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Cinderella of the NileGypt Along the way she becomes friends with the storyteller Aesop and a host of playful animals Her master gives her a pair of beautiful rose red slippers making three other servants jealous But when Horus the falcon sweeps i. The tale of Cinderella is found in one form or another in many countries around the world each of the tales containing elements that make the story culturally authentic In this version a retelling of the Cinderella story from Egypt by a talented storyteller the girl at the heart of the tale is Rhodopis a beautiful Greek girl with red hair and rosy cheeks that gave inspiration for her name After word of her beauty and uniueness spread pirates kidnap her and sell her to a wealthy man She isn't particularly mistreated but she misses her home and is desperately unhappy She takes solace with her animal friends and from time spent with Aesop who visits her master and often shares stories with her When her master becomes frustrated with her obvious misery he sells her Eventually she becomes the possession of Charaxos a Greek merchant He treats her well even giving her a pair of lovely slippers which only earns the ire of his other Egyptian servants Three sisters were especially annoyed and jealous and they make life hard for her One of those slippers is swiped by Horus as he flies by one day and it lands in the hands of the Pharaoh Amasis who is determined to find its owner Young readers familiar with the classic story will guess what happens next Although some other reviewers didn't care for the artwork I actually found it striking The physical positioning of the various characters' bodies and their facial expressions make it clear how they are feeling and Rhodopis's feelings about being far from home and being enslaved are clear on every page Even though she finds solace in Aesop's words and learns to bend in the wind so she won't break it's clear that she never asked for what befalls her This story is drawn from the earliest known Cinderella tale a fact that makes this picture book even interesting

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Beautifully retold by the award winning author Beverley Naidoo this earliest known version of Cinderella is brought to life for the modern day reader Rhodopis is a Greek girl who is sold into slavery by bandits and taken to E. Cinderella of the Nile is introduced to the reader as the earliest known version of the fairytale It tells the story in an alternative manner due to the different cultural settings of Greece and Egypt being explored as opposed to the typical western settingThe tale begins with Rhodopis the beautiful main character and the Cinderella of the story being stolen from her home country to be transported away and sold as a slave Rhodopis being parted from her family is left extremely unhappy During this lonely time she befriends the local animals and another slave Aesop who is well respected by the master because of his mesmerizing storytelling However Rhodopis does not remain there but is sold on because she is never seen smiling when in the presence of her master Her new master seems to favour Rhodopis meaning she is granted privileges as well as gifted with a pair of divine red slippers stirring jealousy amongst the other slaves One day when she is washing clothes down at the Nile Horus the Falcon God swoops down and steals one of her slippers The slipper is later dropped and falls into the hands of Pharaoh Amasis He begins the search to locate the owner of this mysterious slipper as believes that Horus has given him a sign Many women gather to try on the slipper but none of them are a suitable match Rhodopis discovered hiding behind a bush after setting free a trapped kingfisher catches the pharaoh's attention and is given the chance to try on her shoe which fits perfectly Pharaoh Amasis falls in love with Rhodopis' kindness as well as her beauty Despite their difference in status Rhodopis is made ueen and begins her life with the pharaohNaidoo provides context for the reader by commenting on the background to the text Although a very different telling the story maintains its fairytale style featuring familiar phrases such as 'long long ago' There is much rich language including similes adjectives rhetorical uestions rhyme repetition and the use of italics to emphasise song lyrics sang by Rhodopis throughout Also Aesop's telling of a fable features rhyme within the speech The text portrays a moral highlighting the importance of being kind Exclamation marks are used to highlight areas of particular significance or emphasis There is interesting cultural vocabulary used including character names Naidoo touches upon this by informing the reader of the etymology behind Rhodopis' fascinating nameThe book contains a uniue style of eye catching illustrations which perfectly accompany the wording positioned on the pages Naidoo concludes by mentioning how the story may have continued for Rhodopis informed by what is said in legend The incorporation of Aesop into the tale makes clear of the real life people and elements which are mentioned in the text

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Cinderella of the Nile Summary ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Beautifully retold by the award winning author Beverley Naidoo this earliest known version of Cinderella is brought to life for the modern day reader Rhodopis is a Greek girl who is sold into slavery by bandits and taken to Egypt Along the way she becomes friends withN to steal her slipper Rhodopis has little idea that this act will lead her to the King of Egypt The first in our `One Story Many Voices' series this ancient story of Cinderella finds its echo in fairy tales all over the worl. We have all read the story of Cinderella and the story continues to be adapted in many different ways however how many of us have looked at the different Cinderellas that come from all over the world In this story Beverley Naidoo looks to Egypt In this story Beverley Naidoo adapts a story told 2000 years ago and brings in the distinct features of the traditional Cinderella story In this story ‘Cinderella’ is A girl named Rhodopis which comes from rosy cheeked in Greek she is celebrated for her beauty and like all good fairytale princesses she is kind and gentle She later gets captured enslaved and then sold off in Egypt Rhodopis is bought by a Greek who takes pity on her and treats her as a daughter the three Egyptian sisters who also serve as servants in his house another feature of Cinderella become jealous of Rhodopis and don’t treat her well It is not until later that Cinderella and her prince come together Although the story mirrors the traditional tale the illustrations are far from similar We do not see the beautiful dresses that we have gotten used to seeing on Cinderella Nor are the illustrations calm and moderate Instead they are indeed exotic with bright colours springing from the page However some may argue that her style which is very much her own and uniue presents some challenges to a Western audience Nonetheless It is thanks to her vibrant images that we were able to be transported to another world to meet a lively positive heroineThis is a must have in all classroom libraries it is a good way to expose children to a variety of ways of telling one story