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Wayfarers Keep The Broken Lands #3 epub ¿ Kindle Edition À t.a. white À Branded a traitor by her people Shea and her warlord—the fiercely dangerous Fallon—travel to the Pathfinders’ seat of power at her father’s reuest hoping to form an alliance despite the distrust between them It doesn’t Ancient deadly creatures gone for hundreds of years once again walk the lands awakened from a deep sleep Worse it seems the Pathfinders are keeping a secret one that could destroy them all On the brink of battle with each other the Pathfinders and Trateri must join forces if they hope to defeat the evil at the heart of the Badlan This really is an absolutely amazing seriesDefinitely worth reading by anyone; doesn't matter if you like UF or not you will absolutely like these booksOnly annoying part the series isn't done yet but there are no published books I hate it when I don't have the foresight to actually check before starting a seriesStill the actual story finishes so all in all yay

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Branded a traitor by her people Shea and her warlord the fiercely dangerous Fallon travel to the Pathfinders’ seat of power at her father’s reuest hoping to form an alliance despite the distrust between them It doesn’t take long before Shea and Fallon realize something is dangerously wrong in the place she once called home She wouldn't stand by and let them face what was coming not if she had a chance of stopping it After all that's what it meant to be a pathfinder You stood and faced the dark when others ran That was the moment I realized I was reading the genesis of a leader a woman redeemed a woman ready to carry the mantle of responsibility for her people This bit of internal speech comes in the middle of a heart deep revelation for Shea the heroine of the high fantasy series The Broken Lands by TA White In this final book of her journey I realized she was finally ready to be the hero her people needed The evil the beasts her family and her partner Fallon all realized it too Wayfarer's Keep is much like the first two books where the beast attacks and human betrayals come so fast and furious there is barely time for a breath White keeps a reader ever on edge because death is assured for some on both sides of good and evil It is this pattern of life and death that has shaped Shea into the hardened adult we find in book three She has walked the path of reckless youth and invincibility and somehow managed to come out the other side as tempered as a steel weapon To her credit she still lets her moral compass guide her along with love of her people and Fallon This book is made so much stronger and pleasurable by the steadfastness that is the relationship between Shea and Fallon It is mature It is strong It is passionate Their romance in book three is about grasping on to what they have in order to make a future for themselves and all the Trateri and PathfindersWhile reading this book there is no doubt I was channeling some aspects of The Lord of the Rings especially the dramatic scenes of The Battle of Helm's Deep in Peter Jackson's 2002 film The scope the despair the fortifications the bravery the oncoming horde are all so real you can taste them Yet that overwhelming scene is not the pinnacle of the story There is even and it is a path Shea must ultimately walk alone I don't think I am giving anything away with that statement because the entirety of the trilogy has been preparing the reader for such an outcomeSo much mystery and intrigue surrounds the Trateri arrival at Wayfarer's Keep It is dangerous every moment and yet extremely personal at the same time Secrets are revealed but not enough I have been waiting for 12 months and countless hours of reading to understand what cataclysm happened in this world and despite the fact that I am now done I am still not sure what happened beyond the arrogance of the human race White promises to come in the Broken Lands story but I am not sure I will ever truly understand the evil that tore this world apart Perhaps that is as it should be It is a lesson that some things are lost to history doomed to ever repeat Only hope and happiness keeps us goingHere I am at the conclusion of this fantastic trilogy waxing philosophical What a credit to the author that I felt satisfied by the romance the adventure the characters the world building and yet the lack of closing every story loophole simply buoys me up in a staid feeling of hope for humans aspirations for the human condition and confidence in our ability to maneuver a way to peace with our enemiesOf NoteTo adeuately enjoy book three you definitely have to read the first two books in the series In fact I would recommend skimming both before embarking on this seuel It has been very close to a year since I read the first two I needed the refresher and would have benefited from it since there is little in the way of backtracking for plot or characters The action picks up directly where book two ended and familiar characters are reintroduced without reminders of their personalities or functions I muddled through until I was good and entrenched again Don't make my mistake if it has been awhile since you entered the Lowlands the Highlands or the Badlands or encountered the many many side characters

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Wayfarers Keep The Broken Lands #3Ds As the tension rises between the two peoples and Shea and her family Shea and Fallon must convince them to overcome their differences if they are to triumph over impossible odds Because the beasts may be the least of their worries Sometimes betrayal comes from within and the most dangerous monsters may be those closest to them Sheallon is back and they are kicking ass and taking names What a thrilling conclusion to TA White's Broken Lands series What an ending for our favorite Pathfinder and her Warlord THAT ENDING WAS EVERYTHINGWayfarer's Keep was action packed from page one It was exciting and some parts left me breathless Shea really came into her own and I loved how fearless and strong she was She really is an amazing lead character She had gained so much in the past two books love people a sense of belonging and she knew that if she didn't finally face her past she would lose it all So much goes on in this novel It really helps to have read the previous two books before diving into Wayfarer's Keep like maybe do a binge read the series The conseuences of book two follows Shea and Fallon into Wayfarer's Keep and so much from book one comes into play The deadly conseuences of Shea's disastrous trip into the Badlands finally comes full circle and the thing that almost broke her and what she fears the most comes back with a vengeance What I absolutely love about this series is Shea and Fallon's love story Those two crazy kids were made for each other The push and pull of book one was fun the turbulent getting to know you phase of book two kept them interesting and the realization that nothing in the world is worth than the love the two have for each other is was a fitting end to their story This was not an insta love well maybe for Fallon but not for Shea Shea needed to face her past she needed to come to terms with it and accept what happened She needed to grow as a person and she needed to accept who she has become before she had any chance of fully accepting Fallon into her life and he gave her that space and support no matter what crazy thing she did or said So many uestions from book one and two are answered in Wayfarer's Keep and so many new uestions pop up We get a little back story to what actually happened to the old world what caused the great cataclysm what caused the Badlands and what ultimately caused the beasts I was really happy with Wayfarer's Keep and I as I expressed in the first paragraph I'm really happy with the ending There are a lot of twists and turns in Wayfarer's Keep and I found it hard to put down my kindle to actually do real life stuff like feeding my family or doing actual work at work If you have read the first two books Wayfarer's Keep is a must read The whole series is a must readI received an ARC from the author with no reuirement to leave a review This is a totally independent and honest review