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Ed Alys is innocent and plans to stay that way until she meets a man who holds the same moral code regardless of her lengthy crush on Simon Privy to his escapades and conuests her jealousy has turned to distaste and she sets herself on a different path She wants a man who has r. I usually stay away from best friend’s sister love trope But as I wanted to read another book from this author I ignored it I had the same problem as heroine that she knew all about his past conuests and exes But it soothed my ire to some point that hero was totally invested in the heroine And I loved this author writing style Heroine was sweet and had guts Loved the secondary characters too Overall it was a good read and safe too Recommended

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Love Changes EverythingEfrained from meaningless affairs who has waited for the special woman Simon does the research but Google assures him he can’t become re virginized and thus Alys is beyond his reach until one day when he takes her for lunch in his beloved truck That day love changes everythin. Confused The plot is almost the same as Natasha Anders’ The Unwanted Wife In BOTH stories you have Shotgun marriage due to pregnancy older man whoreyounger virgin heroine has an emotionally abusive dad the abusive dad manipulates hero and heroine into a marriage of convenience the abusive dad lies to hero that the heroine was in on it too making him hate her Due to the Great Big Terrible Misunderstanding the husband is a jackass to his wife for the first year of their marriage except in bed the pregnancy that was the catalyst for the shotgun wedding ends in miscarriage the husband purposely dates bimbos and gets himself photographed in the tabloids to punish his wife with evidence of infidelity yet he doesn’t “actually” cheat on his wife Husband starts to regret his actions just as wife finally gives up on marriage and files for divorce Wife gets pregnant again but still wants divorce Wife gets herself a makeover snipping off the long hair that turned her husband on so much into a short chic bob Husband finds her even alluring with short hair hero makes a big grovel and everything in his power to delay separation heroine moves her stuff to the guest room but every night the husband carries her back to his bed Wife becomes assertive and independent starting her own fashion business from scratch wife with support of husband finally stands up to vile father who forced this bad situation in the first place husband and wife reconcileThe only differences I could pinpoint was that Anders’ book is set in South Africa her hero is Italian and waaaay sexier than the one in Scott’s book and in The Unwanted Wife both hero and heroine have vile relatives who try to interfere with their marriage Oh and of course Anders’ protags thought they were pregnant with a boy and are SHOCKED and eually delighted to get a lovely little girl in the end while Scott’s characters thought they were getting a baby girl but end up with a little boy I enjoyed Anders’ book because her characters had depth to them Her heroine was believable and tougher I felt every inch of her anger and resentment as well as her deep pain and vulnerability The dialogues and arguments as well as the affectionate moments between husband and wife were plausible The grovel was adeuate I could feel the pain and regret of the chastised husband And Anders put her major villain properly in his placeI wouldn’t call it plagiarism because the forced marriage manipulated by garbage relatives is a trope that has been used in many many romance books Anders’ own book reminded me a lot of Michelle Reid’s The Price of a Bride I am sure this plot appears and reappears in countless other books from the vintage days of Harleuinlandia to the present But I am guessing Love Changes Everything was deeply DEEPLY inspired by The Unwanted WifePS Apparently I attempted to read this book once before but it was published under the title Nothing in My Heart I remember nothing about it It must have been a uick DNF

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review Love Changes Everything Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Simon has developed feelings for the girl who bedeviled him growing up his best friend’s sister—not that Alys is a girl any longer She’s a grown up beautiful wonderful woman who makes him crazy He obtains her brother’s permission to date her and asks her out And iSimon has developed feelings for the girl who bedeviled him growing up his best friend’s sister not that Alys is a girl any longer She’s a grown up beautiful wonderful woman who makes him crazy He obtains her brother’s permission to date her and asks her out And is reject. This is like The Unwanted Wife like Naksed said However it's Unwanted Wife lite The hero isn't as mean the heroine isn't as despairing the hurt isn't as deep which means less angst less controversyfewer things to think aboutBut I enjoyed it since it was easy breezy read It almost felt like a YA novel in tone These characters are so YOUNG that they barely had a backstory Even their friends treat them with the kid gloves of soothing recalcitrant teenagers pointing out they weren't ready to hear any hard truths while they were emoting etc Hero's swearing also reminded me of a teenage boy Heroine was 19 Hero 26 when they were forced to marry because she got pregnant after their one and only time without a condom Hero thinks she trapped him and he resents having to do something his father wanted him to do Heroine is desperate for hero to love her They both decide at the same time to change their ways he realizes he's been an ass Heroine realizes she's been a doormat So both are moving in the right direction they just can't do it as a couple for awhile Like I said YA in tone they might as well be staring longingly at each other in the cafeteria and then looking away uickly Instead of the heroine starving in a garret and earning her independence the hard way she stays in their big house and resists sex as long as she is able Instead of blackmail or making her jealous with OWs hero coddles her and talks about his feelings We're a long way from Harleuin Presents