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Read & Download ¶ Binti: The Complete Trilogy à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Der Nebula Award Gewinner endlich auf Deutsch Die Sammlung der drei Novellen Binti Allein Binti Heimat und Binti NachtmaskeradeIhr Name ist Binti und sie ist die erste Himba die jemals an der Oomza Universität einer der besten LSternen lässt sie dieser Spezies näherkommen als ihr lieb ist Wenn Binti das Vermächtnis eines Krieges überleben will mit dem sie nichts zu tun hatte wird sie die Gaben ihres Volkes brauchen und die Weisheit die sich in der Universität verbirgt aber zuerst muss sie es bis dorthin schaffen lebend. The Binti stories concern a young African woman's adventures between home and university They take place in a future world with advanced technology aliens and interplanetary travelThe four stories in this book see Binti run away from her family to attend a university on a remote planet Along the way she encounters horrific tragedy makes friends learns skills and becomes a political negotiatorThere's much to enjoy about these tales Our heroine is a deeply engaging character The world she inhabits is fascinating drawing on many sf tropes biomechanical tech aliens while making them new by grounding action in rural Nigeria I enjoyed the details of Himba life the Meduse race the use of the word astrolabe and the interaction between multiple cultures It is also exciting to see a black non US woman at an sf story's centerThe prose is also rewarding Dialogue crackles surprises and charms For example Okwu was happiest around human beings when it was menacingly looming 134I have to confess that I started the Binti stories under two misapprehensions First I thought it was adult fiction likee Who Fears Death my review not young adult Second I approached them as stories about schooling They are in fact very much YA and the university experience plays only a small direct role YA tropes and style are on full display our heroine is enormously afflicted and becomes enormously powerful both in a hurry; the adult world is sketchy and dubious; parents are frustrating threatened threatening and to be transcended; sex is scary powerful and restricted to kissingSome details didn't work for me The stories have a lot of repeated phrases and actions treeing the skin paste the Meduse attack; this is partly a relic of being a collection or serial but doesn't have to occur and lost their power over time Some characters come and go weirdly and why was one friend named Haifa I don't get the Israel reference in this setting Binti becomes too super special in multiple ways corralling the adult world maybe I was in less of a YA mood than I thought The world seems less convincing as the book wears on as conflicts and horrors seem to exist mostly for their emotional impact on Binti Math kept occurring as a theme but wasn't actually used being mostly spoken of People learn foreign and alien languages very very uickly and commonly which begged some backgrounding The final story seemed to drag a bit And I wanted to see of the universityBut I can see the book's power in 2019 It speaks strongly to American gender and race politics Its focus on intercultural tensions are very much of the moment I can imagine how inspiring it must be to be black and seeing a powerful protagonist that's like youRecommended

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Der Nebula Award Gewinner endlich auf Deutsch Die Sammlung der drei Novellen Binti Allein Binti Heimat und Binti NachtmaskeradeIhr Name ist Binti und sie ist die erste Himba die jemals an der Oomza Universität einer der besten Lehranstalten der Galaxis angenommen wurde Aber diese Möglichkeit wahrzun. #1 Binti ★★★★★#2 Home ★★★★☆#3 The Night Masuerade ★★★☆☆#1 3 Complete Trilogy Edition ★★★★☆They say that when faced with a fight you cannot win you can never predict what you will do next But I'd always known I'd fight until I was killedI've been meaning to pick up these novellas for ages so I was really excited to get the opportunity to review the entire trilogy now that it's been released in a bind up This is a series that starts off really strong—enough so that I'd say the first book Binti is one of the most enjoyable novellas I've ever read as well as one of my favorite adult sci fi reads everWhile the first novella lacks a bit in world building it than makes up for that absence with character development I loved Binti as a character and really treasured her thirst for knowledge and her bravery despite all of the immense obstacles trying to hold her back from her future Okwu on the other hand I had mixed feelings about at first but uickly came to treasure as a character despite the rocky nature of their meeting There was always so much I didn’t know but not knowing was part of it all The thing about this series is that it can almost be hard to know who you want to root for because everyone is flawed and history is muddled—which I found incredibly true to life for many circumstances especially considering histories of wars and feds so I appreciated that there were no perfect groups or characters in the euationUnfortunately I'll admit that the series did become less enjoyable for me as time went on The second novella Home was still a very fun read but it became tougher for me to reason with the lack of world building and the random info dumps; on the other hand though The Night Masuerade went too far in the opposite direction and gave me too much information and history with too little action and character development Even back then I had changed things and I didn’t even know it When I should have reveled in this gift instead I’d seen myself as broken But couldn’t you be broken and still bring change Minor complaints aside I wholeheartedly recommend this series It's an incredibly uick trilogy to get through there's a gorgeous portrayal of culture and how significant cultural history and rituals can be to people—especially to individuals who have a history of being oppressed like Binti's people the Himba—and if you're a fan of audiobooks I strongly recommend Robin Miles' delivery of these stories Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Binti The Complete TrilogyEhmen bedeutet dass sie ihren Platz innerhalb ihrer Familie aufgeben und mit Fremden zwischen den Sternen reisen muss die weder ihre Denkweise teilen noch ihre Bräuche respektierenDie Welt deren Teil sie werden möchte hat einen langen Krieg gegen die Medusen hinter sich und Bintis Reise zwischen den. I am just using this for the short story within this bindup because Goodreads for some reason does not have it on its own The short story is called SACRED FIRE and takes place between the first BINTI and second BINTI HOME books in the Binti trilogy It is 34 pages long and is about Binti who has arrived at Oomza University and started her studies She is psychologically scarred from what happened in the first book and is having a hard time I adored this short story just as I adore this entire trilogy I absolutely LOVE Binti as a character and her journey The raw and real depiction of mental health and cultural struggles depicted in this are absolutely beautiful