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Scheduled to assist with a hands on sexual education workshop Diana is forced to find a short term replacement The last thing she wants is a new lover even a paid one After a year of living in the apartment next door all Jude Monaco knows about her neighbor Diana is that she’s a gorgeous older woman and the inspiration for dirty fan. Jude Monaco has had a crush on her neighbour Diana Kelley for a year when one evening Diana knocks on her door with an unusual reuest Diana is a sex therapist and runs workshops for women but her usual co demonstrator has been injured and she needs a replacement or she’ll have to cancel Aware of Jude’s enjoyment of sex if the sounds through their adjoining bedroom wall is anything to go by she hopes Jude will take Ava’s place for the workshop on oral sex Given Jude’s crush on Diana she doesn’t even need to think about itInitially I thought the concept was pretty entertaining but as the story developed and I became invested in Jude the less entertaining I found the scenario And I liked that I liked that I was becoming involved and that what started out as a clever vehicle for an erotic romance became a story with depth An abusive ex has left Diana damaged emotionally so while she enjoys sex and friends with benefits she won’t allow herself to become involved emotionally with Jude Diana’s fear and lack of trust is understandable but it doesn’t make her very easy to likeJude on the other hand I found easy to like and root for when she realised her need to protect herself Diana’s character wasn’t’ static and I came to like her too it just took longer As an erotic romance there are numerous sex scenes with lots of variation which O’Brien has written really well There’s even the occasionally injection of humour Book received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review

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The Sex Therapist Next DoorTasies than she cares to admit So when Diana knocks on her door with a shockingly delicious favor to ask Jude seizes the opportunity to learn Their professional relationship is supposed to be a clinical erotic arrangement between a sex therapist and her assistant but at the intersection of sex and intimacy anything is possible Even lo. This book is going to be tricky to rate Pardon my math but I loved 12 of it liked 14 of it and hated the final 14 Despite what the title may suggest this book has a great smut vs plot ratio There are plenty of really hot and sexy scenes with enough dirty talk to make a porn star blush Though the book features several sexual acts it only lightly touches on the subject of BDSMAs for the main characters I really connected with Jude Just like her I too had a major crush on my hot older neighbor I even told my best friend the same thing Jude told her cousin “She’s going to break my heart Kat I know she will” At least things worked out for Jude in the endDiana oh Diana the amount of inner demons this woman has can only be cured by an exorcist or a witch doctor or both at the same time while someone dunks a bucket of holy water on her head She and her awful and sometimes manipulative behavior is the only reason I haven't given this book a higher rating She even made it into my top 3 of most hated main charactersThere were some minor issues with the book that bugged me a little The main one being Diana's hang up on everyone's age Religion is not a subject in this book but the amount of preaching Diana does would make you think otherwise The other minor thing that bugged me was the lack of safe sex or even the discussion of it For a sex therapist Diana doesn't seem to care whether or not Jude has a clean bill of health How has this topic not been brought up even once in this bookThis get's an overall 35 ratingTW mentions of physical and emotional abuse Do not attempt to read this in public unless you're sitting on a block of ice Although it's a great excuse for why your pants got wet😉

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The Sex Therapist Next Door Free read ê 104 Ç Diana Kelley is a couple's sex therapist with a problem it’s her job to convince her clients of the importance of sexual and emotional intimacy but after surviving a toxic relationship with an abusive ex she's sworn off love and can’t fathom ever making herself vulnerable again When her bDiana Kelley is a couple's sex therapist with a problem it’s her job to convince her clients of the importance of sexual and emotional intimacy but after surviving a toxic relationship with an abusive ex she's sworn off love and can’t fathom ever making herself vulnerable again When her best friend Ava is injured the night she is. 45 Stars This book was hot with a capital H O T I’m a big O’Brien fan have been for a while However I must admit I was a little reluctant about this book While I liked her last book I thought it was heavy on sex little on actual plot O’Brien mostly writes steamy romances or erotic romances but they have a romantic plot O’Brien might be the ueen of wlw sex scenes but she is also a good story teller That good mix is why I enjoy her so much Anyway I’m happy to say that while yes this book had numerous and steamy as hell sex scenes it had a story and characters I actually cared about This was much better than I expected and I’m a happy camper I have to give a friendly warning that this is not a book you really want to read in public Not when you are sitting in a waiting room or at your desk on a lunch break this is an at home on the couch with a glass of wine or in your bedroom kind of book Saying this book is hot feels like I’m just mildly scratching the surfaceThe story is about Diana who is a sex therapist Besides counseling she gives classes that are live demonstrations of different sexual acts and techniues to spice things up for lesbian couples When her partner in the class she uses for demonstration purposes is injured Diana reaches out to her younger and enthusiastic next door neighbor Jude for help keeping her business afloat Jude has always had a crush on Diana so this job seems like a dream come true But what happens if Jude can’t keep her heart from falling for a woman that is all businessThis book covers a wide arrange of different sexual techniues I guess you could say it covers some very light BDSM There is some dominance and submission and even light spanking but the book doesn’t really delve deeper into BDSM than that It really is such a wide range of sex scenes that there really is something in this book for everyone And even with numerous sex scenes because they are all so different you don’t feel bored and tempted to skim any of them Beyond the spiciness and great sex scenes this book is about two characters that were affected by their past This is about a character that is scared to be loved and another that just wants to be loved O’Brien delved pretty deeply into flaws and made me really care about these characters Heck I found myself crying during one of the bigger emotional scenes O’Brien sure can write than just fantastic sex scenes If you are looking for a book that will spice up your night grab this While O’Brien’s books may not be for everyone they are pretty damn good anyway An ARC was given to me by BSB for a honest review