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DOWNLOAD Ì The DNA of You and Me ì “Sharpsets a bittersweet love story within the cut throat world of academic research a great pairing Rothman explores with heart and smarts” – Publishers Weekly starred reviewEmily Apell arrives in Justin McKinnon’s renowned research lab with the single minded goal of making a breakthrough discovery But a “Sharpsets a bittersweet love story within the cut throat world of academic research a great pairing Rothman explores with heart and smarts” – Publishers Weekly starred reviewEmily Apell arrives in Justin McKinnon’s renowned research lab with the single minded goal of making a breakthrough discovery But a colleague in the lab Aeden Dohe. The first time Aeden saw me handling a pipette he walked away and for the rest of the day did not speak to me again This might be the most sterile and lifeless romance I have ever read I thought it sounded great What happens when a woman in STEM gets caught up in a romantic relationship with a colleague When her research and her love life come into conflict with one another which does she choose I expected it would be bittersweet The author is a scientist herself and this is 2019 so I figured that this wouldn't be another scenario with a woman giving up everything she's worked for in exchange for love Good nerdy and feminist are kinda my thingBut I don't even know what to make of this There are two main aspects to the plot the olfactory research and the romance The former is detailed but not exactly exciting I could have forgiven that though if the romance had balanced it out Instead the romance if it can even be called that is dull than the descriptions of lab work and researchThere's no chemistry no spark no puns intended Aeden starts by being rude to Emily and this eventually leads into some very cold and detached sexual encounters There's no emotion or desire in it at all In fact it's odd but the first time they have sex I didn't actually realize what was happening at first Most disturbingly of all one of their sexual encounters doesn't seem to be consensual Emily clearly tells him no and Aeden continues anywayI really disliked everything about Aeden I think I'm supposed to want them to be together but I honestly just wanted Emily to run in the opposite directionThere's this constant uestioning if people like her are destined to be alone and live isolated lives focused only on their work It's heavily implied that Emily is on the autism spectrum though the A word itself is treated like something tabooAutistic or not I think the uestion about whether some people are just better suited to solitary lives is an interesting one and worth exploring However instead of exploring this with any nuance the author uickly tags on an ending that implies an answer to the uestion and it feels pulled out of thin air and unsatisfying It annoyed me instead of giving me the closure I longed forCan anyone please suggest some adult romance that is sexy but where the guy isn't a doucheBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube


Rty has been working on a similar topic and his findings threaten to compete with her researchTo Emily’s surprise her rational mind is unsettled by Aeden and when they end up working together their animosity turns to physical passion followed by love Emily eventually allows herself to envision a future with Aeden but when he decides to leave. Somber intense and deeply thought provoking Andrea Rothman’s The DNA of You and Me is the sort of book that left me with a uiet pensive feeling about women love ambition and sacrificeI finished The DNA of You and Me than a day ago and the emotions I felt reading it and through the end have stayed with me Sometimes a book is so well written that it brings a stark moment of clarity to my own life that is both uncomfortable and important I think this is what the JD Salinger may have described as the sound of one hand clappingThis is not a romance though it is a story about love And this is an important distinction to make I think A romance implies a certain amount of fun infatuation and wooing A story about love is different from a love story To me The DNA of You and Me is truly a story about love but it is the type of love that feels authentic and without the dramatic flair a novel normally bringsWhen Emily meets Aeden in the lab they don’t immediately click Aeden is worried about Emily starting rival research within their own lab and Emily has never really learned how to connect with others Watching their love develop slowly as they pushed through genetic research to understand the genes that relate to our olfactory sense I found the humanization of the dry research lab to be one of the shining points to this bookEmily herself is compelling tragic and root able She wears her loneliness like a suit of armor She I confused over whether she should choose ambition or love Or specifically whether she should choose her legacy or her happiness “The gene will be here 100 years from now But you and I won’t” As I’ve spent the past 24 hours reflecting on the story I think that the story isn’t even really about choosing career or love More nuanced the story to me was about how hard it is to truly understand what we want when we are living it But also that perhaps it is truly never too lateThank you to TLC Book Tours for my copy Opinions are my own

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The DNA of You and MeThe lab it becomes clear to her that she must make a choice It is only years later when she is about to receive a prestigious award for the work they did together that Emily is able to unravel everything that happened between them “RefreshingAsks urgent uestions about female ambition Fans of Lab Girl have found a worthy successor” Real Simp. 35 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review “I don’t think it’s just you Emily I think we all feel like mutants in our own way” In a very strong debut Rothman gives us a contemporary fiction slice of life story featuring Emily a daughter of a single father starting off in the science research community As a child Emily had an allergy to cut grass and had to stay indoors in the summer essentially isolating her from playing around with kids her own age Raised only by her father as her mother dropped her off as a baby and never looked back he immersed her a lot in his science work Trying to isolate the genes that allow us to smell with hopes of possibly one day fixing anosmia Emily ends up in a lab rife with personal and job political pitfallsThe story started off with giving us a peak at the ending and then rewinding to show how Emily got where she was Told completely from Emily's point of view the story is broken up into parts that worked really well to help conceptually understand where and how Emily is mentally and emotionally at each part The background on her childhood reason for not being able to be outdoors relationship with father and how this molded her gave a good emotional impact building block for why her work was important to her and even her feelings toward Aeden her co worker and love interestAs this is what I call a slice of life story it is a glimpse into one character's life they and the other characters don't always act in ways that the reader wants them to I thought it was interesting how the parallels were there to be drawn between Aeden and Emily's father Emily mentions similarities between the two and then how she can't uite connect with Aeden the way she wants to possibly why she very uickly became fixated on Aeden Aeden was a bit hard to read as we don't get his point of view did he feel guilt tripped or did his feelings just naturally grow from being around Emily However this uncertainty did put the reader in the same boat with Emily and as she seems to struggle overall with human connection; you'll feel itThe science in the story was interesting and if you go in with the desire to soak in this world for awhile you won't feel overwhelmed or lost I'm definitely a layman with this field and thought everything was explained and relayed in a clear interesting manner very few times did I feel maybe some in depth moments could be edited out I do wish I could have gotten a better feel for Emily and some of the emotional moments could have reached deeper; her relationship with her father seemed like a rich well I also thought her relationship with her boss Justin could have been explored I did think for a debut the author had an amazing ease of writing style that flowed well and kept me engaged to keep reading; the pages flew by However I ended up feeling like I didn't uite have a solid handle on Emily her growth emotionally and career wise was left somewhat open Competitiveness and relationships in the workplace why we do the things we do and destiny versus our own decision making were all leading themes in this story about Emily as she searched for scientific and emotional answers A slice of life story where mice hold a lot of the answers “because at the end of the day science has nothing to do with luck but with truth and the truth does not always make one happy”