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characters Confounding Caroline A Pride and Prejudice Variation Marrying Elizabeth Book 1 ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Â He thought his future was bleak but a well orchestrated misstep might just bring him the happiness he seeks Fitzwilliam Darcy has experienced theIes  If you like well written sweet romance with determined heroes and surprising heroines willing to push the bounds of comfort and propriety to claim their one true love then you will love this story about out scheming a schemer in the uest for the chance at a happily ever afterSo put the kettle on grab your copy of Confounding Caroline and slip into a world of unexpected mischief and join Darcy on the first leg of his journey to happily ever afte. This book may be about getting Caroline engaged but our dear couples have some fun and sweet moments getting to know one another better while compromising herWho would have thought where the insipiration for it came from A very entertaining story

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He thought his future was bleak but a well orchestrated misstep might just bring him the happiness he seeks Fitzwilliam Darcy has experienced the sadness that currently resides in the eyes of his friend Charles Bingley Determined to see Bingley happy Darcy confesses his part in creating the despondence his friend now feels and prepares to suffer the separation that will ensueHowever what he expects and what he gets are very different things Instead o. “Lord confound this surly sister blight her brow with blotch and blister cramp her larynx lung and liver in her guts a galling give her” –John Millington SyngeWell if the above uote doesn’t adeuately describe Caroline Bingley then I don’t know what will This story was novella size and a uick clean read It was everyone trying to get rid of em marry off Caroline so that Bingley would be free to court Jane without interference and so Darcy could breathe rarified air without Caroline sucking the air out of the room Lawd that woman was as dense as peanut butter Darcy told her Bingley told her Hurst told her and probably Louisa told her but she refused to listen refused to even consider that Darcy didn’t want her as his wife and mistress of Pemberley I’m sure she dreamed of how she would decorate all the Darcy holdings and the number of social events they could cram into a week She could just see herself on Darcy’s arm Oh the jewels the pin money the number of carriages the social circle she would inhabit Yes she just knew she was perfect for and was made for being Mrs Darcy OMG She needed a serious dose of reality and frankly was about to get one only she didn’t know it Although this was your usual PP love story I think a reader would need a working knowledge of the events of Austen’s work It isn’t a stand alone as basic knowledge is needed on the timeline and the course of events and a knowledge of character traits and personalities Our story deviates and takes a slight left turn after the Netherfield ball When this story opened the Netherfield party had already left Hertfordshire and Caroline had sent Jane her poison pen letter After Christmas Jane had traveled to London and was staying with her relations on Gracechurch Street Jane had paid a call to Caroline and Louise and they were ignoring her with full intentions of dropping the connection On this new timeline we are still prior to Darcy going to Kent for Easter When Darcy paid a call to Charles who happened to be out he learned of Jane’s visit from the superior sisters Caroline told him of their treatment of the country fortune hunter and insisted he help them keep Bingley from Jane’s influence When Darcy and Richard met with Bingley later he could no longer keep Miss Bennet’s presence in town a secret He confessed all During their meeting they strategized and made plans as to what needed to be taken care of In one part they needed the expert help from our dear Colonel Fitzwilliam Yeah Richard was the man for the job taking out the trash yeah you know who Our dear Colonel needed to send several letters first to Colonel Forster of the militia in Meryton Note this was spelled several different ways in this story Letters to Mr Bennet the merchants and Sir William Lucas all needed to be warned so they could protect their daughters and the merchants had to be warned regarding debts Most of the conseuences of those letters happened off the page In fact most of the story happened off the page We knew things were happening or were at least put into motion but we didn’t see it We only heard about it Our only concern were several threads one where Darcy was getting his act together with Elizabeth The second was Bingley securing Jane and lastly all of the conspiring to settle Caroline in a marriage so no one would have to deallive with her Enter Sir Matthew Broadhurst a man needing em looking for a bride How convenient So the plan was devised and all the actors were in place This was so cute and Caroline never saw it coming And then the story ended Cliffhanger not exactly call it a pause The next story should pick up where this left off Otherwise there would be a lot of unanswered uestions like what happened next What I liked page time with ODC and how uickly DE resolved their differences Also how they revealed Wickham’s character to Elizabeth We didn’t have Hunsford or Darcy’s letter to alert her to Wickham’s history with the Darcy family Although he was off the page we knew something was about to happen However knowing him he won’t take this lightly What about Lydia I figure she is bound to do something stupid Will Mr Bennet rein in her activities in time to prevent disaster What about Lady Catherine Lots of uestionsWhat I didn’t like errors or maybe it was editing Something happened in chapter 10 whether it was my e reader or a publishing problem but there were dozens of words that had a space in the mid dle of the word A uick read through should have caught them Also Colonel Forster was misspelled several different ways Forester ForresterI volunteered to read an ARC Advanced Reader Copy from the author The views expressed are my own The Rating clean uick read 4 stars

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Confounding Caroline A Pride and Prejudice Variation Marrying Elizabeth Book 1F facing a lonely life filled with heartache he finds himself standing at the beginning of a path leading to not only his friend's happiness but his own as wellIt will not however be an easy path There will be obstacles to overcome but with a little help and scheming no impediment will be too insurmountable not even Caroline Bingley Confounding Caroline is the first book in Leenie Brown's Marrying Elizabeth series of Pride and Prejudice inspired stor. Book 1 in the Marrying Elizabeth serie book 2 Delighting Mrs Bennet will be released January 10th 2019I loved the banter between Darcy Bingley and the Colonel hilariousThe Netherfield party had left but in London neither Bingley nor Darcy were particularly happyCheering each other on they decided to do something about it There were one formidable obstacle to their happiness though Caroline Bingley The scheming that was needed to passify that enemy was rather impressive It was a all hands on deck manoeuvre and the mastermind behind it came as big surprise Heartily recommend this book