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Summary ´ Julius Zebra: Grapple with the Greeks! 108 ☆ On a mission from Heracles to find his lost Golden Apple Julius and chums soon come face to face with a minotaur trick a hundred headed dragon and end up in the palace of King Midas himself But what on earth will the gods on Mount Olympus have to say about their antics in tBut what on earth will the gods on Mount Olympus have to say about their antics in the Underwor. Julius Zebra is back and yet again his vacation is going wayyyyy different than he was hoping it would be Remember where we left off last time Yep Milus who was thrown into the air by a bulky guy Named Heracles Yep that Heracles The book immediately starts off from where the previous book started and I loved it Yes it has been some time since I last read the previous book but it was like I never left I could just step in laugh and enjoy this story This time we have tons of mythology and greek legends and gods making their way into our lives and that of Julius and his friends Heracles needs someone to do something for him and after some bumpy things including stones being thrown around haphazardly they go with Heracles to find that apple I did think it was uite hilarious that even though Julius friends weren't always happy with the situation the idea of immortality appealed to them all and rock collecting for one animal I will leave you to guess who that is And so the uest starts and from that moment the story gets and hilarious as meet giants who can't handle water we see them throw a ball of yarn at a Minotaur because none of them thought that maybe it was better to use it to find the way back we see them meet a many headed dragon make a wooden zebra or is a horse to get into a place and oh yes avoid all the Romans As Julius is a very sought after zebra Everyone wants him and it does complicate matters in this book which made everything even further fun to read as our heroes have to do all sorts of silly things to avoid detection including massaging their enemies no don't ask I loved seeing all my favourite Greek gods and legends and pop by Every time I thought we wouldn't be getting a visit from that person boom there they were Like Midas I hadn't expected we would see him Oh and I had a suspicion on Heracles' motives for asking Julius and it was fun and at one point sad to see our group also find those motives out as they do meet characters who had the same happening to them thanks to HeraclesWe also meet with old friends and I was happy and not so happy depending on who it was to see them again I love the interactions between the characters at times I wonder how they are friends with Julius but then again without Julius their lives would be plenty of boring so I can imagine they go along with him Oh and one of them may just do it for the rocks but that is a whole different matterOf course just like all the other books this book is delightfully illustrated which makes the book even fun to read uite often the illustrations continue the story Given the ending I am already excited for the next book yes there will be Plus I saw there is a joke book coming out and I need it in my life I would highly recommend this book to everyone You won't be bored one bit while reading this story instead you may be in danger of falling of your chairbean bagcouch and rolling on the floorReview first posted at

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On a mission from Heracles to find his lost Golden Apple Julius and chums soon come face to fac. Book Reviewed by Stacey on wwwwhisperingstoriescomJulius Zebra is back in his fourth book this time he is grappling with the GreeksDemi God Heracles needs to find a golden apple to complete his labors He enlists the help of Julius and his friends to help him recover it and offers them immortality in return for their help However not long into their journey Heracles disappears and leaves the friends to search for the golden apple themselvesThey fight a Minotaur and even a hundred headed dragon in their uest to find the apple but will they succeed and will they become immortal – Start reading now to find outI grew up on slap stick humour My dad used to watch cartoons like Tom and Jerry alongside the likes of Oliver and Hardy and the Carry On films I presume this is where I got my love of humour fromThe Julius Zebra books really remind me of these types of programmes as they are pure entertainment from beginning to end the characters don’t take themselves too seriously well most of them and there are plenty of laugh out loud scenes throughout and of course there are the amazing cartoon illustrations to giggle at tooIf you haven’t heard of the series then you are really missing out The previous books are – Rumble with the Romans Book One Bundle with the Britons Book Two and Entangled with the Egyptians Book Three All of them are eually as amusing and are a lot of fun to readI am sure that middle grade readers will love these books They are pure entertainment from beginning to end and are filled to the brim with adventureGrapple with the Greeks is one of those books that makes you smile from ear to ear and wince now and again I can see this series become a big hit with kids There are also pages at the back full of factual information and fun things for kids to do too

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Julius Zebra Grapple with the GreeksE with a minotaur trick a hundred headed dragon and end up in the palace of King Midas himself. I just can’t get enough of Julius Zebra and this latest adventure is another brilliant addition to the series ‘Julius Zebra Grapple with the Greeks’ is a very funny book filled with text and lots of hilarious illustrations You don’t need to have read any Julius Zebra books before reading this one but it definitely is something I recommend as you’ll enjoy even antics with the characters and you’ll learn how their story beganIn the adventure this time Julius and his friends are enjoying their time at home until they meet Heracles who wants their help with a task He needs help to find a golden apple so of course what happens next is an adventure through ancient Greece where they enter a labyrinth and even Hades itself I don’t want to reveal what happens but it’s so ridiculous and hilarious that I can’t keep a straight face while reading this book The best way to describe the humour is that’s it’s very silly daft and it’s definitely a very British humour with words like ‘Cor’It feels as if every book in the series just gets better than the last and as well as being very funny this particular book has a lovely bit at the end with Julius and his brother I love the fact that once again the characters try to have a holibob I just love that word And now there’s a new word for me to love Skellybob The whole story is just so funny and silly and it’s just the perfect kind of humour for meThe illustrations all black and white are really funny I still love how silly they look with those eyes and once again are part of the story The pictures are throughout the text and you need to read the speech bubbles and see what’s happening in each picture to understand the next part of the story I love the way the pictures are a part of the tale it makes it all engaging to read Once again the back of this book is filled with some facts first you learn how to count in roman numerals which is a great lesson in itself and then there is a funny glossary of ancient Greek things which appear in the story with detailed information on them There is also a few other things to learn including the cosmos and a couple of activities you can do I really enjoy how this book is educational while being so entertaining and it’s always a bonus to have extra things to do when you’ve finished reading a book I especially can’t wait to try dressing up Julius you’ll understand if you read the activities in the end of the bookI really can’t wait for the next book in the series Once again the epilogue suggests a possible future book and where in the ancient world it could occur And I have to say I also can’t wait for a supposed joke book that’ll be coming out in the near future If you love Julius Zebra then you’ll definitely enjoy this but even if you’ve never tried one of these stories before I’d still recommend this It’s got a brilliant sense of humour and is great for anyone who is also interested or who knows a little about Ancient Greece whatever age they are Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy for review