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Free Diamond Fire kindle Ç eBook ✓ randarenewables ↠ Nevada Frida Baylor and Connor Ander Rogan cordially invite you to join their wedding celebration Summoning weather manipulation and other magical activities strictly forbiddenCatalina Baylor is looking forward to wearing her maid of honor dress and watching hNevada Frida Baylor and Connor Ander Rogan cordially invite you to join their wedding celebration Summoning weather manipulation and other magical activities strictly forbiddenCatalina Baylor is looking forward to wearing her maid of honor dress and watching her older s Previous rating 35 stars New rating 353245869 stars Go me and stuff➽ And the moral of this reread is I’m so in 💕lurve💕 with Nevada’s MY dragony lovely mother in law that I’m seriously thinking of asking her to marry me Which might a teensy little bit awkward given that she’s my deliciously tactile husband’s mommy but they both have very open minds so I’m pretty fairly reasonable certainly sure they won’t um you know mind and stuff So here goes and stuff There’s no way the Tactile Mum can resist such a Superbly Extra Sexey Sensible Loving Face SESSLF™ if you ask me So expect to receive the wedding invites by NSCPS Nefariously Speedy Crustacean Postal Service pronto my Little BarnaclesPS I want a Runa Leon spinoff I might unleash my murderous children on the Mostest Awesomest Authorlords if doesn’t happen post haste But hey no pressure and stuff· Book 1 Burn for Me ★★★★★· Book 2 White Hot ★★★★★· Book 3 Wildfire ★★★★★· Book 4 Sapphire Flames ★★★· Book 5 Untitled Catalina Novel to be released 2020?· Book 6 Untitled Catalina Novel to be released 2021?Original reviewActual rating 35 pathetic stars I nearly almost rated it 3345862 stars and a half but then thought that if I did the Mostest Awesomest Authorlords might force me to relinuish my harem rights over the Scourge of Mexico so I didn’tIt is a truth universally acknowledged that I read this novella wrong and have Despicable Book Taste DBT™ There I said it Happy now? Moving on and stuffOkay So When I started this book I had no particular expectations I mean I was somewhat kind of excited at the prospect of reading a new instalment in this series which I like a little especially since it was supposed to be about my wedding to the Yummy Butcher of Merida He was supposed to marry someone else you say? Don’t be ridiculous now Mr Tactile and my little nefarious self have been affianced for decades and our nuptials were announced eons ago Didn’t you get the invite and stuff? In short I very logically assumed that because this was IA and because this was Hidden Legacy I could expect to experience something akin to this Don’t askThe thing is I never stopped to think how the change in POV from Nevada to Catalina might affect the tone of the story and how different it would be from previous instalments in the series as a result Goes to show you can be both utterly nefarious and ever so slightly harebrained And after reading three stupendously scrumpalicious books written from a kick ass independent strong adult woman's perspective Nevada might be only in her mid twenties but she is much much mature than your average female UF juvenile nitwit lead of the same age the switch to Catalina’s POV was a bit err you know um unsettling and stuff Don’t get me wrong or do it’s not like I'm going to lose any sleep over it and stuff I don’t dislike Catalina as a character but she doesn’t make a convincing lead for me Not yet anyway She is too young too inexperienced and isn’t that charismatic to be honest Yes I know this is a bridge story and the next instalment will take place three years in the future so Catalina should be mature and a solid MC in it In the meantime she isn’t and this novella feels revoltingly YA ish as a result You got that right Hot StuffThis might not be a problem for most of you Little Barnacles but I happen to think that YA should be outlawed so you can imagine how I felt when reading this story Then again maybe not I mean I’ve heard that barnacles have zero imagination and stuff so Of course this novella being Mostest Awesomest Authorlords type YA it’s entertaining and enjoyable and fun and stuff and didn’t repulse me like awakens the homicidal in me type YA usually does So yay and stuff The story itself was alright if a bit lite and decaf and GMO free by IA standards I have nothing against tiaras or overabundant Spanish relatives I have a few of those myself and haven’t unleashed the murderous crustaceans on them Yet but I can’t say the plot was particularly gripping Also its resolution was slightly very mehOne of the things that bothered me most is the way Nevada and Rogan are portrayed in the novella YES I KNOW we are seeing them through Catalina’s eyes which explains why they would seem different than what we are used to but it doesn’t account for the fact that they sometimes act like they had personality transplants My Scourge of Mexico mostly acts detached and indifferent as if he didn’t give a fish about the life threatening situation his family and wedding guests are in But apparently I read this extremely wrong and we are to assume he wasn’t as uninterested as he appeared and involved in a way we aren’t aware of so don’t mind me and stuff And don’t get me started about Nevada Bridezilla Most Some people seem to think that it’s natural for all women to lose their mind while they’re preparing their wedding eyeroll which implies that we shouldn’t be surprised to see Nevada act this way eyerolling intensifies but1 They are wrong 2 I don’t agree with their wrong opinion3 Sexist crap is sexist4 Notwithstanding what most some people think the way Nevada sometimes behaves in this story is completely out of character I personally think that the real Nevada was abducted by villainous aliens and replaced by a malevolent clone just so you know “Is there a point to this GIF” you ask? No why? Should there be?Now let’s pretend I didn’t write any of the moderately negative above mentioned stuff and that you didn’t read it you couldn’t have since I didn’t write it and focus on the good stuff① Catalina’s Siren powers they are Slightly Very Wondrous SVW™ so I’m stealing them from her and stuff They will greatly help me in my nefarious undertakings methinks ② My new mommy in law Arrosa I fell in 💕lurve💕 with her at “Connor Ander Rogan” and the subseuent “Yes Mother” she got from my dearly beloved Also she kicks major derriere So ED and stuff③ Leon I’m demanding very politely of course a Dark Horse spin off In which Leon will be 40 years old so I don’t feel like a total creep for lusting after him Thank thee kindly Mostest Awesomest Authorlords④ Runa Etterson and her yummy magic I might possibly maybe want to be her and have her delicious powers when I grow up Perhaps Because poison makes everything cooler Ergo Magus Venenata ➽ And the moral of this You I Might Have Read This Wrong Not Entirely Right But It’s Okay You Are I Am Entitled To Your Erroneous My Almost Nearly Legitimate Opinion Crappy Non Review YIMHRTWNERBIOYAIAETYEMYNLOCNR™ is a good thing I had planned to write a short review for this novella Had I decided to write a long one Catalina’s great great grandkids would have been old enough to have great great grandkids by the time I finished So go me and stuffPre review nonsenseMost shameful lamest rating EVER for a Mostest Awesomest Authorlords MAA™ book I knowBUT I have a very valid excuse here Of course I do Who do you take me for anyway? A second class villain or something? I am NOT the one who read and rated this book Nope nope nope My Evil Twin of the Despicable Book Taste ETotDBT™ did Ha Explains a lot doesn't it? I knew you’d understand my Comely Decapods Ha again➽ Full Don’t Blame Me Blame The Despicable One Crappy Non Review DBMBTDOCNR™ to come➽ September 7 2018 non spoilery excerpt from chapter one available here ➽ July 8 2018 the book is officially finished Time for a Tiny Yet Yummy We Lurves Leon Snippet TYYWLLS™ ➽ July 1 2018 we have a cover➽ June 22 2018 it's Snippety Snippet Day➽ May 31 2018 all hail the very first Diamond Fire Snippet➽ May 2 2018 It’s official We have a title➽ April 30 2018 we have a tentative title It's Diamond Fire And we should have a cover posthaste Wheeeeeee and stuff ➽ April 21 2018 If you want to know about tactile stuff the upcoming Hidden Legacy novels don’t know why anyone would but what can I say people are weird sometimes follow the yellow brick road click on this link and stuff You are uite welcome➽ April 19 2018 I think there might perhaps be a very minor announcement on the blog Maybe Not sure though I'll just copypaste it here so you can judge for your little selves and stuff Three novels in Ilona Andrews' Hidden Legacy series focusing on the emerging powers and personalities of previously introduced House Baylor family members for publication starting in fall 2019 plus a novella to bridge the gap published by Avon Impulse in November 2018 Did I just die and go to shrimpy heaven? I think I just died and went to shrimpy heaven Either that or my daily puny human sacrifices to the Most Glorious Authorlords finally paid off nightly prayers to Saint Shrimp have finally been answeredPS Don't tell anyone but I think two virtual unknowns just invited us to their tactile wedding in NovemberOoops sorry wrong inviteNow that's like itWhat Shrimping Huh? Hell Stinking Bloody FishReal Thing This Damn Is??Date Release There Is??Pre order For It Up Is??AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Appen Catalina will have to do the thing she fears most use her magic But she’s a Baylor and there’s nothing she wouldn't do for her sister's happiness Nevada will have her fairy tale wedding even if Catalina has to tear the mansion apart brick by brick to get it do Pretty darn good for a short And it's not really all that 'short' Think of it as a less than medium size storyIf you're an Andrews fan you'll read this regardless Because they are magicThe good kind thoughOk so I'm actually way interested in Catalina than I was in Nevada Connor's story even though I liked those two uite well There's just something about this kid that makes me want to read about herThe idea that your powers make it so that you never know when someone truly loves you? Of course I'm sure there must be a way around thatIt a nice HEA wrap up for Nevada Connor and just enough of an intro to get you excited for the next real book with CatalinaVery cool

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Diamond FireIster walk down the aisle Then the wedding planner gets escorted off the premises the bride’s priceless tiara disappears and Rogan's extensive family overruns his mother’s home Someone is cheating someone is lying and someone is plotting murderTo make this wedding h I know it's a novella but still I needed I love these characters so much and can't wait for what comes next This book was like eating one potato chip Just that perfect chip fresh from the bag with the perfect amount of salt Then no Just one The rest will sit there looking delicious and mocking youSo it wasn't enough But still what we got was fun Nevada and Rogan are getting married and Catalina is the wedding planner She is under a lot of pressure and then Rogan's extended crazy family shows up and makes everything a thousand times harder Family you can't have nice things with them and you can't kill them Except this grandma I wonder if she'd do a boudoir photo shoot for me to give to my husband Not of me Of her I could use the extra sleepOf course someone steals a valuable item at the family gathering They are all suspects and Catalina has to figure it out while trying not to offend everyone The baby did it I knew itThis was fun and gives us a little taste of what Catalina's series will be like I can't wait So now I guess I'll just wait