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PDF ☆ BOOK Allies By Alan Gratz ½ A New York Times bestsellerAlan Gratz bestselling author of Refugee weaves a stunning array of voices and stories into an epic tale of teamwork in the face of tyranny and how just one day can change the worldJune 6 1944 The Nazis are terrorizing Europe on their evil uest to conuer the world The only way to stop thA New York Times bestsellerAlan Gratz bestselling author of Refugee weaves a stunning array of voices and stories into an epic tale of teamwork in the face of tyranny and how just one day can change the worldJune 6 1944 The Nazis are terrorizing Europe on their evil uest to conuer the world The only way to stop them? The biggest most top secret operation Having done several previous successful junior novels about World War II Alan Gratz released Allies in 2019 taking us into the heat of battle on June 6 1944 at Normandy Through the eyes of a cast of characters ranging from civilians to soldiers spies to medics we witness the twenty four hours that turned the tide of war against Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany The story begins with Dee Carpenter his boisterous friend Sid Jacobstein and their brigade of fellow American soldiers traveling by boat to Normandy Dee and Sid are antsy to plunge into the action and punish some Nazis but Dee has a secret his real name is Dietrich Zimmerman a born and raised German His parents uncomfortable with the Führer's ethnic nationalism left Germany for the United States when Dee was five years old Now sixteen he enlisted in the US military under an assumed name hoping his comrades won't discover his origins Would any of them regard him as an ally if they find out he's a kraut? In a uiet village of German occupied France eleven year old Samira Zidane and her mother are on a mission for the French Resistance Algerian by nationality they hope to oust Hitler so they can concentrate on earning Algeria's independence from France after the war Samira's father is dead a victim of the Führer's backlash against political dissenters but Samira and her mother's defiance of Nazi tyranny burns brighter than ever Samira suddenly faces the prospect of losing a second parent when German soldiers abduct her mother planning to execute her as part of a mass punitive gleaning at the commune of Bayeux Frantic Samira teams up with a network of anti Nazi forces to stymie the Germans until the Allies attack Normandy She can only pray her mother won't be another casualty in the war against fascism Every few chapters the narrative shifts between points of view as Allies and allies band together against the German war machine There's nineteen year old Lance Corporal James McKay of Canada a parachuter about to leap from a plane into Nazi territory He and his Cree Indian friend Sam Tremblay know they likely won't survive D Day but they refuse to let Naziism spread across the Atlantic to Canada not while they're alive to oppose it An extended portion of Allies chronicles their adventure after parachuting into Germany as support troops for the Normandy invasion Elsewhere we meet Private Bill Richards a nineteen year old ready to storm the beaches as part of a company of Sherman tanks Bill's tank is the Achilles a vehicle designed for modern warfare but Bill has all he can handle once he emerges at Normandy into the spray of German gunfire Bill's ultimate goal is to make it to Bayeux where his father carved his own name into a rock as a soldier in World War I but what are the odds that Bill will survive to do the same? Another courageous American we meet is Corporal Henry Allen a medic who can't rest for a moment once the surge at Normandy commences and Allied bodies start to fall Henry faced plenty of discrimination back home because he's a young black man but even racist soldiers are thrilled to accept his help if they've been shot Countless lives are saved by Henry on this fateful day Omaha Beach where many American soldiers landed at Normandy is a failed maneuver Approximately 2000 are killed The evening of June 6 after the fighting is over thirteen year old Moniue Marchand comes for a closer look She can't bring herself to leave the scene as hordes of Allied soldiers writhe in agony on the beach with too few medics for them all Aided by American journalist Dorothy Powell Moniue ministers to the tortured young men forgoing rest and nourishment to save as many as possible Moniue wants to be a nurse or doctor when she grows up and tending the wounded at Normandy is a severe test of her commitment The lives of all these main characters intersect for prolonged periods or fleeting interactions that will barely be remembered but the story circles back to where it began with Dee and Sid their lives now dramatically different than before the day's tribulation at Normandy If the world is saved from Hitler will other problems fade too or is life always defined by hardships? The young people who survive D Day have decades to mull over these uestions in a world almost ready to begin recovering from one of the most traumatic periods in human history Much of Allies takes place on the front lines of war but the effect is surprisingly subdued I never felt immersed as though I were experiencing combat in person; it felt like a story retold at a great distance More comfortable yes but Allies is less memorable for its lack of intensity Even main characters die though so nobody in the story is safe; military combat is a melee of randomness We see this reality in Dee's thoughts as he prepares to dash through a hazard zone praying that German guns won't fire on him Who lived through this hell and who died and why? Was it veteran experience? Divine providence? Dumb luck? There's virtually no order to be discerned from individual outcomes of soldiers in battle and surviving to resume civilian life often is a mixed blessing I would consider rating Allies two and a half stars; I prefer a visceral war experience—akin to Walter Dean Myers's 1988 YA novel Fallen Angels—but Alan Gratz's writing is smooth and moves at a good clip It may be just what the doctor ordered for a preteen boy reluctant to engage with literature

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Ever with the Allied nations coming together to storm German occupied FranceWelcome to D DayDee a young US soldier is on a boat racing toward the French coast And Dee along with his brothers in arms is terrified He feels the weight of World War II on his shouldersBut Dee is not alone Behind enemy lines in France a girl named Samira works as a spy trying t Can one day one 24 hour period effect the course of the entire world? With this historical fiction book about the events of of June 6 1944 Alan Gratz answers that uestion He introduces four main young adult characters from very different backgrounds but all with the same goal; to defeat the Nazis at all costs Their stories of the responsibilities they take upon themselves on D Day are woven together with the themes of loyalty and courage in the midst of horrific eventsI think this book belongs in every middle grade and YA history classroom The intended audience is middle grade but many of the characters are young adult age Boys and girls alike will be drawn to this book because of how the author shows throughout that young people can make a great difference in their worldI’ve read many books about D Day and this was one of the very best I learned many fascinating things that I had not heard about before such as “If Day” The author’s notes at the end were very helpful in extinguishing the factual events from the fictionMemorable uotesPg 132 “Nobody should have to live like this under the boot of Nazi rule anywhere in the world James thought A deep freeing calm came over James and suddenly he understood why he was here He was going to keep fighting the Nazis as hard as he could until all of France was liberated And then he was going to move on to free Belgium and the Netherlands and everywhere else the Nazis had conuered He was going to free every last country where If Day had come horribly trueBut he couldn’t do it alone”

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Allies By Alan GraO sabotage the German army Meanwhile paratrooper James leaps from his plane to join a daring midnight raid And in the thick of battle Henry a medic searches for lives to saveIn a breathtaking race against time they all must fight to complete their high stakes missions But with betrayals and deadly risks at every turn can the Allies do what it takes to win Beginning just before dawn on June 6th 1944 and ending close to midnight on the same day Gratz weaves together six unrelated perspectives that bring the D Day landings to life in all its chaotic grim realityPrivate Dee Carpenter is a 16 year old who lied about his age to get into the Army but since they needed soldiers the Army looked the other way Dee and Sid Jacobstein became friends right from the start in boot camp But Dee wonders what Sid a Jewish American would think if he found out Dee's truthSamira Zidane 11 and her mother Kenza are French Algerians working in the French Resistance Six hours before the invasion begins mother and daughter are on their way to deliver an important message about the invasion to the Resistance when Kenza is arrested and taken into custody by the Nazis Samira delivers the message and is determined to find and help her mother escape her captorsJames McKay 19 and Sam Tremblay a Cree Indian are in the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion and about to jump into the midst of the invasion James decided to join the army after his home town of Winnipeg staged a mock Nazi invasion Now though he is wondering what he is doing parachuting into France on D Day His pal Sam despite being promoted to Lance Corporal still faces insults and microaggressions as a First Person from the other men who are whiteBill Richards 19 from Liverpool England is a Private in the Royal Dragoons and a tank driver just like his dad was in WWI Bill was named after and is obsessed with William the Conuerer and determined to get to get to Bayeux France to see the famous Bayeux Tapestry But he was also obsessed with getting to Amiens France where his father had carved Jack Richards was here 1918 on a stone and Bill was determined to add his name underneathCorporal Henry Allen 20 is an African American medic in the 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion And even though the United States military is segregated Henry is on Omaha Beach risking his life dodging bullets and racist comments to save the lives of the mostly white soldiers shot and injured as the D Day landings happenMoniue Marchand a 13 year old French girl with an interest in medicine was swimming with friends on Normandy Beach the day before the D Day and ended up in the swimming hut on the beach during the invasion because of a forgotten bathing suit When she notices an injured soldier she leaves the hut to help him and that's when she meets Dorothy Powell an American journalist for Collier's Magazine there to write about the invasionThere's not much to say about this incredible book without giving too much away Some of the people will live to see the end of the day others won't but all contribute to giving a broad view of this important day and what it was like And Gratz doesn't hold back so just know this is not a book for the faint at heartOne of the things I really liked was how Gratz divided the day into the names of different operations He explains in the back matter that some of the operation names are real and some he made up to fit the story Either way it gives the reader a real sense of time passing and what might have happened But be sure to read the Back Matter where you will find so much informationGratz also includes a map to give readers a sense of place since some of the landing units ended up in the wrong beach in all the chaosWOW Allies is a great work of historical fiction by a great storyteller I found myself spellbound from the first word of Allies to the last but then again I had the same experience with Gratz's other books namely Prisoner 1065 Refugee and GrenadeThis book is recommended for readers age 9Thank you Scholastic Press for providing me with a copy of this book