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Eleven year old Riley believes in the whispers magical fairies that will grant you wishes if you leave them tributes Riley has a lot of wishes He wishes bullies at school would stop picking on him He wishes Dylan his 8th grade crush liked him and Riley wishes he would stop wett The Whispers is an absolutely gorgeous middle grade novel about Riley an eleven year old boy whose mother has gone missing Riley believes that the key to finding her lies with The Whispers wish granting fairies from the stories she used to tell him Riley’s also struggling with his dad seeming like he doesn’t want him around any bullies at school and having a crush on an older boy Greg Howard’s writing here is so beautiful All of the emotions and imagery jumped off the page I appreciated how this book didn’t seem like it was dumbed down for younger readers Even though the main character is eleven and it’s written in first person it still feels remarkably mature But not in a way that Riley doesn’t seem like a real eleven year old This is a very moving story Once all the layers start peeling back and you realize everything that Riley has been going through it’s hard to not shed a couple tears All of the turmoil from his family situation on top of coming to terms with his sexuality in a conservative Christian town in the South makes for a lot of emotional moments in this book I truly think this is a book that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages To me it feels like a pretty mature middle grade book one that people who don’t normally read from that age range could still get a lot out of

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The WhispersIng the bed But most of all Riley wishes for his mom to come back home She disappeared a few months ago and Riley is determined to crack the case He even meets with a detective Frank to go over his witness statement time and time again Frustrated with the lack of progress in th A year after his 2018 YA debut Social Intercourse Greg Howard entered the realm of middle grade literature with The Whispers How would his skills translate to writing for kids? Riley James is eleven years old but he was ten when Mama vanished four months ago He tells his father and a police detective named Frank that he doesn't know where she went but Riley is hiding a few inconvenient facts He thinks Frank suspects him of involvement in his mother's disappearance but he would never hurt her regardless what Sister Grimes from the North Creek Church of God might suggest Riley is convinced Mama is waiting to be found but it won't be Detective Frank who does it Riley senses his best bet is a mythical race of beings his mother told him stories about who appear as flickering blue lights in the woods The Whispers Mama called them know all things and are willing to share that knowledge with special humans in exchange for a sacrificial tribute Could they lead Riley to Mama? Life at home is tense with Mama gone Daddy rarely speaks to Riley or even looks at him their close relationship a relic of the past Riley's fourteen year old brother Danny treats him even worse than he used to Riley has regressed to wetting the bed but cleans up the mess every morning so Daddy isn't burdened Riley's other condition an attraction to boys can't be tidied up so easily but he tries to hide it What would Sister Grimes and the rest of North Creek Church of God say if they knew the thoughts Riley has toward boys in particular eighth grader Dylan Mathews whom Riley adoringly thinks of as My Redneck Superhero? Dylan is uite a physical specimen and doesn't look down on Riley for behaving differently than most sixth grade boys Riley only sees Dylan on the bus and at school but at least he has Gary Son of a mixed race family Gary knows how it feels not to fit in with his peers in a small South Carolina town so he and Riley are a natural fit as friends They go camping in the woods on a regular basis with Riley's dog a Rottie Shepherd mix named Tucker despite an incident a while back when a local boy disappeared Dylan's reclusive cousin Mordecai Mathews was suspected of doing something untoward to the boy but police couldn't prove it Daddy hesitated about letting Riley camp out after that but Riley clears that hurdle by telling him he's sleeping at Gary's house Now his reason for spending a night in the woods is important than ever The time is at hand to seek the Whispers and offer a tribute in exchange for Mama If Riley doesn't find her now what hope is there she'll ever make it back? What if someone is holding her captive? Gary is skeptical about the Whispers but he agrees to camp with Riley in the woods and the two begin their hike accompanied by Gary's little brother Carl Riley feels uneasy—before they left Dylan delivered a cryptic warning about dangerous things lurking in the woods—but Riley keeps a sharp lookout for blue flashes of light that could signal the presence of the Whispers He desperately wants to believe Mama's magical stories but he's running out of faith The Whispers as Mama described them were n

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PDF ´ BOOK The Whispers · RANDARENEWABLES Þ Eleven year old Riley believes in the whispers magical fairies that will grant you wishes if you leave them tributes Riley has a lot of wishes He wishes bullies at school would stop picking on him He wishes Dylan his 8th grade crush liked him and Riley wishes he would stop wetting the bE investigation Riley decides to take matters into his own hands So he goes on a camping trip with his friend Gary to find the whispers and ask them to bring his mom back home But Riley doesn't realize the trip will shake the foundation of everything that he believes in forever CW bullying anti gay terminologyhomophobia child abuse animal death talk about segregation behaviorRiley has a strong belief in the Whispers fairies that will grant you your heart's desire if you offer a tribute He needs to believe in them because his mama has been missing for months now and if he doesn't believewhat then?Greg Howard's middle grade debut novel was a well written heart breaking example of how sometimes the belief we hold on to is all we have in the face of something far devastating but that processing growing up whatever you want to call it is also possibleThere was an expectation I had about The Whispers going into reading it and while I might have held onto them for awhile when Riley was telling us about his Mama singing to him the games they would play and the stories she would share with him it wasn't long before a sense of foreboding took overWhile Riley has a sense of wonder and a belief in the fantastical there's also This was a good solid read that I kept wanting to pick up even when I had to set it aside for other tasks Even when I thought I knew where the story was going that sense of foreboding I mentioned? yeah it only gets stronger as you go I had to know for sure I had to know how Riley was going to figure things out how he was going to handle living with his dad who seemed to hate him since Mama vanished; his classmates who teased him for liking stuff he shouldn't like; his crush on his nextdoor neighbor Dylan There's a lot going on beneath the surface for Riley and while he might seem single minded there's also a lot of confusion boiling up inside that creates tension for him and whoever's reading about himRiley's life in a South Carolina town is complex He's eleven years old and figuring things out such as how he feels about those around him particularly who he wants to kiss This is complicated by the sermons he hears at church and what the Brothers and Sisters from church say when they think he can't hear From an adult perspective it was even heartbreaking to realize what they meant and I wanted to shake these people for being so cruel to a childThere's also an interesting method of storytelling wherein Riley sees things from a certain point of view Some readers might be able to guess at particular plot points in advance and thereby guess as the story progresses but if not at the end you can look back and see how Riley's perspective and that of those around him differ and makes it almost like there were two stories going on simultaneously The emotional impact of The Whispers cannot be understated It's uite good and I think there will be uite an audience for it I'm not sure if the writing style will be for everyone in the middle grade audience because as much as I liked it I'm not 100% that younger readers will stick with it through the early stages I'd certainly encourage them too though because it's well worth it Provide tissues though for the finals scenes and readers of all ages I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review uotes included are from an advanced reader copy and may not reflect the finalized