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Glass Soup review ë E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ä For connoisseurs of imaginative fiction the novels of Jonathan Carroll are a special treat that occupy a space all their own His surreal fictions which deftly mix the everyday with the extraordinary have won him a devoted following Now in Glass Soup Carroll continues to astound The realm of tTore the ever changing mosaic that is reality Unless the agents of Chaos can lure her back to the land of the dead and trap her there forever Glass Soup is another exuisite and singular creation from the author January magazine described as incapable of writing a bad book much less an uninteresting one. Everything in Glass Soup felt forced to me from the premise to the plot to the writing I love imaginative fiction and fabulism and everything like that but this novel was not a good example of any of it It's like Carroll flipped the formula around Instead of creating an absurd scenario because it has meaning he created an absurd scenario and then tried to infuse it with meaning The result is a wandering disjunct novel that doesn't deal in any new way with its rather simple premise of good versus evil His own speculative premises about the afterlife are touched on too lightly so that the most promising aspect of the work is left unrealized If Carroll's storytelling were stronger maybe these metaphysical weaknesses could be ignored but there's really nothing strong enough in any aspect of the writing to carry the other aspects His essayish prose never allows the potential of the story to emerge

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Built from the dreams and nightmares of the living Octopuses drive buses God is a polar bear And a crowded highway literally leads to hellOnce before Vincent Ettrich and his lover Isabelle Neukor crossed over from life to death and back again Now Isabelle bears a very special child who may someday res. To live in Jonathan Carroll's world must be both beautiful and terrifying his characters are preternaturally beautiful graceful people with unusual names but they have the most ordinary habits one could imagine—the men and women in a Carroll novel enjoy waking up between clean sheets; they eat big breakfasts with fresh sueezed orange juice; they drive cars and talk on cellphones and have romances and affairs just like their mundane counterparts but then their world just veers into the surreal the way a small blue elephant appears under your Christmas tree or you notice as the bus pulls up that it's being driven by an octopusThat octopus bus driver gave me a shock of recognition anyway—as it happens I've used a similar image in a story of my own though not yet published anywhere and in mine the octopus is just a passenger The Octopus Rides Free in a scene written in 2001 That's how a Carroll story works though the strangest things can happen but they still have a certain internal logic The logic of dreamsDreams and death it may seem that Carroll's world is ruled by iron whimsy but these are adult fantasies dark in all corners and deadly serious When Isabelle Neukor crosses the border between death and life the outcome matters—this isn't just a there and back again fantasy where the status always returns to uo at the end of the book and there's always room for a seuel Even though ironically Glass Soup is actually a seuel—Isabelle and her husband Vincent Ettrich return from White Apples which I really need to go back and read again soon obviously though familiarity with the preceding work is by no means reuiredAlthough Carroll's prose is most often clear and uninflected never florid or especially verbose he freuently makes pithy observations usually placed gently in the mouths of his characters It's only rarely that clunkers like the overused phrase bits and bytes fall from Carroll's fingers More commonly you'll read passages like this one from Petras Urbsys on pp87 88Do you really think people today can be trusted with magic and the power that comes with it No not at all We cannot even be trusted to preserve ourselves We cannot protect us from us So that is the very good reason why they took it all away And it is very sad because losing those things has made our world a smaller less interesting placeAll of it is gone now Isabelle The only thing left to see of that snake is its skin which are the sweet little myths and magic stories that we read to babies before they go to sleep The skin is still very beautiful but it is not the snakeGlass Soup goes a long way towards giving you the whole snake not just the skin

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Glass SoupFor connoisseurs of imaginative fiction the novels of Jonathan Carroll are a special treat that occupy a space all their own His surreal fictions which deftly mix the everyday with the extraordinary have won him a devoted following Now in Glass Soup Carroll continues to astound The realm of the dead is. I don’t want to talk too much about this excellent Jonathan Carroll novel because I want you to experience it if ever you went ahead and read it – you should you know the way I experienced it I didn’t read the blurb and had no idea what the book was about so essentially I threw myself into the first chapter empty of expectation And lo how I floundered The novel has the most interesting chapter titles “Tunica Molesta” “Knee Deep in Sunday Suits” and the first chapter is called “Simon’s House of Lipstick” In it Simon Haden gives a bus tour to a group of odd creatures including a bag of caramels who is bored with a little man named Broximon wondering how he can pay his bills I read interested but the chapter was getting weirder and I didn’t know what was happening Then I knew and oh what sweet bliss as I understood and I kept on readingMore than the characters and the incredible plot I was amazed by Carroll’s pacing How he leaves you with uestions and gives you the answers slowly like a striptease It made reading the story a wonderful experience It was as if I were given a slice of the best chocolate cake and given all the time in the world to savor it