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FREE PDF Ê BOOK Hot By Mark Hertsgaard ß MARK HERTSGAARD Ì Popular Books, Hot By Mark Hertsgaard There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Hot By Mark Hertsgaard please download or read online hereThings in this book readers are very amazed by the contents of t Hot Living Through the Next Fifty Years on EarthMark HertsgaardI thought I was done worrying about imminent disasters of global proportion after y2kHahIN THE MEANTIME environmentalists and other life loving future looking do gooders need to stop argueing about mitigation and adaptation mitigation slowing stopping reversing climate change soon to be climate chaosadaptation adjustingadapting to the changes We need them both The of the first we have the less of the second we'll needKEEP IN MIND the extent to which we can adjust is a whole lot limited than you think and we are already toying with the upper limits of that

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Popular Books Hot By Mark Hertsgaard There are many interesting Update post hurricane Sandy autumn 2012Mark Hertsgaard wrote an essay for The Nation Hurricane Sandy as Greek Tragedy which provides yet evidence of our world's slow motion train wreck The name of the hurricane provides the most poignant and realistic noteSandy is short for Cassandra the Greek mythological figure who epitomizes tragedy The gods gave Cassandra the gift of prophecy; depending on which version of the story one prefers she could either see or smell the future But with this gift also came a curse Cassandra’s warnings about future disasters were fated to be ignored That is the essence of this tragedy to know that a given course of action will lead to disaster but to pursue it neverthelessHertsgaard states that “There are signs of hope” — but his threshold must be abysmally low Does he really believe that “Especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy there is no reason to continue disregarding scientists’ warnings about where our current path leads”? Of course there are plenty of reasons and he knows what they are There is plenty of money behind the push to deny this and huge portions of the American demos have passively chosen to believe there is a controversy either because the issue is tied strongly to their other ideological positions or because it is convenient to be too busy to worry about such long term problemsHertsgaard again has the wrong attitude and the wrong tone of voice This message might be a bit persuasive if it were delivered in tones of a thundering Mosaic condemnation from Mount Sinai Because he leavens his message with unwarranted optimism his message and the tragedy are both left easy to ignoreBack to my original review —         •         •         •         •         • Mark Hertsgaard’s book covers a lot of ground and I’d argue that in the coming years there is no important topic that anyone could study This book is a decent start but in the end I was disappointed — primarily because he was too optimisticAll of the accumulated evidence is that we are so far from any significant mitigation of global warming that it as if someone is writing the script for a very black comedy of errors But Hersgaard ends in an upbeat mood asserting that we’ll do this because well because we have to The alternative is too horrendous to contemplateThe problem with that prognosis is two fold First even people that believe global warming is taking place seldom have examined how very nasty the latter half of the twentieth century will probably be Sure some cautionary descriptions have floated around but even picking a single example hides the panoramic sweep of the changes and the trauma Much like looking at the aftermath of a hurricane or tsunami through a telescope you only examine details by losing the ability to see everything elseSecond collective action is naturally slow in coming when the costs of change will undoubtedly be high Deniers have been criminal in making things worse by sowing doubt when there really is very little doubt A reasonable prediction is that people won’t agree on the need for real action until much later in the game A few hundred deaths from a clutch of tornadoes here a few billion dollars in damage from hurricanes there climbing food scarcity due to floods here and droughts there — it will all get shrugged off as just plain bad luck for another decade or And by that timeHertsgaard has a very well chosen framing narrative here although as other reviewers have noted he gets too bathetic especially towards the end of the book He has recently become a father and there is some cognitive dissonance between the horror story he keeps finding as he has researched this book and the warm and happy feelings he has when he looks at his young daughter He’s right to worry In her anticipated lifespan she could easily witness changes that dramatically reduce any expectation she has for a pleasant lifeIt’s too bad that this book hasn’t told the bad side of that story Many pages were devoted to how for example a few tiny parts of the United States and other wealthy countries have made baby steps towards adaptation And pages turn to how difficult it is to prepare But while he notes out that “floods kill thousands drought can kill millions” but he doesn’t go much deeper Drought is potentially a problem in so many parts of the world that he should probably warn about tens of millions of deaths And once people start seeing that do we really expect them to peacefully beg for help? Water wars have been a hot topic of study in international relations for many years now — where are the interviews regarding that? With climate change triggering food scarcity these problems are likely to cascade upon one anotherThe book’s single instance of humor is inadeuately dark “You know the joke don’t you? Under climate change the future is definitely going to be wetter Or drier Unless it’s both”I think the only honest conclusion is that the future is definitely going to be wetter drier and much deadlier         •         •         •         •         • Also see the New York Times review Poisoning the Well February 4 2011 Image from ueensland 2010 2011 flood— Image from Thailand's 2011 flood— Image from Hurricane Sandy— I guess I like the juxtaposition of one of the causes of climate change and one of the effects­

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Hot By Mark HertsgaaHe book Hot By Mark Hertsgaard please download or read online he Hard to give this book a not so good rating given the importance of the subject but the writing is not very engaging Hertsgaard uses the birth of his daughter as the impetus for the book what will the world be like when his daughter is an adult as global climate change continues? The picture is not very pretty and governments are not doing enough to lessen the impacts ahead Climate change is here We need to both adapt to what it brings and mitigate the causes so as to reduce what we have to adapt to Read The Long Emergency by James Kunstler is better bet to see what's coming