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There is a Wild Man who lives in the deep uiet of Greenhollow and he listens to the wood Tobias tethered to the forest does not dwell on his past life but he lives a perfectly unremarkable existence with hi Novellas are tricky Developing a world and a story in a hundred ish pages is not an easy task unless you want to end up with either an overbloated short story or an underdeveloped anemic novel You need just a right amount of story and plot that is both large and small enough to inhabit the short ish length and just enough exposition to create but not overwhelm the atmosphere Silver in the Wood was enchanting and atmospheric and not a bad way for a new writer to show off her writing chops as she tells the story of a 400 year old Wild Man in the Greenhollow Forest guarding both the forest and the people around it; existing somewhere in the space between human and not uite human any protected by a bramble dryad easily falling into the slow green forest time and keeping guard against the old fae evil “Slow and green he felt the life of it the life that had been his life as well these four centuries past It poured around him thick and steady binding all together the long patient strength of the trees that anchored the deep bright power of the handful of dryads—Tobias felt Bramble clear as day among them young and strong—and then the small and necessary the bracken and ferns the mosses and mushrooms Here were the songbirds and ravens and solemn wide winged owls shy deer and burrowing rabbits fox and badger and snake beetles and moths and midges all the things that were the wood that lived each in their own way under the shelter of the old oak” The atmosphere is set well in a slow fairytale like narration that gives a feel of a few hundred years spent in green forest time a part of the slow and barely changing world of trees and brambles and eternal green fairytale existing outside of the changing world around with ever present melancholy loneliness all around Tobias And that is where the strength of the story lies “He thought of four hundred years repairing and re repairing that roof; of scrubbing out the floors fixing the doors and shutters planting and replanting his little garden Four hundred years while his cottage grew around him like a tree growing its rings; Pearl’s mother and grandmother and great great great grandmother all the way back to the cat who’d ambled around Greenhallow Hall when Fabian had been its master; four hundred years of the wood and barely a soul passing through the whole time” But the world around Tobias’ wood keeps going with the alternate world Industrial Revolution in its swing and one day he meets young Henry Silver a persistent and curious folklorist and a son of a “practical folklorist” mother and a tentative friendship with the undertones of subtle and cautious romance eventually follows And the ancient fae evil takes notice And with all that the novella stumbles a bit The story needs room to breathe and for the stakes to feel higher needs a bit investment in the background story of Fabian and the uick one page summary of Tobias’ adventures outside of the wood feels exactly like what it’s meant to be a uick way to say “a year later” — but also a bit of a cop out that makes you wish for a novel unconstrained by such short length to allow the characters to grow and develop ”The world was far bigger than Tobias remembered from four centuries ago It was bigger than he had ever known and he was living in it He had thought himself a thing uprooted like the great oak ready to begin his death” Whatever it is is needs just a bit More to complement the atmosphere and the loneliness and the longing More to make it feel complete More to add to the beautiful writingApparently it is a duology and I’m curious to see what the second part brings new adventures or the look into Tobias’ past or maybe fill in the Silver less year I wonder what the full story will be like and whether it will bring the feeling of completeness and development that this one is lacking a bit It left me therefore eually captivated and unsatisfied a strange combination Dripping with potential and full of gorgeous writing and imagery uiet and sweet but dark at the edges — and a bit short on the plot and character development but still lush and green and lovely ” he felt himself for a moment as the stump of a rotten old tree putting up thin green shoots at strange new angles” 35 stars I may round it up eventually depending on how the second story in the duology plays out

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Silver in the WoodS cottage his cat and his dryadsWhen Greenhollow Hall acuires a handsome intensely curious new owner in Henry Silver everything changes Old secrets better left buried are dug up and Tobias is forced to reck A sweet shortish mm fantasy romance novella with a folklore ish background Fans of T Kingfisher will like this though it doesn't uite have the bite under the kindness that makes Kingfisher exceptional It's a very nice read though I have to admit the cover and publisher primed me to expect something a lot darker and stranger so I felt slightly off the mark throughout which is my problem rather than the book's The cover is stunning mind

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kindle ☆ Silver in the Wood × Kindle Edition read ´ randarenewables ✓ There is a Wild Man who lives in the deep uiet of Greenhollow and he listens to the wood Tobias tethered to the forest does not dwell on his past life but he lives a perfectly unremarkable existence with his cottage hisOn with his troubled past both the green magic of the woods and the dark things that rest in its heartAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applie Silver in the Wood is a lyrical forest fairy tale; a ueer love story at a little over 100 pages Prepare to be transported into a magical realm of beautiful forest where you will fall in love experience genuine kindness and personality It's a magical blend of fantasy elements and folklore featuring forgotten godsThe pages are filled with a particular dark and gritty undertone that tell a story of death rebirth and transcendence I couldn't shake the overwhelming sadness that chased me throughout the pages and continued to haunt my thoughts days later I often have trouble connecting to stories that are this short However Emily Tesh is talented at evoking emotion and transporting the reader directly into the story with very few words Take this line for example At once slow deep green rolled over him He took a breath and another smelling old rotting leaves and healthy growth and autumn light He felt almost as though he could have planted his feet and become a tree himself a strong oak reaching up to the sky brother of the old oak who ruled the wood I became spellbound waiting through the days in nights out alongside Tobias The ending was fitting and along the lines of acceptance and reinventing oneself I am thrilled that we are getting a seuel because this is character driven and I loved Tobias and Henry including the cat Pearl