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Knights and Bikes free read ✓ 106 ï Welcome to the sleepy island of Penfurzy where nothing exciting ever really happens OR DOES IT Adventure awaits Demelza and her new best friend in the whole world Nessa as they explore the island and uncover the mysteries of the Penfurzy Knights With a honking pet goose sidekick uirky islanders and a legendaWelcome to the sleepy island of Penfurzy where nothing exciting ever really happens OR DOES IT Adventure awaits Demelza and her new best friend in the whole world Nessa as they explore th. A super impressive adventure story from new kids on the publishing block 'Knights Of' This was a real feel good story that was all at once uirky and heartwarming and stomping and bouncy and uplifting and adventurous what fun⚔️🚲🏰🌊📚 Many thanks to the publisher for sending me a proof copy of this text Full review to appear on our website nearer to the time of publication

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E island and uncover the mysteries of the Penfurzy Knights With a honking pet goose sidekick uirky islanders and a legendary treasure to find it's up to Nessa and Demelza to ride their bi. Nothing exciting ever happens on the tiny uiet little island of Penfurzy Demelza spends her days daydreaming in the nearly derelict miniature golf course and her nights sleeping in her own caravan The surprise appearance of new best friend Nessa a girl of many talents kicks action into her life When Demelza discovers that her home is going to be sold the girls go into over drive Delmelza finds an old journal belonging to her mother containing clues to the location of a long lost castle guarded by the ghostly Penfurzy Knights Could the legend of their missing treasure be true Could it be the answer to her prayers Demelza Nessa and their faithful sidekick goose Captain Honkers arm themselves with frisbees water balloons a toilet plunger and take off on their bikes to solve the mystery Nothing can stop them nowAction mystery great characters including a honking sidekick goose and a thoughtful backstory permeate every page of a story that has everything you could want in a book A uite dramatic beginning uickly into mad cap exploits of boldness and daring The soul of the story is the newly formed friendship between Delmelza and Nessa a friendship that grows into an unbreakable bond For the older reader and this is one you must share there are 1980s references that will take you right back to your own childhood adventures Fast paced and hilarious deeds take the reader on a rocket ride through the story with well crafted world building and energetic illustrations that bring Penfurzy and its' residents to life Knights and Bikes really is the very best kind of adventure story Filled with humour heart and excitement I just loved ita great read at any age

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Knights and BikesKes solve the puzzles before them and face down danger with frisbees water balloons feathers and a toilet plunger THEIR FRIENDSHIP WILL WARM YOUR HEART THEIR BRAVERY WILL MAKE THEM LEGEND. A delightful tale of two friends a cursed treasure and tons TONS of adventureI finally had the chance to buy this one and of course as soon as it came in I read it And what a delight it was I couldn't stop reading I had to know all about this cursed treasure Would they find it Who would guard it ghosts or demons Who is Nessa Will Demelza such a kick ass name save her parents' golf course and her home What about the purple mist is it part of the curse or something sinister It all starts on a stormy night all the best books do when Demelza is reading her book and is woken by someone breaking into her caravan long story short her dad allows her to live there and she has a whole caravan full of epic stuff and so we meet Nessa Demelza is at first wary about Nessa but uickly lets her in and so an wonderful friendship starts Demelza is eager to show Nessa her wonderful town of Penfurzy a sleepy town on an island Or is it sleepy Because there is a whole mystery regarding the Knights of Penfurzy Oh yes and it seems that Demelza's late mother knew about it and later we find out that she knew even I just had such a laugh when Demelza fought to save her parents golf course by just standing in front of a digger that was about to do some serious damage And then she and Nessa just stepped inside it Oh my It is also their first encounter with the purple mist that seems to make human and machine act weirdly From that moment on there is no uiet moment as our girls are trying to figure out all they can about the Knights of Penfurzy also while I was agreeing with Nessa on how those guys got the cold I did think she was maybe a bit too harsh on Demelza and find the treasure We see them search for the staff we see them climb the highest peaks of the island we see them on bikes after they customised Nessa's bike we see them perform tricks one should never do with a bike riding to a pillar on just a ladder with some badly lain boards there are 3 headed dogs or is it just 3 dogsIf you think that is exciting wait till they really have a lead on the treasure and the place it may be in Ho boy it was one big rollercoaster of fun adventure and ghosts I loved the castle I loved meeting the knights and seeing that they weren't that bad despite the things that they did in the past The riddle was fun there were evil gloves and then there is the final boss Yup A superevil boss with a greediness that cursed everyone around him The one thing I liked less were the lies that Nessa kept telling I get that she had to hide who she was and we do later find out what is truly going on but I still felt kind of sad that she had to lie Though sure I have to admit she does have a fantastic imagination It was just too much fun reading this one and I flew through it in one go I laughed I giggled I cheered I was amazed at the spirit both these girls had Though I also had some sad moments when we find out what happened to Demelza's mother and that it hasn't been the easiest time for her and her dad  Oh oh and I need to mention the fabulous illustrations They were fantastic showing both Nessa and Demelza as how I would imagine them Nessa tough and no nonsense Demelza full of spirit and wildness Plus I loved seeing the town the mysterious going ons everythingNow I just have one wish For there to be books about this duo Given the ending it seems that this tiny island has many mysteries to uncover and figure out And I want to see themReview first posted at