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Hen an actual stranger a boy who seems to fade like smoke appears outside her home on the moor at night she knows that at least one of these sayings is no longer true The next night the children of Near start disappearing from their beds and the mysterious boy falls under suspicion As the hunt for the children intensifies so does Le Little did I know that all of my works would center on those who felt lost inside their own worlds or found in someone else’s the new cover of this is so stunning

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The Near WitchXi’s need to know about the witch that just might be than a bedtime story about the wind that seems to speak through the walls at night and about the history of this nameless boyAll new deluxe edition of an out of print gem containing in universe short story “The Ash Born Boy” and a never before seen introduction from VE Schwa Of every aspect of the moor the earth and stone and rain and fire the wind is the strongest one in Near Here on the outskirts of the village the wind is always pressing close making windows groan It whispers and it howls and it sings It can bend its voice and cast into any shape long and thin enough to slide beneath the door stout enough to seem a thing of weight and breath and bone There are books I like that most people hate There are books everyone loved which never appealed to me And then there is That Book The one that manages to draw you in from the very first line and keep you captive The one that takes simple words and weaves them into a seamless tapestry of colour and feeling The Near Witch is That BookIf I haven't gotten the message across yet I loved The Near Witch I've said it before and I'll say it again YA fantasy deserves attention This book is a beautifully written magical fairy tale that keeps you enchanted from the very first line right up to the last And it gets an extra invisible star yeah thanks a lot Goodreads for being a stand aloneThe story starts off vivid and lyrical redolent of the mystery and isolation of the moors Victoria Schwab who has the kind of talent I envy manages to draw a clear and eerie picture of the village of Near edging the moors set in stone and steeped in dogma There are no strangers in the town of Near Lexi saysBut there is a stranger in Near and suddenly everything Lexi ever knew is turned on its head The stranger belongs to the dark and windy night and despite all of Lexi's efforts she cannot find him at first even when she knows he's there and can hear him breath But the very next day a child goes missing from his bed and the already suspicious village of Near points a finger at the stranger Lexi knows he is not the one with an instinct she trusts She can hear the wind calling in the night if she listens from the corner of her ear Her little sister tells her that the missing children are calling her to come out and play And with every missing child the people of Near get frantic and look harder for someone to blame But will they believe Lexi when she discovers who the real culprit is?It's not just the pretty prose that makes The Near Witch such a compelling read The story is tightly plotted and the pace of story telling gradually increases from a mysterious measured tread to a uick breathless run to a rousing pulse pounding finish This is children's fantasy at its finest with a dash of mystery a dash of magic and a side serving of romance Victoria Schwab's talent lies in her ability to draw an entire portrait with a few words She never goes into detailed descriptions of any characters save the two sisters Magda and Dreska and the stranger Cole The rest are uick sketches of a few words but those words convey a wealth of impressions There is Lexi's mother struggling through a fog of grief but there when her daughters really need her Her uncle Otto fumbling to find the best way to keep his word to his dead brother and protect Lexi and Wren Otto was one of my favourite characters in the book; it would be so easy to hate him for being such an over protective macho fool but one can see in brief flashes his genuine concern for his nieces and his desire to do the right thing for his village Then there is Bo cool and somehow evil lurking on the periphery of this story but still managing to capture the reader's attentionTo be honest I could just go on about every character in this book— including the dead ones— each of whom gave me a different vibe I'm a person who was reared on fantasy and this book was like my very own gummy bear factory Random fact I don't like chocolate but I DO like gummy bears The only thing that didn't really wow me the way it was supposed to was the romance At least at first Don't get me wrong I loved Lexi and I loved Cole and I thought they made a great team but I was so busy worrying about the villagers targeting Cole and the hunt for the children and the fate of the two sisters I simply didn't have the emotional energy to spare for true love Also I've been told that the cover for this book has not been finalized but I would like to add my own plea Please pretty please Disney Hyperion DO NOT market this awesome fabulous book with this unbelievably hideous cover It is WRONG and it doesn't convey any sense of the beauty of this book All in all my friends it is time for you to groan and shudder because you know I have found a new book to beat you over the head with I loved The Near Witch and as per SoP it is time for me to zealously ensure that everyone around me does as well All uotes in this review are from the ARC and will be checked against a final print editionDisclosure I received this ARC from the publishers via Net Galley No external considerations affected this review

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The Near Witch Ebook ¿ 354 pages Þ Brand new edition of Victoria Schwab’s long out of print stunning debutThe Near Witch is only an old story told to frighten children If the wind calls at night you must not listen The wind is lonely and always looking for company There are no strangers in the town of Near These are the truths that Lexi has heaBrand new edition of Victoria Schwab’s long out of print stunning debutThe Near Witch is only an old story told to frighten children If the wind calls at night you must not listen The wind is lonely and always looking for company There are no strangers in the town of Near These are the truths that Lexi has heard all her life But w “Funny how when we start to tell a secret we can’t stop Something falls open in us and the sheer momentum of letting go pushes us on”A dark and magical tale that reminded me of The Woman in BlackI'm a huge fan of Victoria Schwab because her writing and her stories are amazing and uniue An expert in world building character depth and originality all set in a thrilling and mysterious mood like no other The Near Witch is one of the author's earlier works While it'll never be as good as Vicious or A Darker Shade of Magic since they're both mindblowing reading it was just as captivating as any other Schwab bookFind of my books on Instagram