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Savage HungerIm I have every reason to hate him but I can’t I still love him and I fear he will save me just to leave me bleeding one last time He stirs my desires a dark delicious and dangerous man destined to hurt me and leave me This time I’m not sure I'll survive. I definitely have a lovehate relationship with Lisa Renee Jones I love her writing style I love the way she weaves a story I love her character building I hate the cliffhanger at the end of Savage Hunger I hate the fact that I loved the cliffhanger at the end of Savage Hunger But most of all I hate that I have to wait How could youI have waited to see what LRJ was going to do with Savage He’s always been intriguing to me I always felt that his gruff exterior was hiding a teddy bear inside Granted a teddy bear that could probably rip your head off with one move but a softy nonetheless He’s proving me right and wrong and I am loving every time he comes off with one of his off the wall remarks or tries to shut down his “team” I love how he goes from hard to soft how he could love one moment and threaten to kill anyone who stands in his way of his goal the next I love how much he loves his CandyIf anyone deserves to be angry have hatred run through her blood it’s Candace She was ruined by Rick Savage and now she has no other choice but to trust him again All she knows is that he left her he broke her and left her to pick up the pieces All she knew was what was in the Dear Candace letter he wrote her But now she knows the whole story and despite everything she loves him Just as much as she did 8 years ago Things are complicated and being made complex with the she finds out about Rick about Gabriel about her father She knows where she belongs She knows who she loves Now to figure out how to get Rick to understand that she doesn’t think he’s a killer and get out of the mess that she’s inLove It That’s the only thing to say about Savage Hunger I have loved every one of LRJ’s series but this may be my favorite I guess because I have been looking forward to seeing the true Rick Savage for so long And she isn’t disappointing me in the least The story is exciting interesting intriguing and so very Rick Savage – brash and hot Lisa Renee Jones hit it out of the park with Savage Hunger Now she needs to get me Savage Burn ASAP I need to know Review copy provided for a voluntary review

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Savage Hunger review Ú 103 ✓ The first book in a new savagely intense trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones Rick Savage but they call him Savage and for a reason He can make you laugh and then rip your heart out No one knows that than me Candace Marks the woman he left bleeding from the heart I loved him Lord help me I’ve neThe first book in a new savagely intense trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones Rick Savage but they call him Savage and for a reason He can make you laugh and then rip your heart out No one knows that than me Candace Marks the woman. WooHoo We finally have Savage I’ve been waiting for this book since I first met him and I am absolutely thrilled at what this author has created ’Killing and scowling rank high on my list of ways I prove that I’m charming’ Years ago Savage and Candace had a wonderful relationship that was everything to them both But something happened to cause Savage to never return from deployment and that decision broke both of their hearts Now he’s back in San Antonio and determined to protect the only woman he’s ever lovedWhile Savage is still snarky brutally honest and full throttle when it comes to taking care of business the situation he finds himself in doesn’t allow for much of the Savage humor we’ve come to expect from him Instead we see how he was initially broken what resulted in his uniue journey down life’s path and how deeply he feels towards Candace Even as he battles himself at times he’s in full alpha protection mode and I loved everything I learned about him ’I was a ing paid mercenary and she’s the angel that I have always known deserves better than the devil I’ve become But devil that I am I can’t seem to care any Not after I tasted her again Not after I touched her again I have to have her She will be mine again’ This book sets up a wonderfully twisted mysterious plot that Savage and Candace as well as some of the Walker Security characters must unravel uickly The bad guy is pretty obvious but this author is known to throw in a few surprises so I’m not holding fast to any of my current conjectures With a relatively fast pace lots of drama caused by both Savage and Candace’s relationship issues as well as the mystery they are working on this book kept me completely engaged and unable to put it down The steam absolutely sizzles between these two characters and there was never a doubt that they belonged together How they find their happy ever after is going to be interesting and with a cliffhanger that had me cursing the author I’m antsy to get the next installment asap Dual POVSafe view spoiler8 yrs separation both hH with others during that time; h is engaged but there are some extreme extenuating circumstances surrounding the engagement therefore I was okay with the fact that she has sex with H during this time her fiancee is also cheating on her but she does not have any feelings for him hide spoiler

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He left bleeding from the heart I loved him Lord help me I’ve never stopped loving him Now I’m engaged to another man a brutal man I’m trapped into marrying when to my shock Savage returns home Savage who I haven't heard from in years I want to hate h. Savage is just sooooo yummy Big cliffy in this one If you have followed my reviews for a while you know I am in love with this author and her amazing stories This new series is going to be the death of me I can already tell Just the cover alone stirs my heart stringsSavage is a rough and tough hard ass guy but when we get to meet him he is a a big ol’ softy But only for his true love CandaceThere was no lead in to his feelings for her It was just there – Boom He is head over heels for her But all is not well in the relationship department See Savage has broken her heart and has a lot of work to do Not to mention protect her tooSavage Hunger is dripping with heat and passion that only Jones can do in her special way Raw and in your face these two together burn the pages up So much fire and passion lives in this story you almost need a fan to chill outThis story is part of a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger I hated that part but just fell in deep for this opening book I cannot wait to see where the ueen of steaming romantic suspense will take us in the next installmentsMMMmmm Savage definitely lives up to his name Bring me Copy received for review considerationFull review