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Read & Download Tagebuch eines Verzweifelten ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ë Friedrich Reck Malleczewen a Prussian aristocrat began a secret diary in May 1936 which describes how a psychosis enveloped an entire society enabling Hitler's rise to power and the Nazi regime His insider observations are set down witIme His insider observations are set down with passion with outrage and almost unbearable sadne. I came upon this extraordinary book while browsing in the library having never heard of it Reck writes in horrified apocalyptic tones of Nazi Germany from 1936 to 1944 In almost every other situation his pronouncements would seem hyperbolic and melodramatic; in context they seem terribly appropriate From the beginning of the book Reck utterly condemns everything about the Nazis and foretells a Second World War which will bring catastrophe to Germany Indeed he invites it as the only way to bring down the Nazis What makes his account especially striking is that he is a self proclaimed aristocrat and conservative not necessarily the type to support the Nazis but not someone you would expect to hate them so completely and consistently either Reck’s analysis of the social and political situation in Germany at the time is thus unusual and fascinating to read He rails against nationalism which he claims began with the French Revolution and industrial technology which he states has brought political disaster to Germany since 1848 His moving and powerful prognostications of apocalyptic doom are interspersed with anecdotes apparently of varying reliability The strict letter of what says is much less important however that the overall atmosphere of a country gone horribly wrong As the excellent afterword puts it Yet what strikes the reader about ‘Diary of a Man in Despair’ are neither the occasional and perhaps inevitably errors and exaggerations nor the pseudo aristocratic pseudo military pretensions of its author but the unflinching honesty and growing anger of the writer as he confronts a world seemingly gone mad a world in which the standards and values of the civilisation in which he believes so deeply are being trampled on every level It throws up a troubling uestion that remains impossible to answer If Reck could see so clearly that the Third Reich was plunging Germany into a maelstrom of crime and degradation why did hardly any other Germans share his clarity of visionReck’s conservative upper class perspective is also nuanced than might be expected He doesn’t see Hitler as a demagogue who appeals to the worse off rather he praises the workers and condemns ‘mass man’ who appear to be composed of urban petty bourgeoisie His writing style is vivid and memorable sprinkled with such phrases as ‘I only know people who would rather weep with God than laugh with Satan’ Reck freuently uses imagery of the devil and demons but comments firmly that this is figurative and humanity has no one to blame but ourselves I found his dissections of nationalism chilling as it reappears across Europe in the 21st century He defines it like this ‘Nationalism a state of mine in which you do not love your own country as much as you hate somebody else’s’ I was also struck by his uestioning of how nationalism appears as a contradiction to globalised capitalismIs such a symbiosis of autarchy and technology even possible Doesn’t technology itself mix different peoples and standardise their tastes and reuirements What is the point of building an auto to go two hundred kilometres an hour when after an hour’s drive you come to a border post where a full bearded Teuton waggles a threatening finger as he forbids further travel as ‘contrary to the interests of the government’Sadly Brexit makes these uestions all too relevant seventy six years after Reck wrote them That is perhaps what makes the book truly extraordinary Reck writes as if with miraculous hindsight and his analyses still have relevance today The man himself perished in Dachau concentration camp in 1945 less than three months before the end of the Second World War His writing deservedly lives on

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Friedrich Reck Malleczewen a Prussian aristocrat began a secret diary in May 1936 which describ. Essential peri WWII reading discovered thanks to one of those readers also enjoyed recommendations on GR's upper right margin I was like hey that sounds like a catchy title an uplifting romp to help me through the recent extreme Arctic freeze GR was ultimately right I liked this a good deal this journal of a country's suicide a document that every Fox News aficionado and anyone who self IDs as deplorable should have forcibly uploaded into them to debug their corrupted systems of morality yesterday morning in a Philadelphia parking garage I saw a huge deplorable sticker aggressively rendering the word in proud script across a pickup's back window Translated by Paul Rubens I also liked imagining that it was rendered from the original German into an active erudite often angry and always flowing English by Pee Wee Herman An aristocratic conservative monarchistic gentleman writer who lives on an estate in an idyllic valley in a 600 year old Gothic house bitterly opposes the Nazis in part because they're petty thief louts This is worth it for the portraits of his three encounters with Hitler particularly the early one where Hitler is wearing a wide brimmed hat and is accompanied by a collie rants a lot in some aristocrat's house and then when he leaves the host casually opens the windows to let in some fresh air to spiritually clear the room Hitler is presented as a low life psychopath from the beginning a man whose doughy face wouldn't have even been respected by servants in the late 1890s Yet still women scoop and eat the gravel on which he's walked I could go on and on listing striking images and insights Interesting that at no point does he mention the Holocaust although he does witness antisemitism and mentions hearing about the machine gunning of 50000 Jews He's mostly isolated from the war really and receives it via rumor and the radio often unwanted official visitors and the sound of distant bombs and the occasional shot down bomber falling to the ground like a leaf in autumn The descriptions of the American bombing of Hamburg with a rain of phosphorous burning and shrinking civilians 200000 purportedly dead and the city flattened deliver exactly the sort of perverse pleasure I derive from reading these accounts the prose elevates as it relays absolute satanic horror and attains the highest levels of heft and lesson but also so often achieves a sort of magic as the text disappears replaced by a vision of the worst possible world Bosch landscapes superimposed over what only recently had been perfectly civilized civilization The key impression is erudition and anger The author is insightful knowledgeable educated moral and always takes a long view of the present seeing it from the perspective of the world of yesterday and a future in which the Nazis receive what's coming to them He understands that the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice For the author the Kaiser and the fallen monarchy are his Obama; the Nazis are his Trump This is of course valuable now for its parallels The lying is most striking how they twist the truth at all times how both Hitler and Trump seem like psychopaths addicted to screens movies for Adolph Fox News for Trump how they both are essentially puppets of industrialistsfinanciers behind the scenes and harnessed lower middle class fear and anger and nationalism to gain power and enrich themselves ultimately at great cost to the soul of their countries I'm hopeful that the parallel ends before ultimately Here's a bit worth re typing It does sometimes happen that a would be great man is allowed to toy with the levers of the gigantic machinery of history But suddenly the wheels begin to move faster and faster and he is thrown into the machinery and crushed A miserable hysteric may play Alexander the Great before t

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Tagebuch eines VerzweifeltenEs how a psychosis enveloped an entire society enabling Hitler's rise to power and the Nazi reg. An interesting document and worth spending some hours with despite my 3 stars The book consists largely of a rant but a principled and entirely rational arch conservative confronted at first hand with the utter madness of the Nazi regime Reck lived in 'inner emigration' but ended up dying in Dachau An honest man a writer of well known childrens' books in a work gone berserk