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Hat I uickly discover is that it doesn’t matter how many women I’m with I’ll never find one who can replace Lorna Frazier I’ve been an arse doing everything within my power to hurt her And I’ve been successful at it But it doesn’t heal the pain of losing the woman that I love She is my everything and I’m nothing. This was a great ending to a fantastic Irish Mafia series I highly rated every book although Kieran and Westlyns still remains my favorite This couples journey starts all the way in book one Leith and Lorna are part of the fellowship This couple had it rough from the get go thru the series we find out why and We know it’s heartbreakingLorna’s parents die when she’s very young and she’s taken in by the fellowship At the time this isn’t for every reader trust me she takes up w the leader Sin until he marries his brother Same marries and Lieth They however fall in love w each other jealousy rips them apart Obviously Leith goes on to make a mess of things But he’s never stopped loving her over the last 4 years and series books and thru those books as much as I hated their start I was pulling for them so I was really surprised to see she wrote a book for them But also happy because I got attached to their love gone wrong story and I wanted to see him pull his you know what together LOLThis book clears up a lot of things Lorna had very little self worth at one time she didn’t believe for a second Leith could love her She felt tainted and yet Leith came thru and then it all fell apart because of the rules of the Fellowship He wanted her and only her and at the time it wasn’t possible Sin had complete control Although these men work it out several books ago Leith didn’t know how to fix things with Lorna Sin and his now wife Bleu however are Now Leith and Lorna’s biggest champions and they have a lot to do with getting these two back on track Add in Westlyns Brother in law sniffing around Lorna and we’ve finally got movement lolLeith has had enough He’s angry he loves her he’s over it She’s left the bar he owns and struck out on her own and that’s that He finally does what he needs to do say to fix itIt’s not a pretty story She’s a great girl who always loved him but she didn’t feel of valueHere we finally get to see it Definitely not my usual read Definitely not a safe read if you like your main characters faithful They had a ugly start and past But if you read the series then you’re already prepared that something went terribly wrong in their love storyIt was really nice to see these wonderful supporting characters fight to get their HEA If you like Mafiacriminal books with a twist it’s definitely unusual then I highly recommend the whole series

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Redemption The Sin Trilogy #6Without her Apart we’re weak Together we’re strong Apart we’re in hell Together we’re in heaven Apart we’re broken Together we’re whole I won’t give up on us Redemption can be read as a standalone novel although it is a novel accompanying The Sin Trilogy It is best enjoyed after reading The Sin Trilogy Enduranc. Finally Lorna and Duncan will have to face each other and resolve their issuesThey grew up from friends to friends with benefits After Lorna lost her parents their friendship expanded and with Sin and Jaime they all explored the benefits together as a foursome This was fine until one day Duncan declared his love for her and she agreed to be there only for him But their love was not to be easy Finding Sin with Lorna in the backroom Duncan swore never to forgive herFIVE YEARS have now passed and Lorna has moved on and is no longer working as his barmaid Only one problem Duncan cannot keep his eyes off her He still loves her and does not know how to solve this problem distance This is their love story finallyA love that survives everything That is what we all dream of This final book in the series is the epitome of a love that cannot be denied The obstacles that still come to divide only strengthens it Not a dull moment when you have sassy Lorna and stubborn Duncan involved Don't miss this bookI am voluntarily reviewing this book Thanks to the author for sharing a copy with me

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Redemption (The Sin Trilogy, #6) Free read ò PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ A Sin Series Standalone Novel I was on my way to having everything that I wanted until I opened that door That’s when my entire world shattered In a single second my happy life was gone She broke my heart TA Sin Series Standalone Novel I was on my way to having everything that I wanted until I opened that door That’s when my entire world shattered In a single second my happy life was gone She broke my heart There I admit it But a Fellowship man doesn’t mourn the loss of a woman He moves on to the next one And the next But w. “We belong together” “Then fight for her”YES FIGHT DANGITFinallyI’ll say it again FINALLY We get Leith Lorna’s story After getting bits and pieces of their romance and misunderstandings in the last 5 books we finally get the full story with an ending for this pair I loved that their relationship came easily in this one After everything they’ve been through in the other books I’m thankful they didn’t have a rough go of it in the aspect personally The angst comes from some outside sources and it is INTENSE But it all works out in the endWhile I’m so happy we finally get Leith and Lorna’s story it is a bit bittersweet that this is the last book in the Sin series Especially since I feel there are some characters left I would love to read about If the chapter has to close then this is the perfect story to do it with Georgia Cates caps of this series with a storyline that has been teased since the very beginning Fantastic ending to a fantastic series