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PDF ß BOOK All the Worlds a Simulation FREE Ü STEPHEN MOLES ✓ Stephen Moles returns with his most complex and rewarding novel yet All the World's a Simulation is a metafictional tour de force featuring Shakespeare Snow White and an infinite number of evil Stephen Hawkings While its main characters attempt Stephen Moles returns with his most complex and rewarding novel yet All the World's a Simulation is a metafictional tour de force featuring Shakespeare Snow White and an infinite number of evil Stephen Hawkings While its Moles is a stimulating cross between Borges and Barthelme if one can slap a comparison on his peculiar elliptic non seuitorrential prose a puckish explorer of literature as refracted through a technoillogical prism His work is unfurling like some unstoppable demented anti roman fleuve as he hones a singular universe replete with neologistic concepts “buckarastrano” “screading” and subtle wordplays in the creation of an airtight personal mythology that is explored and exploited para and intertextually inside the works themselves The strongest moments in this novel are not the self swallowing metawinks or the comic dialogues but the reflections on screading in a self swallowing age and although Moles is uick to traduce meaning or coherence and lead the screader down conceptual cul de sacs there are lines that resonate and tantalise in the midst of the hilarious deviatory mindboggling comedy that keeps the novel rollicking along nicely

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Ious this extraordinary novel offers a personality altering reading experience and an initiation into the realm of dark meaning This edition includes as an appendix two related works the novellas Fossil People and Lifeexe All the World’s a Simulation Stephen Moles 347 pages Four stars When I was first reading this novel I thought What a clever piece of meta fiction And then on page 68 I ran across a reference to Julian Jaynes oddball non fiction book The Origin of Consciousness in the Bicameral Mind Bang To steal a trope from Moles’ own novel Something other than clever humor is going on here I realized And indeed a few pages later comes a reference to Daniel Dennett's similar book Soon enough my take on Moles’ novel then became that it is something of a disguised essay on language’s nefarious influence on our world outlook Moles through his characters Professor Blackstone and Professor Dewey The Meaners and Miss Craze the Meta fictioner seems to be arguing that the fact of language’s existence irreparably influences nay colors nay alters nay hallucinates not only our world view but our psychological view of our very selves Despite there being no plot as such there is a seductive pull provided by the ongoing battle between the Meaners and the Meta fictioners not to mention the uest for a defining self that several characters Isaac for instance undergo Of the appended novellas which are constantly referred to in the novel I highly recommend Lifeexe for it crisp and innovative language Oddly that novella has something of a plot involved with the characters Sally and Betty business partners of sorts This plot however plays a heavy second fiddle to the language here’s the novella’s second sentence “She was leaning against the wall with a fresh helping of darkness behind her as I discoursed crudely with my heavy suitcase” Nice eh? Oh and beware of the buckarastanos

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All the Worlds a Simulation Main characters attempt to escape from it the book constantly rewrites itself before the reader's gaze to reveal a profound secret about the power behind this and all other literary works Thoroughly playful yet deeply ser Imagine a perfectly good novel written entirely on one big sheet of paper Then imagine a giant fist scrunching it into a tight ball Imagine what it would be like to read the novel without unscrunching the ball and imagine your surprise on discovering that the perfectly good novel is better this wayIdeas characters plot points and themes that had appeared on the big page as discreet and cogent entities now rub up against each other interrupt each other reinterpret involute and corrupt each other The original text is overlaid with the crumple of accidentThe world needs books like this You need books like this Flippant books written in deadly earnest Serious books that are silly Playful books that mean businessBravo