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Girls Like Us Read & Download Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Set in the summer of 1972 this moving YA historical novel is narrated by teen girls from different backgrounds with one thing in common Each girl is dealing with pregnancyFour teenage girls Four different stories What they all have in common is that they’re dealing witWhen her father sends her to Chicago to give birth she meets the final narrator Susan who is white and the daughter of an anti choice senatorRandi Pink masterfully weaves four lives into a larger story – as timely as ever – about a woman’s right to choose her future. Welcome BackI know it's been a little while I know what my posting goals were however I took a small break for a few reasons First due to mental health I was feeling a bit down and I just needed some time to work through some things and second because of the holidays So I took part of the week before Thanksgiving and the entire week of Thanksgiving to kind of collect myself and treat myself I am in a much better headspace now and have been able to resolve the things that were bothering me most Additionally I also spent some uality time reading and that means as part of my Blogmas I will have lots of reviews going up Now I may not stick to the normal reviewing schedule during blogmas because there are lots of different seasonal posts I have planned but I am hoping to still get my reviews posted and out there During my break from blogging one of the books I was finally able to read was Girls Like Us So without further ado let's talk about this awesome bookSPOILERS AHEADFollowing four very different girls in the summer of 1972 we get to see each one's life experiencing and how they handle unplanned teenage pregnancy during a time when having a child out of wedlock was not socially accepted at all We have Ola and Izella sisters and older sister Ola is expecting She has a boyfriend Walter who is back from the war and a mother who is very dedicated to the church Her sister Izella wants to try to help her out of this situation but they both know their mother can never find out There is also a girl down the street who is much younger than the sisters Missippi who is pregnant her mother passed a long time ago and her father works on the road as a trucker coming home as much as he can However he has no idea who his daughter might have been seeing or how she could have become pregnant and she refuses to tell him Missippi's father would like to do what is best for her so he sends her to Chicago to give birth to a woman who runs a home for young unwed pregnant women Here she meets Susan the daughter of a politician as well as many other girls Here we learn about Missippi's story as well as Susan's Two girls who are very different but become fast best friends and have to make decisions about their lives that will last foreverHonestly I was surprised by how much I loved this story I was so engaged and interested in each girl's story and wanting to see where each one of their lives was going to go I think the author handled each individual story wonderfully and overall created a beautiful story I loved Susan and Missippi's fast friendship and I loved Ola and Izella's story despite the immense amount of heartbreak it contains I am giving this book 425 stars on Goodreads and I will definitely read it againI was given an e book ARC on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Unplanned pregnanciesIn rural Georgia Izella is wise beyond her years but burdened with the responsibility of her older sister Ola who has found out she’s pregnant Their young neighbor Missippi is also pregnant but doesn’t fully understand the extent of her predicament. Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Teralyn MitchellGirls Like Us was a masterpiece that weaved the stories of four girls dealing with unexpected pregnancies in the summer of 1972 This story follows two sisters Ola and Izella and two strangers Missippi and Sue as they try to deal with matters that no teenager should ever have to deal with This was such a moving and timely story that I read in one sitting as once I started reading I could not put it down This book sucks you in from the first page and the fact that it tells three different stories made me continue to read and wondering what was next for these characters I liked the references to The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison since Girls Like Us was reminiscent of that book and explored some of the same topicsOla and Izella were sisters living in rural Georgia with their evangelist mother who ran a small church out of their house Ola is sixteen and Izella is only fifteen but seems to be the mature one out of the two of them When they find out Ola is pregnant Izella seems to take it on her shoulders to figure out what to do and Ola is reliant on her She wants to help her sister and doesn’t want their mother to find out about it In that same town a fourteen year old named Missippi is also pregnant but she doesn’t seem to understand the magnitude of that She really is a sweet innocent girl who is left home by herself entirely too often for how young she is The last girl is seventeen year old Sue who is from an affluent family She finds out she is pregnant and goes to her mother immediately who has a solution for how they will deal with itAll these girls are understandably scared and in over their head with this problem When Missippi’s father finds out she’s pregnant she is sent to Chicago to live with a woman who takes in pregnant girls taking care of them and helping them deliver when the time comes Sue is sent to this same apartment by her mother Sue and Missippi bond immediately and become fast friends while for Izella and Ola they figure out a way to take care of the pregnancy without their mother ever finding out The story progresses from there giving background about how each of these girls ended up pregnant and the bonds that are formed during hard timesMissippi was my absolutely favourite character I thought her story was the most heartbreaking when first learning of it and how she became pregnant She was the sweetest innocent fourteen year old who you just wanted to wrap up in your arms and never let go It was clear from the start that her story was tragic or that was the feeling I got when I started reading her chapter She was such a pure character who still maintained her innocence despite the things she’d endured in her short life She grew considerably after giving birth and I liked that as well Sue was my next favourite character because she was outspoken and she did not take no crap from anybody She knew what she wanted in her life and she stood for something even if it was contradictory to her senator father’s views The way she took to Missippi endeared her to me even Ola and Izella their story was very complicated The pregnancy created a rift in their once close relationship and they were never able to repair it They were both entirely too young to deal with something of this magnitude on their own but they did not realise that until it was too lateThe ending of this book was amazing and I loved seeing the ‘now’ with all the characters It was great to see where the girls’ lives ended up after dealing with their pregnancies Showing the great granddaughter of one of the women and the ruling that was handed down in the beginning of that chapter brought everything into prospective Girls Like Us was so well written and had strong characters that you couldn’t help but connect cry and hurt withGirls Like Us was powerful heartbreaking and a book that will always stick with me for the rest of my days Randi Pink did a magnificent job of telling each girls’ story and making you see every angle and argument people may have about women’s rights to choose It is a book that needed to be written and I am happy and honoured I was able to read and review a copy of this book

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Girls Like UsSet in the summer of 1972 this moving YA historical novel is narrated by teen girls from different backgrounds with one thing in common Each girl is dealing with pregnancyFour teenage girls Four different stories What they all have in common is that they’re dealing with. 3 starsI guess this justwasn't what I wantedwas expectingI thought this book was going to focus on abortion since the synopsis says that it's so timely but its hardly spoken about It says that it's about woman's right to choose her future but the majority of the characters ended up doing what's expected of them and nothing against the norm Idk I just wish this took place now vs the 70s I think it would have done a lot better in that timeline