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Read & Download For the Love of a Woman ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ In a world where oil is supreme passions run high and there is always the threat of civil war It is a world where men rule like kings but one of its masters Raisa Andieta is a womanCarolyn Stenbeck doesn't understand this world She is just trying to kIke kings but one of its masters Raisa Andieta is a womanCarolyn Stenbeck doesn't understand this world She is just trying t. My lack of love for this book most likely comes from my own issues with the subject matter and not the book itself if that makes sense I just have never been a fan of what I think of as hate masuerading as love romance I had little patience for either of the two main characters and how they treat each other nor did I care for the underlying violence of many of the 'love scenes' I know I must sound like a major fuddy duddy but this is my gut reaction to For the Love of a Woman one the most inaccurately titled novels if ever there was one

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In a world where oil is supreme passions run high and there is always the threat of civil war It is a world where men rule l. No thanksi didn't make it very far in this book but i hated it one of the main characters was an aggressive pushy spoiled brat who was way too forceful in her pursuit for the other character who was married so i ended up not liking any of the characters a cheater and a arsehole not my ideal book at all

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For the Love of a WomanO keep her marriage together But a storm is brewing Civil war is in the air and passion like the coming storm will soon erup. First of all I must say that story’s that contain adultery are not my favoriteBut with this book it didn't bother me that much This had to do with the fact that I constantly rooted for Raise and Carolyn to be together If you read a lot of books this one will stick out First of all because it’s so good secondly because it’s hard to forget this roller coaster of emotions And finally because for me it was the first time a love story wasn't all sweet and mushy Don’t get me wrong I like sweet and tender lovestory’s and this book also contained these romantic moments But the build up between these two extraordinary woman was really something else There was a lot of anger aggression lust possessiveness and a lot of passion Having said that makes it clear that this isn't you're normal lovestory about “girl meets girl – they fall in love – live happy ever after” The rest of my review will contain spoilers so if you haven't read it be prepared for some spoilersview spoilerBut I think that’s the reason I liked it so much Especially the possessive and daring nature of Raisa A woman with a lot of power She is used to getting her way She takes what she wants without asking She treads woman like object just using them but never really needing them That is until she meets Carolyn A married woman with a son For the first time in her life Raisa has met her match This woman isn't afraid of her and is not afraid to say no or even give her some of her own medicine This clash of personality's is wonderful to witness Both woman aren't willing to back down It wasn't all that surprising that the first kiss contain a little aggression and some face slapping but this made it the most unusual but definitely hottest first kiss When the relationship between these woman evolves there are of these intense moments The words passion lust love pain and need are some that describe what these woman feel Yup a real roller coaster ride but I loved every moment of it The only minor critical points that I have are The bad editing Sometimes the structure of the sentences just doesn't sound right A lot of spelling faultsThe background story didn't really appeal to me It was a political one containing student riots and a Venezuela that didn't provide enough safety for it’s citizens But fortunately the secondary story never overshadowed the lovestory So it wasn't a problem for meAlthough the author did a brilliant job in creating real the chemistry between Raisa and Carolyn I missed some explicitness in the lovesex scenes They are written beautifully but she never describes what really happens Of course we can use our imagination but with this book I needed to read it on the page Especially with the possessive and aggressive nature of Raise that could have been a very interesting base to explore this from a sexual view I would have love to read how Coralyn inspired Raisa to be a very tender and loving woman The author describes them making love after only experienced a few explosive encounters Well I for one would have wanted a explicit description of this love making between themAs an epilogue there really isn't one I would have liked a chapter on their future life But hey that's just meI would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read about passion and real love Because this story was a beautiful example of Love conuers all hide spoiler