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EBOOK Ô EPUB The Problem with Him ê Opposites Attract ✓ RACHEL HIGGINSON ✓ I’m over men I’m done with them Or at least the ones that work in my kitchen Fine one man in particular Wyatt Shaw is cocky and condescending and so far out of his element that he doesn’t know which waRare smiles and the thickening tension that’s started to simmer between us Wyatt Shaw might be Durham’s new shining star He might be up for a James Beard Award He might be my new boss and key to my future success but he’s also in my way So he can keep his smoldering looks and secret kisses And he can be the one that figures out how to make it through service without getting distracted by me I’m not the problem The problem is hi Refreshing and fast paced and so sweet and sexy He was everything I shouldn’t want like or notice Not because of the tattoos Or even because of the piercings he’d removed once he’d been promoted He was the kind of guy I should have been able to ignore entirely because of how opposite we were because of how much we hated each other Kaya and Wyatt are both professional chefs working in the same restaurant Wyatt was promoted to head chef and Kaya is his sous chef She is ambitious and driven and wants and deserves her won kitchen The problem is that she does not want to go behind Wyatt's back while chasing her own dreams This rivalry had been simmering for years and if I’d learned anything in that time it was that he didn’t change his opinion Not ever Once he decided something that was it And he’d decided a long time ago that he didn’t like me These two are constantly challenging each other and trading barbs Wyatt is gruff and Alpha and very very direct Kaya fights her attraction to Wyatt because not only do they work in close uarters he is her boss and she doesn't see how she can ever work alongside him she wants to be the head chef of her own kitchen and not an assistant I loved the behind the scenes look into the lives of professional chefs they basically have no time for any kind of personal life and literally felt exhausted at the end of their shifts just like Kaya felt The work in a restaurant kitchen is endless Kaya's true passion is the kitchen I loved how she never compromised her own ambitions or dreams And there was no unnecessary drama in this book which made Kaya and Wyatt's story all the relatable and real I like you because of your strong opinions I like you because you’re feisty and sharp and unwilling to change for anyone Not even me and I’m your boss” If you are looking for an adult romance with wit and passion then you will love this book Plus it can be read as a complete standalone Kaya is a fantastic and driven heroine and I admire the author for writing such a strong and unflinching character “This is a bad idea” I whispered too far gone with desire to put any real conviction behind the truth He shrugged “I like bad ideas” Holding his gaze I said “We have that in common”

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I’m over men I’m done with them Or at least the ones that work in my kitchen Fine one man in particular Wyatt Shaw is cocky and condescending and so far out of his element that he doesn’t know which way is up Or how to run his brand new kitchen all by himself That’s where I come in Sous chef extraordinaire Second in command Bane of his existence I am the reason Wyatt’s doing so well as the new executive chef of one of our city The problem with him” by Rachel Higginson is a smack in your face cut throat sexy and driven story about two people who’s made it their life goal to make something better of themselves Two characters who came from different upbringings only to bond in the best way on their own turf which is in the kitchen This was this author’s signature style of making us fall for these ambitious but pretty simple characters and this story was no different Kaya Swift is a hard worker While everyone else is home by dinnertime and enjoying spending time with their loved ones or going out on dates she’s still at work from sun up to sun down Being a sous chef for one of the best restaurants in town sleep will be over rated along with your personal life Working under the executive chef who makes you want to save money for bail while stripping him down to just his chef jacket alone? Well that’s complicated There’s heat happening with those two than in the kitchen but when real feelings come to the surface who’s going to get burn?Wyatt has spent the past few years trying to prove himself in this cooking industry He knows he’s good but in this world someone is always better and staying on top proves to be difficult When he gets the chance of a lifetime to be his own boss in the kitchen he takes it and from that moment his future became solidified as being one of the best But you know the saying behind every great man there’s a great woman and for Wyatt she just happens to be his employee and the woman he’s wanted for years I loved the flow of the story and how you felt as if you were in the kitchen yourself making these exotic dishes with these characters It felt effortless to me but at the same time I felt Kaya’s struggle with trying to find her place in the industry and what is considered a man’s world My only issue with this one was that I felt like the relationship between kaya and Wyatt was extremely rushed towards the end and what was supposed to be a natural transition left me confused Aside from that I really love this series and I like the fact that this author is not afraid to give us some kick ass heroines who are forces to be reckon with If you’re looking for a good series with lovable heroines then this one is for you    

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The Problem with Him Opposites Attract #3 ’s most prestigious restaurants He has me to thank for his glowing accolades and five star write ups Only if you were to ask him he’d say I’m his biggest problem Despite his discouragement and bullish behavior I’ve set two goals for myself The first? I’m going to fight my way to the top of this male dominated industry and claim my own award winning kitchen The second? I’m going to do whatever it takes to ignore Wyatt and his I Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this bookOMG i have wanted Wyatt's book since he was introduced in the first book And i loved him i mean the storyKaya is Wyatt's second in command Their relationship is like a love hate type Kaya knows that she is not meant to be someone's second she is meant to have her own kitchen and her own staff But for now she is Wyatt's beta while he is the alpha Which is so not good as she is over it all over men or in particular him He is too arrogant to cocky and just too everything I loved Kaya she's going to get her own kitchen fighting her way to the top but in order to get her dream she's going to have to impress her boss Wyatt ShawWyatt what can I say I really love him He is funny sweet sexy confident and yet he has a vulnerable side to him I loved the interactions between these two they were funny they didn't hold back with each but you definitely could sense the sexual chemistry What is he going to do with this women it's like he can't help himself She frustrates him but he also cant deny the attraction he feels for her And no matter what she says she can feel it tooIf you love the previous books in this series then this one is right up your ally It is a fun read will have you lol maybe a bit annoyed but for most parts you definitely want to see these two going head to headReviewed on behalf of