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read A Bloodsmoor Romance epub ¹ Hardcover Ä randarenewables Õ Set in a nineteenth century similar to our own A Bloodsmoor Romance follows the beautiful Zinn sisters five young women who refuse for the most part the obligations of Christian marriageFull of Oates's mordant wit and breathlessly told in the VictNd sexual aberration as the Zinn sisters come into contact with some of the nineteenth century's greatest characters from Mark Twain to Oscar Wilde A biting assessment of the American landscape and a virtuosic transformation of a literary genre A Bloodsmoor Romance is a compelling hilarious and magical anti romance Little Women by way of Stephen King I'm very close to finishing this looooong book and unless the ending is a real flop it's a 5 star review I've seen some reviews make the pitch that A Bloodsmoor Romance is the the sort of novel you'd get if Stephen King wrote Little Women and I should tell you that those comparisons aren't adeuate to describing this book I think a better observation is is that it's a Joyce Carol Oates version of a 19th century romance about 5 daughters in the Zinn family whose lives take wholly unexpected and for their station very unapproved turns To get into their individual fates in a review here would spoil the fun of discovering for yourself the treats this book has in store for the patient reader Along the way you get kidnapping seances mediums the occult actresses inventions scandals time machines Mark Twain Helena Blavatsky look her up ghosts disappearances sexual kinkiness strange deaths and ample doses of sly humor I think anyone who has read and liked Bellefleur by JCO will really enjoy this book too Highly recommended for readers who appreciate books that aren't written like this any

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Of the s of their time A Bloodsmoor Romance is a delicious filigree of literary conventions a novel of manners in the tradition of Austen Dickens and Alcott which Oates turns on its headOates's dark exploration interweaves murder and mayhem ghosts and abductions substance abuse and gender identity women's suffrage the American spiritualist movement a Wowwell my goodness this one is downright odd at times bizarre yet delightful with language that is uniue and contemplative beautiful at the same time as grotesue and loaded with interesting humor it's a typical JCO novel A Bloodsmoor Romance follows Bellefleur in the American Gothic uartet which also includes Mysteries of Winterthurn and My Heart Laid Bare Like any book by JCO if you read it and take it too seriously you will get into trouble with this book right awayeven I had to adjust to it at first I didn't like it as well as other JCO books but it grew on me as it chugged along with the power of a long long long freight train hauling boxcars loaded with trunk loads of human baggage and fuel for the fire of the human spirit and it became a dear friend who I will miss I learned about the book through reading The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates 1973 1982 and loved learning about her writing process and how much she loved writing this book which I totally relate to and found a battered used copy somewhere in my travels and decided to give it a whirl Much like Bellefleur it possesses a life of its own and at its heart beats the drum of the American Dream as it rises and falls in the rhythm of life as it is lived by the individuals in this multi layered tale There is a stunning realism that is blended with the wild fantasy of a “gothic romance”a rogue peddler's son becoming a distinguished gentlemaninventor; runaway daughters finding their way in the world by breaking free of the constraints of familial expectations and traditions of the time I could keep writing but I don't want to give it all away Give it a chance and come to it with an open mind

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A Bloodsmoor RomanceSet in a nineteenth century similar to our own A Bloodsmoor Romance follows the beautiful Zinn sisters five young women who refuse for the most part the obligations of Christian marriageFull of Oates's mordant wit and breathlessly told in the Victorian style by an unnamed narrator shocked by the Zinn sisters' sexuality impulsivity and rude rejection Joyce Carol Oates comes off as humorless most of the time Not that I expect her tales of rape hauntings violence isolation infidelity and despair to be lighthearted But just as I expect any good humor writing to depict a kind of pain I expect depictions of pain to have their own sense of humor From my little worldview it's part of being an honest writerIn fact right before reading JCO's sprawling epic A Bloodsmoor Romance I told a friend that I liked everything about her books except that they were all so humorlessDo you see where this is going readers? Right after I made this judgment I read a book by Joyce Carol Oates which was tragic tangled and consistently funny OH THE IRONYThe unnamed narrator a virgin tries to keep her Victorian sense of propriety and decency as she details the lurid dissolution and reunion of an upper class Pennsylvania family She makes a great show of defending proper Christian conduct then goes into painstaking detail about the unseemly events that bring the Zinn family into a new centuryThere are infidelities sex changes ghosts murders meltdowns spies elopements betrayals and abandonments all tragic in their own way All surreal and haunting Cumulatively however in the voice of their virginal self righteous narrator they make for a rollicking jeering epic of a novelSo I was wrong about JCO In fact I wonder if the same dark humor that infuses and carries A Bloodsmoor Romance isn't present in her other work as well Maybe like the narrator I missed certain undertones and ironies in my rush to criticizeEither way A Bloodsmoor Romance joins the ranks of full hearted epics like Infinite Jest Catch 22 and Lolita that manage to elicit laughter even as they batter and dissolve the relationships and spirits of their main charactersSo I'm sure it offers Ms Oates no small amount of relief to know that I no longer find her work humorless In fact Joyce I salute you You can be a very funny lady if you put your mind to it