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Come from Away Welcome to the RockCome From Away Welcome to the Rock a fully illustrated companion volume to the hit Tony Award winning Broadway musical featuring the book and lyrics for the first time in print backstage stories and the real history behind the show's events character design sketches and songs I first came across the music for Come From Away while listening to the CBC Canadian Broadcasting Network It was so lively so singable I sought out the album and much like I did with Andrew Lloyd Webers Cats many years ago I listened over and over again You would think that a story about what happened during the attacks on the United States on Sept 11 2001 would be depressing and not something to enjoy but the show which is about the 38 planes that hand to land in Newfoundland Canada when the American airspace closed is a story of people helping others Of people reaching out and making thousands of people feel at home And the most amazing part of this whole story which is revealed in this companion book is how much of it was not just based on what happened but is well researched enough that the people it was based on approved of how they were portrayed The authors did years of research on what happened that week in Gander and this book not only documents how they went about it but also gives stories that did not make it into the musical which were just as fantasticThis book is full of pictures and uotes and footnotes galore If you have seen this musical this is a must have Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review

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Come from Away Welcome to the Rock eBook â Hardcover Ï randarenewables Ö Come From Away Welcome to the Rock a fully illustrated companion volume to the hit Tony Award winning Broadway musical featuring the book and lyrics for the first time in print backstage stories and the real history behind the That ended up on the cutting room floor The Tony Award winning Broadway musical Come From Away tells the remarkable true story of a small town that welcomed the world On September 11 2001 38 planes and 6579 passengers were forced to land in the provincial town of Gander Newf The musical and its soundtrack are absolutely 5 stars Experience them as soon as you can This book is a nice souvenir to be experienced after if like me you just want to sueeze a little out of the musicalA fine but brief look at the real people behind the events that occurred in Gander Newfoundland Canada on 911 and the days after this book focuses largely on the creation of the Broadway musical years later and it includes all the actor's lines and lyrics from the show But it is all interspersed in a way that for me detracts from the power of the components I'd recommend skipping through and reading the book and lyrics first preferably while listening to the soundtrack before tackling all the side material crammed in between scenesThe production of the book itself is flawed with needless repetition typos and at least one real person's name Werner Baldessarini prominently misspelled throughout raising tiny doubts about the factual accuracy of the rest And while reporter Jim DeFede is mentioned a couple times it seems dubious to not mention his 2002 book The Day the World Came to Town 911 in Gander Newfoundland which obviously played some part in the genesis of this production

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Oundland The local residents opened their arms to the displaced visitors offering food shelter and friendship In the days that followed cultures clashed and nerves ran high but uneasiness turned into trust music soared into the night and gratitude grew into enduring friendshi Musicals are so special I think a lot of people disregard them because they may seem silly or ridiculous and no one in real life just bursts into song But what they don't realise is that musicals are such a uniue form of art that they cannot be replicated anywhere else There is no other medium that you can choose to get the same experience And they can be about anything And they can be any kind of music Broadway is definitely becoming popular in recent years due to shows like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen and for that I am extraordinarily glad because it is high time that musicals get the worldly recognition that they deserve Come From Away shouldn't work It's a musical about 911 for crying out loud It absolutely should not have been approached But it WAS And it's BEAUTIFUL Irene Sankhoff and David Hein have done something magical and profound They have done something that is incredibly difficult if not impossible to do They have captured the very essence of human decency and kindness and put it on stage in one of the greatest musicals we have ever seen You can only appreciate a musical so much as a soundtrack because so much of the artistry is found in the movements the choreography the blocking of the physical show Having only listened to the cast recording there was so much I didn't know about how the show was actually staged and reading this book not only tells me that but also tells the story of why specific movements are made how those movements came to be and how at its very core this show is about helping people Just helping Because that's what you doI can't even imagine what kind of journey it must have been to interview all those people in Gander for those few days people who were actually involved in the events that happened there The book talks a lot about how intense and worrisome it is to play a character on stage whose inspiration is not only still alive but can actually come and see it It must be absolutely nerve wracking I could have never done it But that's the beauty of this show So much of it is built upon these actual experiences of these actual people It's not just based on a true story it IS a true story And the world now remembers it Structurally I really like how this book is laid out Several other books about Broadway shows similar to this one separate the libretto and the stories behind the scenes but this one blends them together so that when you hear about a specific background piece you can immediately see it reflected in the script which is really lovely I think what is also special about this book is that it goes much deeper than just telling how the musical came to be I think because the process of creating it went much deeper than research usually does And part of that is the nature of the subject matter they are working on but most of it is because Sankhoff and Hein have so much passion and honour and respect for those they are writing about You don't see that in every musical in its creation Come From Away is truly so special and this book tells you exactly why detail by detail and piece by piece It is magical and wonderful and I can't wait to have a physical copy in my handsI received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review