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Reader ´ All the Impossible Things ↠ 384 pages ´ Randarenewables Ó A middle grade novel about a young girl navigating the foster care system in search of where she belongsRed’s inexplicable power over the wind comes from her mother Whenever Ruby “Red” Byrd is scared or angry the wind picA middle grade novel about a young girl navigating the foster care system in search of where she belongsRed’s inexplicable power over the wind comes from her mother Whenever Ruby “Red” Byrd is scared or angry the wind picks up And being placed in foster care moving from family to family tends to keep her skies stormy Red knows s “When darkness closes in though the stars shine brightest” I received an ARC of All the Impossible Things at BookExpo this in no way impacts my review However my review is based on an unfinished and uncorrected copy please note that the story and uotes may differ from the final book The tenth and last book of my '10 books in 3 weeks' project42 starsRuby “Red” Byrd is eleven year old and yet at her young age she has already dealt with than most adults Born to a teenage single mother who developed an addiction to prescription pills she was raised by her grandmother Gamma for the few first years of her life Gamma is a sunshine ray of hope and smiles she teaches Red that things often look impossible until they are made for instance ‘going to the moon’ seemed fantasy until someone went Together they keep a diary with all those not so impossible actions and it gives Red hope every time she thinks she is not capable of something This is when Gamma is diagnosed with cancer and then dies after months of treatments “Knowing the difference between hard and impossible is important Lots of things in life are hard But nothing is impossible” Red returns with her mother for a while but she soon starts spiralling and is arrested for drug possession and is sent to prison Without any family member left to take care of her she has spent the last three years in the foster care system moving from family to family from school to school and it hasn’t always been pretty Her caseworker is trying to do her best to find Red the best suited family but every time things go wrong Red knows that the lack of stability is because of from her wind a gift she inherited from her mother Whenever her emotions get wild especially when she feels threatened or angry it impacts the wind which starts blowing The stronger the emotion the stronger the tempest Red has no restrained over her wind and she tries her best to contain it within herself she knows that she will have to learn to control it before someone gets hurt Being bounced from house to house had made Red cynical she stopped opening up to the families keeping a safe emotional distance and desperately waiting for her mother to get out of jail and when her latest placement didn’t work out Red is placed to a new foster home with Celine and Jackson Groove a retired couple and their many dogs who run a petting zoo with rescued animals including a dancing donkey a 400 lb tortoise Celine and Jackson are extremely patient they also have their own problems but they always respect Red her complicated story and her decisions giving her all the space and time she needs to settle down Where other foster parents would have urged her and demanded to know what was her deal the Grooves recognised small victories without pushing The trust they gave her was primordial “Sometimes strangers feel like family And sometimes my family feels like a stranger” I love how Red slowly healed thanks to the rescued animals Taking care of another living being that had been through a lot was really therapeutic like a mirror of her situation The unfailing loyalty of Gandalf the dog the tenderness of a goat or the love of Tuck the giant turtle were perfectly written and never failed to amaze me Red connected with Tuck instantaneously after learning how his shell was injured and she vowed to protect him I also adore the friendship she wovens with her neighbour Marvin whose family is Hawaiian Marvin has such positive energy he is always cheerful and helpful I loved how he wanted to share his culture by bringing Hawaiian food to school or trying to start a Hawaiian cooking show online Red is growing comfortable in her new situation surrounded by unconditional love when she finds out that her mother has actually been out of prison for months now and that she hasn’t reached out As soon as she is allowed to visit her her delight is tempered by her mother’s usual careless behaviour As her mother’s custody hearing approaches Red asks Marvin for help to make a video to convince the judge that she has to be placed back in her mother’s care But as we learned things never go as planned “Grief isn't like anger Anger can burn out It can be released But grief is something that becomes a part of you And you either grow comfortable with it and learn to live your life in a new way or you get stuck in it and it destroys you” All the Impossible Things is honestly one of the best middle grade I’ve ever read the writing is beautiful and the story is the perfect balance between happy and sad both heart breaking and heart warming at the same time I often reproach to books that they are telling instead of showing but here I feel all the emotions with all my heart I was a bit confused with the use of the wind power Red had it’s always weird to have magic included in a totally normal world and after many debating I think that the wind is actually a metaphor of her feelings the she feels desperate the she has this uncontrollable feeling deep inside her Overall this book shows the utmost importance of a loving family that needs to surround a growing child and that family is not necessarily where you are born but it is actually where you find it the one that makes you feel like you belong

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He has to learn to control it but can’t figure out howThis time the wind blows Red into the home of the Grooves a uirky couple who run a petting zoo complete with a dancing donkey and a giant tortoise With their own curious gifts Celine and Jackson Groove seem to fit like a puzzle piece into Red’s heartBut just when Red starts to All the Impossible Things is a beautiful story about family different kinds of love healing from trauma and the foster care system all with a dash of magical realism Red has been bounced from foster home to foster home for the past two years some of them abusive while her mother serves a drug related prison sentence She is seen as a trouble maker who destroys things with her out of control wind magic The magic in this book is used as a stand in for emotional responses and is a beautiful allegory for younger readers trying to process big feelings that can feel dangerous or destructive at times At the beginning of the book her social worker finally places her with a wonderfully loving and uirky family that owns a petting zoo but Red doesn't trust anyone easily and wants her mom back This book is a beautiful story of love and healing but not one that comes easily or without messiness It does a great job of examining the harm that can occur in the foster care system but also the immense value that can come from foster parents who do things well even if it is incredibly difficult at times It also normalizes the complicated feelings that kids can have about parents with addiction problems They love them but have also been hurt by them and that isn't an easy thing to parse Ultimately the most loving thing a parent can do sometimes is to let go and this book explores that with all of the pain involved Red also experiences PTSD from watching her beloved grandmother die from cancer when her new foster mom is diagnosed with treatable cancer as well There is a lot about loss and pain but also love friendship and healing I love the way magic is used in the book Red can harness the wind and wind can be gentle and playful or it can be big and destructive In this book it responds to her emotions and so we see the power of anger or fear but also the beauty of love and security in a ver visceral way I think adding this element helps to create a powerful and useful analogy for how feelings not only effect us but also the world and people around us even for children I thought this was a fantastic debut that is important and well executed with diversity done in a way that undercuts negative stereotypes Reds foster father is a tall Black man who is kind and gentle and she becomes friends with a next door neighbor who is Hawaiian with a family that deeply values their culture I received an advance copy of this book for review from the publisher All opinions are my own

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All the Impossible ThingsSettle into her new life a fresh storm rolls in one she knows all too well her mother For so long Red has longed to have her mom back in her life and she’s uickly swept up in the vortex of her mother’s chaos Now Red must discover the possible in the impossible if she wants to overcome her own tornadoes and find the family she need E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusRed has been in the foster care system for three years after the death of her grandmother and the arrest of her mother for drug possession She has been in several foster care placements and has a caring case worker Ms Anders who tries to help as much as she can When her latest placement doesn't work out she ends up being placed with the Grooves an older couple who run a petting zoo with rescued animals They are kind helpful and don't presume that Red wants to be with them any longer than necessary Red tentatively settles in and makes friends with a neighbor boy Marvin whose family is from Hawaii and who is very interested in film making Red misses her grandmother who helped her keep a journal of impossible things that they tried to figure out together and her mother who shares Red's supernatural abilities to stir up wind and storms with her emotions during heated interchanges Eventually Red is allowed visits with her mother but the joy in this is tempered both by her mother's behavior and also by the fact that her foster mother Celine has some serious health concerns After a incident with Celine's grandsons over Christmas Red tries to use a rake to protect them from a large rat in the barn and their mother thinks Red is attacking the boys Red is moved to another placement but this turns out to be temporary and she is soon back with the Grooves As her mother's custody hearing approaches Red tries to make a video with Marvin pleading her mother's case with the court but several incidents make Red doubt whether or not she really wants to be with her mother How will Red make the best of this impossible situation? Strengths The depiction of foster care in this one was very interesting since it showed Red's less than optimal placement before it showed the Grooves It also dealt with how Red felt about her mother and drew a heart rending portrait of a woman who just was not able to care for her daughter With an increasing number of children in foster care it's good to have a variety of depictions in middle grade novels to act as windows and mirrors; if children identify with the characters they can know they are not alone and if they have no experience with foster care it can teach them to be sympathetic to classmates who might be in that situation It also shows that even the most ideal foster care placement can run into difficulties like health problems Ruby's emotions are realistically portrayed and I appreciated her grandmother's philosophy about impossible things The inclusion of the rescue animals and Marvin helped give hope to Red's story Weaknesses Red and her mother's ability to raise windstorms is odd and never really explained Every time an incident occurred it ripped me right out of the realism of the rest of the story What I really think I am debating this one The details about foster care were so intriguing that I was willing to forget about the supernatural part of the story but the cover makes Red look about six years old and the magical uality of the cover doesn't make this appealing to students who want problem novels I enjoyed this one and will probably purchase it but it's not a book that made me want to buy it immediately