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Kken of het nu drukke steden zijn of afgelegen plaatsen hebben de inspiratie gevormd voor klassieke romans Met prachtige illustraties en bijzondere verhalen weet Literaire plekken beelden op te roepen van echte bestemmingen Het brengt je in gedachten naar hele andere plaatsen zoals het groene stille Kerala van Arundhati Roy de indrukwekkende rotspartij Hanging Rock van Joan Lindsay of het. Never was a title apt and in just a heading sums the book up better than any reviewTaking some iconic and other less visited destinations Sarah Baxter has brought places alive where various books and novels have been set or an author has been influence by such a locationCharles Dicken's London as described in Oliver Twist Soweto through the eyes of Nadine Gordimer and Bath where Jane Austen is still remembered and most consider Northanger Abbey and Persuasion as true examples of English LiteratureI enjoyred reading about Paris Kabul and Cairo indeed each essay holds some interest for me regardless of the work and author it relates to and despite being a place I'd never considered a travel destinationSarah Baxter has a distinct style to make each setting come alive your senses are stimulated and the artwork of Amy Grimes compliments this wonderfully where photographs would perhaps reflect a different mood Sarah uses every creative skill to pen a brief discription of the place including cliché alliteration and onomatopoeia This creates a sence of being there She also links this with a knowledge of the original location and it's connection to the author of the book that relates to it Therefore in many cases she enables one to follow in the footsteps of writers with care to connect fiction with streets and buildingsI absolutely absorbed each chapter and in nearly every case either made me want to pick up the original novel or dream of visiting these special settings for myself Overall it has given me renewed memories of cities I have visited and rekindled an affinity to some treasured books and authors Any book that both makes you want to visit the places your imagination has taken you and gives you a desire to read is a sure winner for me

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Literary PlacesDoolhof van straten en riolen in het Parijs van Victor HugoDe plekken in dit boek vormen niet alleen een achtergrond voor de verhalen waarin ze voorkomen Het zijn personages op zich die de plot de emoties en de afloop beïnvloeden Ontdek de prachtig beschreven werelden van de beste auteurs ter wereld en laat je inspireren om de oorspronkelijke roman op te pakken of zelf op avontuur te gaan. Also available on the WondrousBooks blog This was such a great piece Literary Places is one of those few books that I've read as an e book and would be than happy to buy as a hardcopy as wellLet's start with the title though Inspired Traveller's Guide I peeked at the worse reviews on Goodreads and realized that the majority of people who rated this book with 3 or less stars did so because they felt mislead by the title If you're expecting a lengthy novel which you can use step by step to literally follow the characters of certain novels on their journeys this is not itI however had no such expectations I kind of expected that the book will cover a bunch of locations with brief stories about them and lovely pictures and even though the book does exactly that it still impressed me and surpassed my expectationsLiterary Places is a short book which paints luscious landscapes and beautiful if short descriptions of literary locations It takes you through Victor Hugo's Paris of Les Miserables the St Petersburg of Crime and Punishment and Don uixote's La Mancha as well as some not so popular locations like the Rock from Picnic at the Hanging Rock and Kerala from The God of Small ThingsThe book offered me a new look into locations which I've already visited through reading some if unfortunately few of the novels mentioned but it also inspired me to read many new ones and created an entirely new reading list for me for the upcoming year It would be a real pleasure to read the books that I hadn't now that I've read Sarah Baxter's short guide for themThe second thing I really liked was the simple yet attractive way the author makes descriptions In fact although the book is very small it manages to capture the best and most important details the essence of the literary places THE AFTERNOON is heavy hazy lazy; the viscid air damp as an unwrung sponge awaits the imminent sueeze of the monsoon For now it’s curry hot the sun beating indiscriminately on red ants and yellow bullfrogs whooping coucals and long legged lily trotters It glitters on the corpses of silver fish It nurtures the mango and jackfruit Then finally the sky cracks Or Florence is culturally magnificent from the priceless art at street level to the tip of the Duomo’s cupola But there’s also the Florence of the senses the city that comes alive when you feel its hot sun on your skin When you loiter over lunch take a slow passeggiata in the cooling afternoon watch a pink orange sunset sip a glass of good Chianti When you stop uesting for information but think of ‘nothing but the blue sky and the men and the women who live under it’ I want a plane ticket nowLastly the art of the book is so simple yet so enticing It manages to show exactly what the author describes but to do so while also presenting the location perfectly so that the reader knows exactly which city we're talking about without even having visited them

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Literary Places Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ De perfecte serie voor iedereen die vanuit huis wil genieten van mooi geschreven teksten over reizen Lees over de verschroeide vlaktes van La Mancha met Don uichot loop net als Holden Caulfield door het New Yorkse Central Park of dwaal over de wiDe perfecte serie voor iedereen die vanuit huis wil genieten van mooi geschreven teksten over reizen Lees over de verschroeide vlaktes van La Mancha met Don uichot loop net als Holden Caulfield door het New Yorkse Central Park of dwaal over de wilde hei van Yorkshire met Cathy en HeathcliffReis met dit boek naar andere tijden en plaatsen en ontdek zo belangrijke literaire locaties Deze ple. Love this beautifully illustrated coffee table book by travel journalist Sarah Baxter which offers a colorful look at 25 literary locations around the world You’ll be introduced to Heathcliff’s gloomy moors Hugo’s City of Light uixote’s sunny La Mancha with details on how place culture and history impact famous authors’ famous works With gratitude to author Sarah Baxter uarto Publishing Group White Lion Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC 5 of 5 stars