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Free Minotaur The Bestial Tribe #1 kindle ☆ eBook ↠ randarenewables Ó Aldora lived in a bordertown on the edge of the maze A labyrinth that spanned an eternity filled with creatures that howled through the night She was a daughter to farmers that worked the fields and endured a uiet life as a peaEasons to kill each other and capture the humans that entered the labyrinthOn one fated night a human girl called out to him A girl with a voice that uickened his blood But he wasn’t the only one to hear her call Minotaur is a dark fantasy romance with explicit violence and possible triggers Mature readers on Certainly not for all readersI will point out that the author puts a disclaimer in the blurb warning that there are triggers in the book Please take that to heart She is being serious ALL of the negative reviews I saw thus far are people who were triggeredThat being said I did enjoy this book Specifically a certain sentiment throughout the book that gets repeated over and over again seemed to speak to what I liked about it He’s already inside me The female MC thinks this over and over again the meaning changing as how she feels about him changes how SHE changes It has nothing to do with sexMany people reviewing this speak of Stockholm Syndrome with regard to her I don't really agree I've read plenty of books I put down because of glaring Stockholm Syndrome I read this book to completion uickly I know what Stockholm Syndrome is and this is not it She was drawn to him long before she understood what he was He never does anything to hurt her without her permission He makes threats but they're often empty threats He does everything he can to protect her Does he give her a choice? No but then she was a victim even without him thereThen there's talk of rape I don't have the book next to me so I can't go line by line and look at what he might have done wrong by societal standards but with novels we have the advantage of perspective We can get inside each characters' heads We know if she wanted it and she did We know if she cared about him and she did We also can't hold another society to our own standards This story is set in a fantasy world outside our own societal and physical limitations where only the strong the deadly survive I'm sure the author could have done a better job making it clear she was willing which I honestly believe she was but that's really a minor tweak She showed over and over again that she wanted to be with him not for safety but because she caredSorry this turned into a rant but if you're okay with a aggressive story one that pushes societal boundaries and s where you're dealing with non human love interests this is a pretty good one

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Aldora lived in a bordertown on the edge of the maze A labyrinth that spanned an eternity filled with creatures that howled through the night She was a daughter to farmers that worked the fields and endured a uiet life as a peasant away from the capital and its nihilistic celebrations; away from all that would Crazy retelling of the Minotaur in the Labyrinth storyAldora is a farm girl who is on her way home when she hears a voice from inside the Labyrinth She fears that a human sacrifice somehow survived and is still trapped so she calls out and starts talking only to find out she is not talking to a human at all When the authorities catch her they think she is a witch and so she is the next to be sacrificedShe is caught and saved by the Minotaur Vadikas who fights a bloody battle to keep her against all the other creatures that would use her for breeding for her blood which has magical powers against the cursed fog or to eat her Vadikas wants her because he was intrigued by her voice and also because his mother was human and he wants a human mate to help make his tribe strong againThe story is pretty good but it has a crazy ending that hits you out of nowhere It was like what?????? Where did that come from?Blog|Goodreads|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|BookBub

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Minotaur The Bestial Tribe #1Look at her and discern her worth Because to be chosen as a sacrifice was to be chosen to die Until one night while at the edge she heard a husky voice in the darknessVedikus BathyrHe prowled the overgrown passages at the farthest edges where the true intelligent beasts roamed They were all there for the same r This is the book that introduced the author to me and made me what to read books by her So after I read her other books I think that she has written better books than Minotaur BloodedStill this is a very interesting story I loved the magical feeling of the labyrinth with all the strange creaturesAldora is a simple girl from a farmers' family She will be considered a witch and will be thrown inside the labyrinth as a sacrificeVedikus is a minotaur ie half bull and half man who lived inside the labyrinth and basically he was the one who tricked Aldora and made the other people consider her a witch So when she is thrown inside the labyrinth he will not hesitate to fight all the other magical mythical creatures in order to snatch her firstA human woman inside this world is a rare findingBe warn that the book has lots of violence and some parts of bestiality that some readers may find unsettling