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Book ½ The Perfect Liar Æ 279 pages Download Ó A seemingly perfect marriage is threatened by the deadly secrets husband and wife keep from each other for fans of BA Paris and Paula HawkinsSusannah a young widow and single mother has remarried well to Max a charismatic artist and popular speaker whose career took her and her Lled and attractive Susannah expects that her life is perfectly in place again Then one uiet morning she finds a note on her door I KNOW WHO YOU ARE Max dismisses the note as a prank But days after a neighborhood couple comes to dinner the husband mysteriously dies in a tragic accident while on a run with Max Soon thereafter a second note appears on their door DID Y Men fear death she told herself while women fear something far worse losing their minds And fear when you got right down to it was the most natural thing in the world This story would have worked out much better for me if it had no sex at all and just exciting aspects to it Since it's such a short book half of the pages consisted of the sex Susannah and Max had Aside from that there were of course the secrets they kept from each other and the daily lives they lived It’s amazing how powerful the imagination especially when you are pretending to be something you are not becomes an escape from the trivia of life Susannah thinks she has it all now After being widowed in her 20s she's settled into a new life with her son and her new husband Max a famous and uite rich painter who has given her the opportunity to start over While she begins adjusting to the latest weather less traffic and peaceful life that Vermont offers Max is busy making speeches and talking about what art is while also teaching at a university The two think their life is settled and set to remain well until Susannah finds a folded letter taped on the door with big and blocky letters saying I know who you are Panicking she lets Max know about this but he takes it as a joke and a prank dismissing it like it's nothing But then a second note and later a third note arrive A couple they newly became friends also comes to dinner one night only for the husband to tragically die the next day Unknown what to think and do Max and Susannah both know that they both have secrets from each other Although married and able to trust each other there are things one cannot tell the other because of how deeply affecting it can be for the relationship managing to destroy the relationship and everything they have been able to build together and individuallyTold through third perspective while shifting narratives between Susannah and Max The Perfect Liar succeeds in captivating the reader into the thrilling world but fails in addressing the actual thrilling parts I really believe sometimes we are born into the wrong identity and have to start over ourselves when we are old enough to do it I had never heard of Thomas Christopher Greene before hearing about this book I had seen it at Barnes Noble when I was buying books currently I'm on a book buying ban but we're not going to talk about that Initially I was impressed with what this book offered I was actually thrilled to read this when I read its synopsis I was going to either try and read it in one sitting at BN while waiting for my mom to finish her 2 hour shopping spree but I also wanted to buy it take it home and start reading it from beginning to end Noticing it was small and short I thought of reading it in one sitting Then I kept seeing positive reviews for this by my friends here and I had finally thought I found a book I would enjoy Luckily my library finally had it when I went In the end I’m so glad I didn’t spend my money on this book The Perfect Liar did not succeed in making me thrilled and feeling a sense of suspense and shock I was bored throughout the whole thing wishing it to end and wondering if I should skim or not Admittedly I uickly read this and didn't notice how fast I was reading I began reading one page after another not seeing that I was turning page by page uicker than usual That feeling was great but the sense of having to read a book I was feeling frustrated and annoyed about destroyed that good feeling I noticed the author not only writers thrillers but also romance which makes sense as to why there were sex scenes and built up tension scenes contained here Honestly I knew nothing about it In my opinion they were not necessary They dragged the plot instead of bringing it up and having to read about how much Max wanted to feel Susannah inside of him after becoming hard for standing behind her was discomforting and unwanted I honestly meant to skip those vulgar scenes but I kept reading them as I laughed because well scenes like those have me cracking up because of how hilariously discomforting they areSusannah has got to be one of the dullest characters I have ever come across reading I can truly understand why she and Max were actually perfect for each other as both seem to share very similar tastes and preferences when it came to the bed She not only became a private partner of her therapist for six years but she couldn't stop mentioning how handsome and sexy Max was how jealous it made her feel because it grabbed every other woman's attention and how she wished she could be the only one to have him There were no admirable attributes and no good personality traits about her The only thing I found fondly of her was how she coped with her anxiety which was by running and doing any or some form of exercise Running helped her keep herself calm and be able to set her mind steady but even then during her running sessions there were times where she would settle on other thoughts and not be able to dismiss herShe was a hard drinker uite the smoker too and all I could think about when she would always tell us where her pack of cigarettes were and that she needed a smoke to be let out was that it's bad She clearly knew this but I guess her lungs were very healthy as we know that she's got uite the figure the energy and the ability to remain stable and young There was nothing to like about Susannah It felt like the author tried adding too much to her character by having the readers uestion which character had secrets hidden she or Max but it got to the point where the answers were given because of the suspense that was never actually there It may not make sense but there was no thrill to this and that gave the complex twists awayOn the other hand Max had his secrets stored hidden and not shared Knowing his past but having it hidden didn't add anything better and Greene announcing who the mystery was who the note writer was felt too unrealistic It can be uite a shocker admittedly but it felt unnecessary as well It was as if the author just ran out of ideas so he decided to make this the big twist and reveal of the story The thing is there were revels to be made where it got to the point where the overall plot dragged and made zero sense The plot took a different turn and it felt like I wasn't reading The Perfect Liar any but instead it was a book where Susannah and Max have some fights one of them realizes they were wrong and then made up for it by kissing and then moving on to fuckingMax was also bland but less than Susannah He had to offer in his premise and view than her and he actually displayed himself like that at least to the readers He was dumbfounded honestly direct and an idiot There was nothing I could feel for him but disgust In the beginning actually When first met with Susannah Max tended to be very direct They did not know each other at all and seeing how Max treated her in the beginning was disgusting It's not like he abused her or harassed her but at the same time it felt like she felt harassed in a way Not only that but it felt like I was also living in a cringefest while having to read through those pages Moving on they took every step forward way too uickly The pair should have made wiser decisions as to how they were going to move on with their relationship but of course not everything goes as we wish it didAnother thing that irked me about Max was how upset he got when he noticed Susannah had a card with the detective's name implying they had met which was true The guy blasted as if this was such a big crime as if having the number of the detective was wrong Of course he would freak out though since he knew that she was still suspicious of him and his past I mean thanks to that Max showed his other true colors and Susannah was finally not too blind to see she was with someone who had the capability of hurting her even though he’s the man she had built a new life with and thought was the one Of course though not all couples end the perfect way they started Everything was perfect and full of perfect people except for the two of them who looked the part but were sliding backward into their true deep imperfections where they belonged They were at a loss for words I believe the author ran out of ideas for this In all honesty this should have been a longer novel and it could've exceeded in better expectations progressing better and not dragging as much as it did But then Thomas managed to captivate me into this I mean the fact that I was so frustrated annoyed and bored yet continued to read and finish this in the same day as started says something Even if the book is small it can take me days to read being a type of book where 20 or so pages are the amount I read every dayAnother reason why I believe this could have been better if it was longer was that the author spent many chapters adding too much background information about both Susannah and Max which let us know how they got to their current position and why Of course with their secrets there was to be said and revealed but it felt like it was too much that in the end it was as if the author felt like he needed to find a way to finish the book Thomas Christopher Greene isn't a bad writer but his writing was not for me Since the start I could feel like I wouldn't dig yes I wouldn't dig it his writing style and format His sentences felt too long They were surely grammatically correct but they could have used some improvement in making them shorter Not only that sometimes it felt like the word and was overused in every sentence His writing is easy to follow simple and well mannered There is foul language as well used by all Max Susannah and her fifteen year old son Freddy which gave some humorIt is with unapologetic and insincere despair that I have to say that this was indeed one of the worst thrillers I've ever read Sincerely I'd love to get into the genre and appreciate it It seems like I've never been the type of reader to settle on one subject only and read books regarding that particular one but I'd like for that to change over time As I keep reading I've meant to read much hyped and popular thrillers to see for myself what all the hype is about as well as understand the subject matter You could imagine things into being You don’t only reflect reality through art you also get to create it which is what he told his students over and over Max’s was living proof of that

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A seemingly perfect marriage is threatened by the deadly secrets husband and wife keep from each other for fans of BA Paris and Paula HawkinsSusannah a young widow and single mother has remarried well to Max a charismatic artist and popular speaker whose career took her and her fifteen year old son out of New York City and to a uiet Vermont university town Strong wi 35 starsEntertaining psychological thriller constructed around a skillful game of cat and mouse between husband and wife Max and Susannah have a seemingly perfect marriage but their marriage is built on a web of lies Max a rising star in the art world has a secret past that he has worked hard to bury However the famous he becomes the greater the chance of exposure Max is willing to uash any threat no matter what it takes Susannah Max’s loyal wife has secrets of her own When someone leaves an anonymous note on their front door threatening to expose their lies their world starts to crumble As their layers of deceit begin to slowly unravel their marriage begins to disintegrate leading to the ultimate betrayalAs many other reviewers have noted this is an addictive read However my enthusiasm waned after the reveal of the first big twist It felt like there was a shift in the tone as the suspense died down Perhaps it was because the characters seemed a little too comfortable which lessened the tautness of their narratives? While I had a lot of fun reading this there were too many loose threads and I was a little let down by the ending I found the outcome predictable and given the devious nature of the characters I was hoping that the author would take Max and Susannah’s deception to another level The narrative alternates between Max and Susannah’s chapters often recounting past events I loved the playful snarky tone of Max’s chapters but I didn’t find Susannah’s voice to be as compelling I was greatly confused by the chapter between Max and Max W I don’t know why this one couldn’t have occurred between Phil and Max W as I often had to reread to determine which Max was which I had a theory that would have made this ok but I was wrong so this chapter just left me confused My biggest gripe is that If all it took was doing a minimal google search to uncover a HUGE secret then why hadn’t people caught on? On the upside both characters are intriguing the plot kept me interested and Thomas Christopher Greene has a knack for drawing in the reader I will definitely be reading by this author Overall I had a lot of fun going back and forth trying to determine just who was the “perfect liar?” I received and ARC of this book from NetGalley and St Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review

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The Perfect LiarOU GET AWAY WITH IT?Both Susannah and Max are keeping secrets from the world and from each other secrets that could destroy their family and everything they have built The Perfect Liar is a thrilling novel told through the alternating perspectives of Susannah and Max with a shocking climax that no one will expect from the bestselling author of The Headmaster’s Wi 225 Stars rounded downSusannah thinks she has met the perfect man and is immediately swept off of her feet Could it be? When Max W meets Susannah there is an intense attraction and and a whirlwind romance Mere months later they are married Susannah had no plans to get remarried after losing her first husband Joseph but Max W fulfilled something in her she thought she’d never find Now she and Max her successful ProfessorArtist husband and her son Freddy live the uiet life in Burlington VT Max however is not who he seems He has been keeping secrets about his identity for decades and it seems as though someone is on to him Notes are found outside of Max’s and Susannah’s house The first states “I Know Who You Are” Max is scared and he knows that he must do whatever it takes to keep his identity safe no matter what it takes The premise of “The Perfect Liar” had me from the first and I couldn’t wait to read this book Unfortunately there were way too many holes in this novel to save this story for me In addition my believability radar was going off the get go and I simply didn’t buy the story I do however love Vermont and enjoyed the setting immensely I think that readers who are able to suspend disbelief will really enjoy this novelThis was a buddy read with Kaceey So glad we read this one togetherThank you to NetGalley St Martin’s Press and Thomas Christopher Greene for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review