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Wonder With Me (With Me In Seattle, #12.5) review ´ 3 Û From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby comes a new story in her With Me In Seattle series Reed Taylor doesn’t pay much attention to the holidays—until he receives a surprise present Four year old Piper is the daughter he never knew about andForget Noel Thompson has gotten her share of strange reuests in her career as an interior designer The call to design a beautiful home for Christmas is like a dream come true And that was before she met her new employer sexy and mysterious he’s everything she ever hoped Santa would bring her As Noel showers his home with holiday spirit Reed showers Piper with love And the busy life he’s created for himself no lon. 5 ‘I Love You Both’ StarsAwwww Wonder With Me is the PERFECT Christmasy read Single dad romance meets the heart warming of Holiday spirits Kristen Proby managed in this novella to check all my ‘holiday romance’ loving heart’s boxes Perfect feel good love storyNoel comes Reed’s rescue in a interior design emergency Reed wants everything perfect for his recently discovered daughter’s first Christmas with him he just didn’t expect that the woman bringing his little girl’s holiday dreams to life would also be the the woman of HIS dreams of his futureI love a good ‘insta love’ holiday pumped love story and Ms Proby always manages to bring any setting to the most realistic sweet and sexy of reads Her magic touch was just the perfect wrapping for these two’s no angst fuzzy feeling and steamy hot fast paced romance I feel so deeply in love with Noel Reed and Piper so much so I wouldn’t change one single point in their storyThese 1001 Dark Nights are just the perfect holiday appetizer specially when Kristen Proby gives us even hints of one of my fav series With Me in Seatle By the way yay for Jules and Nate’s – ahhhh Nate drools cameoWonder with Me truly was the perfect holiday novella so much so that I’m now in such a holiday mood I want all the heart warming feel good holiday readsmovies Reed and Noel stole my heart and left me wanting to see them again and again and into their future Perhaps in the upcoming Dream With Me Fingers crossed 3 3 3 3 3“I love you So much that sometimes it hurts You’ve brought peace comfort and love to my house and I’m forever grateful”“The wonder I feel every time I’m with you It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever felt in my life” ARC kindly provided by the author via InkSlinger PR for an honest review For full review with Blog Tour check out the Blog posthttpgisspotreviewscomindexphp2

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Ger seems nearly as important as the one Noel is helping him build with his daughter But if he can’t convince his decorator to stay this could be the only year he feels the true wonder of the season Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story For new readers it’s an introduction to an author’s world And for fans it’s a bonus book in the author’s series We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do. Oh myALL THE FEELS Ready to take a trip back to the Seattle series world This Christmas novella has just the right amount of chemistry and swoon worthy moments that you'll be hooked from beginning to end just like me Reed is a workaholic playboy that is until his world is turned upside down by a 4 year old little girl Noel has no time for a personal life with her business taking off that is until Reed hires her to decorate his new home These two are nothing short of perfection and Piper will have your heart melt with her cuteness Prepare to fall in love again and again with another incredible couple from the With me in Seattle series

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Wonder With Me With Me In Seattle #12 5From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby comes a new story in her With Me In Seattle series Reed Taylor doesn’t pay much attention to the holidays until he receives a surprise present Four year old Piper is the daughter he never knew about and with the death of her mother is also now the roommate he never expected He’s determined to make their first Christmas together one she’ll never. 3 12 Insta love Christmas style StarsWell I finished this book yesterday but I couldn't decide how I felt about it I have two reactions 1 Aww that was so sweet and sexy Noel what a great name for the MC of a Christmas novella was sweet and sassy funny smart confident and talented I liked her Reed was sexy sweet take charge alpha male who knows and goes after what who in this case he wants and as it turns out knows how to say I'm sorry And meant it He's also a really great father Especially under the circumstances Piper his daughter was simply adorable I do love the single parent trope That is life is great everyone is beautiful the glass is half full Stacie talking uestion everything pessimistic slow to trust glass is half empty Stacie had this to say2 Wow Run Noel This dude is probably psycho He was too in your personal space after literally a matter of minutes He's crazy possessive and bossy Just pops up out of the blue unexpectedly and has uite a temper Goes off for no good reason then comes back and apologizes RUUUUNNNNNNNI'm generally a glass half full kind of gal but those not so desirable traits did pop into my head about Reed while I was reading this story Now I do get it We only have a hundred pages or so to tell this story so it's uite insta everything and we've got to express a variety of emotions and character traits That could certainly explain some stuff But again the cray cray did enter my mind If this was a different type of story Reed would be so very suspectSo to end this ramble on a positive note glass half full There were some very sweet and traditional Christmassy things happening Piper was the cutest little girl We catch up with characters from a previous book Reed and Noel did have some uite romantic times some good conversations and some really sexy moments I do think that was supposed to be the idea I love KP books in general This one follows along the sweet sexy big familyfriends line of the others in the With Me in Seattle series I'm going to go with I liked it Happy reading