiche going on here and to me it just about made the bookWhat lets Beauty down somewhat is the didacticism of its tone Tepper is a fine writer but she is not very subtle; she makes her points very heavy handedly sometimes cringe inducingly so In Beauty she tackles the loss of nature beauty and magic in an increasingly less romantic world As a fellow romantic with a yearning for the sublime I found myself in sympathy with Tepper's message but I do wish she hadn't forced it down my throat the way she did I also somewhat objected to the overt feminism of the book which mainly manifested itself in some truly despicable male characters Apart from the heavy handed environmentalism and feminism though Beauty is a fine book with some good honest writing and some truly inspired ideas mostly in the second half If you can get over the disjointedness of the first half and the author's tendency to introduce cool ideas without really working them out you'll find an imaginative and freuently entertaining albeit depressing fantasy story with some familiar refreshingly un Disney like characters It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it's better than most fantasy books out there and I have no trouble recommending it to those who like their fairy tales dark and bleak

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Beauty AUTHOR Sheri S. TeppVers a thought provoking and finely crafted novel that thoroughly involves the reader in the life of one of the most captivating heroines in modern fantasy Beauty On her sixteenth birthday Beauty is seemingly able to sidestep her aunt's curse Instead she is transported to the future Here begin her adventures as she travels magically back and forth in time to visi Now is not a good time to write a review of this because I am in a bad mood I will do nonetheless itI did have to remove two stars from my 13 year old rating I did not find this particularly beautiful or as tragic as I remembered or even particularly clever Luckily though it did not descend into the overwrought sentimentality I was dreading except perhaps a little towards the end Even then though I maintain that it retained something of grandeurTepper is clearly a very good writer she must be in order to make such a convoluted plot readable at all I unlike some other reviewers do not think there was anything confusing about this book I do wish though that she was a just slightly better writer Reading this I wished constantly for a bit of subtlety naturally I agree with her feminist and environmentalist agenda but I wish she wouldn't harp on it so obviously She might as well have said It's hard to be a woman and humanity sucks Yep I know whatever now let's go and read a good book I thought she achieved an excellent level of subtlety in The Gate to Women's Country though I did notice it a bit in Grass so why not here I wonder if it was deliberate perhaps because she was writing in diary form Unfortunately it just looks like she's not uite good enough to pull it off So if it was deliberate it was a super bad moveMy heart is of stone I have no scruples about destroying my childhood idols I found Beauty a pallid character Giles no better and most of the others had no flesh to them I think she could have done really interesting things with the time travel and the idea of fate which she seemed to just ignoreNo matter how full of faults Tepper seems to be I can't get over how much interesting her books are than all the so called classic sci fi Not that I've read a huge amount of it but in my defence that's largely because it's mostly rather boring I'd prefer to read Tepper any day who is at least interestingly flawed I may have mentioned I'm in a bad moodI gave this five stars because I would have given it five stars last time I read it I loved it that much I'm not sure if I'd still feel the same nowNonetheless I remember this as being the most successful attempt to merge science fiction and fantasy that I'd ever read Time travel apocalypse dystopia magic oldschool fairy tales true love old people who search for each other for years and are still capable of loving each other all held together with a sizeable dollop of Celtic faerie land stuff The sort of thing I like to call a darn good yarn It was stunningly beautiful and heart rendingly tragic to the inexperience of my approx fourteen year old self Ergo it was almost certainly overwrought and sentimental