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review Most Interesting Man in the World ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ê Charles Bingley is a man who relies on Darcy’s judgment in all things yet understands very little of it at least when Darcy is speaking Greek to a horse who only understands Latin or staring at the uick witted sister of his own angelic Jane BennetOus kind and always hungry Bingley sheds a little light on keeping company with the most interesting man in the world and shares his thoughts on puppies his dreadful sisters and the meaning of happine. Blasted brandy Sweet nectar with the most damnable conseuencesThat headline uote occurs fairly late in the book but it perfectly sums up the contentsTold from Charles Horatio Bingley’s viewpoint this short book recaps the major events in canon Pride Prejudice including but not limited to Bingley’s hero worship of his taller wealthier better educated best friend From the cleft in the chin of Fitzwilliam Tiberius Darcy to the soles of the man’s finest Hessians Bingley expresses his admirationBingley reuires only seven scenes to tell the complete story of his love for Jane Bennet as well as Darcy’s convoluted romance with her sister Most of the scenes end with Bingley needing aid to reach his bedchamberI loved Bingley poor confused soul and Colonel call me Archie Fitzwilliam and of course I loved Darcy in spite of himself I was even fond of the Gorgonzola sisters but that might be because we don’t hear them speak except in Bingley’s headFive Stars all the wayThere's the wonderful love of a beautiful maid And the love of a staunch true man And the love a baby that's unafraid –All have existed since time began But the most wonderful love the Love of all loves Greater than the love of a child for its Mother Is the infinite tender and passionate love Of one drunken bum for another – Irish Ballad

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Charles Bingley is a man who relies on Darcy’s judgment in all things yet understands very little of it at least when Darcy is speaking Greek to a horse who only understands Latin or staring at the. There is a lot of brandy drinking going on in this funny variation of PP told from Charles Horatio Bingley's POV The events are the same but we are not witness to any scenes in which Bingley was not present He has Darcy on a pedestal until Darcy reveals his part in separating Bingley from JaneBingley's interpretation of things Fitzwilliam Tiberius Darcy says or does is uite amusing And then there is Hurst in the background making remarks about how he views what is said or done For example we have remarks about the parry and thrust of verbal sparring that goes on between Elizabeth and Darcy and somehow a sexual connotation is thought of Speaking of the latter as the wedding approaches Bingley wants instructions about what goes wherecan you imagine The Colonel Archie in this tale seems to have the most experience and he finds a way to make a joke about it with a tart Bingley's character seems to have uite an appetite talking about food here and comes off as the glutton than some stories make Hurst out to be And then he waves his food and drink around and makes messes for the servants to clean upYou will laugh at how Bingley errs in his knowledge of the names of various Greek or Roman figures or even Shakespeare's tales but the funniest is how he just cannot get Lady Catherine's name straight time and againThere are thoughts about heat rashes and creams baths and smells etc So we are reading about uite a gambit of thoughts in Bingley's headThis was a pleasant and very amusing variation I recommend it as a interesting and different view of a favorite story One does need to know PP however in order to understand it all

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Most Interesting Man in the WorldUick witted sister of his own angelic Jane Bennet What was happening behind the scenes at Netherfield Pemberley and Darcy House and just what did those men talk about over billiards and brandy A gener. Review published at Most Interesting Man in the World is the type of book I would normally disregard but I was in the mood for something short and entertaining so I decided to go for it and it just blew my mindI never thought I would love this book so much but it is definitely unforgettable and a story I recommend to everyone even to those who like me have no great affection for Mr BingleyThis novella is entirely told from Mr Bingley’s POV and not only is the reader privy to Mr Bingley’s version of events in Pride and Prejudice but also to every single thought that goes through Bingley’s mind and I grant you there is nothing entertaining than that The reader is inside Bingley’s brain the entire time and his brain is the messier yet funnier place there is He cannot focus on one single subject for too long and is often too entrapped in his own thoughts to understand what is going on around him that makes him goofy but sweet and funny We realise why Jane is so appealing to him and that as expected there isn’t one mean bone in his body even if he detests his sisters company but then again who doesn’t rightYou’ve probably realized this by now but this isn’t a romance at all it is like a bromance Mr Bingley worships Mr Darcy who is in his eyes the most interesting intelligent and perfect man in the world Bingley’s fascination is incredibly funny and I laughed out loud times than I can count with everything that was going on in his mind especially when he started thinking about Darcy’s ability to speak greekThe Most Interesting Man in the World is an incredibly diverting and well written novella that will entertain all readers who love Pride and Prejudice Because it only tells events where Mr Bingley is present the reader must have some knowledge of the story but those familiar with Austen’s masterpiece will go on an unforgettable ride with this book I highly recommend it it is too funny to be missed Seriously too funny to be missed