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Watch Us Rise review ¼ eBook or Kindle ePUB ã Jasmine and Chelsea are sick of the way women are treated even at their progressive NYC high school so they decide to start a Women's Rights Club They post everything online—poems essays videos of Chelsea performing her poetry and Jasmine's response to the racial macroaggressions she experiNd soon they go viral But with such positive support the club is also targeted by online trolls When things escalate the principal shuts the club dow. 5 starsAbsolutely amazing One of the greatest takes on feminism and importantly intersectional feminism that I've seen in a very long time WATCH US RISE has amazing characters writing pacing message and so much power I cannot wait for this to come out next February because I am sure that this will change the YA book community

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Y post everything online poems essays videos of Chelsea performing her poetry and Jasmine's response to the racial macroaggressions she experiences a. hot take books like this make feminism look like a complete jokeI talked about his book during my worst books of the year video starting at 1730 while I wish I could have liked this book I completely stand by the fact that while this book had good intentions its portrayal of social justice issues is so tone deaf that the events of the story are hilarious than empoweringvideo link

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Watch Us RiseJasmine and Chelsea are sick of the way women are treated even at their progressive NYC high school so they decide to start a Women's Rights Club The. I have liked books where a group of girls form a feminist group that aren't the most inclusive or nuanced Moxie and the Nowhere Girls but this one isn't one of themueerness and disability are never acknowledged there are so many ignorant and decidedly unfeminist narratives and the overall feminism portrayed is shallow as fuck and comes off as whiny teen girls always looking for a fight cough Chelsea cough Despite the girls being told that they need to stop thinking only of themselves and start being inclusive they end the book still not having learned a single thing or including narratives in their feminism that are inclusive of ALL womEnContenttrigger warnings; sexism racism anti Blackness cultural appropriation death of parent to cancer aromisic rhetoric fat antagonism ableist languageslurs anti native rhetoric sexual harassmentassault TERF rhetoric ueer erasureRep; Jasmine is fat and black Nadine is Japanese and Lebanese Isaac is Puerto Rican Chelsea is white and annoyingThis book maybe would have benefited from not having Chelsea's POV Or her character at all She's the worst And kind of the main focus of this review lmaoShe judges women who cook because gender stereotypes never mind the fact that women are fully capable of choosing to cook because they genuinely want to She accuses her teacher of falling into gender stereotypes by cooking for her husband and her teacher is like uh Chelsea I like cooking and I have a wife You have some things to learn huh She preaches about how girls should focus on their brains and education and go into fields that they're kept from while not doing so herself with the reason of it's not because I'm a girl I'm just not interested but she can't seem to wrap her mind around girls liking makeup and clothes and cooking and cleaning because they genuinely like those things not because they've been forced or manipulated into liking them and that they should be able to like those things without some child giving them a feminist lecture to enlighten themShe goes on a rant about how she never saw herself an abled average sized non ueer white girl in Disney princesses because none of them had her frizzy hair and that's why diversity is needed I meanthe sheer caucasity of that She laughs off the idea of guys needing feminist narratives too because they already get all the positivity completely ignorant to the harmful rhetoric that gets spewed at guys too She tells a guy to not call her crazy because it's a way men silence women with zero mention of it being ableist as if ableism isn't intrinsically tied into men being able to use that word to silence women She makes a comment about wanting a burger and fries not girly food which coming from Miss Feminism seems like a fucked up thing to say assigning gender to food She claims she's doing everything possible in the name of women's right and likegirl you haven't even scratched the surface The world does not begin and end with your two person club at your schoolShe says that stereotypes are all fake aren't real And while I agree with her about them being a way to lump people together and create bias about a whole group I also believe that stereotypes often come from people who aren't in a group taking a trait or behavior they see in someone of that group and blowing it up into a caricature to twist it into something false or bad that is supposed to represent that entire group in a negative light There are people who do fit stereotypes to an extent because stereotypes come from somewhere That doesn't make them any less bad or harmful or offensiveShe has a ridiculous can I be feminist and xyz passage titled top 10 feminism uestions and likeI get that first timers might uestion if they can be feminist while wearing makeup or liking clothes or wanting to look nice or liking a boy or being shy or not always being on or being friends with people who aren't as passionate as you or whatever else but we start the book with Chelsea being or rather acting like Miss Super Feminism so why near the end of the book is she pondering such basic uestions about if she be feminist and do things that have nothing to do with being a feministShe is the only one in the book to use the word womanist and claims her womanist blog is one of the few things she's good at and it justwomanism is about Black women so why is the white girl the only character in the book using it The fuck does she know about womanism More on this in a bit She and her sister mock to use of woke which is AAVE so white people being contemptuous about it saying that they hate the term and think people only use it to look like they're progressive when they aren't is anti Black as fuck SHE ALSO IS SUDDENLY ADAMANT AT THE END OF THE BOOK THAT WOMYN IS THE PREFERRED TERM WHEN THAT IS LITERALLY A TERF TERM Y'ALL FUCKING TERFSShe very much feels like she prefers bragging about how much she knows about feminism and fighting with people about it When her mother doesn't argue with her she keeps going to get a reaction When she brags about celebrating not only Christmas but also Hanukkah and Kwanzaa she recite basic Wikipedia level information about them and says boom In your face to her sister who asked what she knew about those holidays She clearly cares about appearing knowledgeable and enlightened than the actual holidays and culturesOther NotesThere's a moment where Jasmine is being sexually harassed by a creep on the bus and a woman tells her to come sit by her and instead of being grateful for the escape from the creepy man she gets mad about how the woman told her to move instead of telling the guy to shut up How can she expect a woman she doesn't know to confront a strange creepy man who potentially could've become violent Not everything is about a fight or confrontation or call out especially when your safety isn't guaranteed I mean the woman helped her in a way that was safe for both of them and Jasmine had the nerve to be mad about it RidiculousIt's all so women shouldn't be doing this thing they should be doing that thing and it's okay for me to say so because I'm a woman telling other women to do things men have told us we shouldn't but it should be women should do whatever the fuck they want point blank periodWomanism #SayHerName and #ImWithHer are used in this book for no reason because the meaning of those things are not represented or addressed Womanism is about Black women but the term is only claimed by the white girl who seems to think it's just an alternative term for feminism #SayHerName is about Black women who are victims of police brutalityanti Black violence and #ImWithHer is about supporting Hillary Clinton both of which are never talked about in the book yet it's specifically mentioned that people have signs with those hashtags at the walk out at the end of the book It feels very much like random terms and hashtags were just thrown in either because people know them or to coopt them to mean something that is actually relevant to the book I'm surprised #MeToo didn't make it in thereThe feminist club is honestly a joke It's literally two girls posting poetry on a blog selling shirts and throwing scraps of paper around the school Two girls They don't branch out to invite people until the end when their club is shut down And even then the narrative does not change to become inclusive I find it hard to believe that their club was so influential when not a single person moved to join the club or asked to be included or anything I just don't buy that a white teen girl and a fat Black teen girl with basic barely there knowledge of feminism could offer such life changing takes on feminism Jasmine's POV is without a doubt the best because she touches on racism and fat antagonism and offers a perspective that little miss privilege can't but it doesn't amount to much in the overall feminism presented in the bookWhile reading I was thinking I'd maybe give this three or two stars but now I believe I have my second 1 starnope nope nope book of the year