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When Lady Emily Fairfax comes face to face with a girl who looks just like her she thinks that she has seen a ghost It soon becomes clear however that Miss Ava Smith is no ghost but is actually Emily’s long lost twin sister Desperate to extricate herself from a loveless arranged marriage Emily persuades her twin to swap places with her for a month The plan is for Ava to stay in London and scupper Emily's engagement whilst Emily takes Ava's place as a governess in This is one of two books that tells the story of two sisters who were separated shortly after they were born A maruess's wife nearly died after giving birth to her only daughter The infant died that night and not wanting his wife to be broken hearted at the child’s passing he arranged for a servant to acuire a replacement infant from the seamier side of London The servant chose a not uite on the up and up orphanage where twin girls had just been born So the servant took one of them back to the maruess The first couple of chapters after this setup detailed the charmed life Lady Emily led Unfortunately her mother died; her mother's fondest wish had been that she marry a duke Of the two available young dukes one is a notorious London rake so her father in hopes of fulfilling her mother's desire sets her up to marry the other duke Lady Emily is not entirely pleased with this as it appears that the duke is only looking for a pedigreed broodmare One day she goes out shopping and happens upon a young woman who looks exactly like her They determine that they must be sisters Almost immediately Lady Emily hatches a scheme where they will trade lives for one month so she can escape marriage to the dukeWhat she doesn't know is that she's going to be sent to the home of the other duke The Duke of Hemsworth was given the charge of two young children after their parents Lord and Lady Dunstable died in a carriage accident; he was best friends with their father Ava the sister who had grown up in poverty had contracted to become his wards’ governess Lady Emily takes her place going to Kent to fulfill her sister's obligationsRobert the duke and Lady Emily as Ava nearly collide in the road as she approaches his ducal seat They both have a flash of attraction of course but he not only has just taken a vow of celibacy after a rather tawdry split from his most recent mistress but he is also aware that he shouldn't allow romantic feelings for his wards’ governess How will this all play out Will he be able to keep his feelings and inappropriate thoughts in check or will they grow Will Lady Emily tell him that she is not Ava but nobility herself What are the strange things that seem to be happening around the house Is someone trying to poison James the young Lord Dunstable the duke’s ward What's going on with the wards’ much older brother and uncleAs you might be able to tell this is a rather complicated story with multiple plotlines The author actually did an excellent job of juggling them I found it interesting that she actually made the duke a true rake uite often in these Regency tales a gentleman who is said to be a rake merely is just a misunderstood young man either by his design or by society’s incorrect judgment Not in this case In fact the first chapter told from the duke’s perspective shows the roguish character the man is as he grapples with the image of the man he wants to be Even though he wants to improve he still definitely has moments where that rake comes through and it is very well done and uite amusingI thought that the setup for the premise of the book was rushed The two young women meet and uestion each other a little bit and then immediately decide that they have to be sisters Not only does that seem improbable but then they decide instantly to do Lady Emily's swap scheme It was just too neat tidy and convenient The book also felt rushed in the end both in finding out what happened to the other sister as well as resolving Lady Emily’s plotlineAside from the issue of the rushed setup and end the story itself was uite engaging The wards James and Cressida are delightful James with his sweetness and Cressida with her reticence yet longing for connection The duke is at his best too when he is trying to learn how to be a proper guardian to these two lost young SoulsThe book has an alarming number of issues with grammar punctuation and usage Punctuation was particularly problematic Commas were not only misused in the usual ways; they are also misused in new and creative ways Sometimes they were improperly placed so that they chopped up a sentence and hindered meaning Multiple times they were improperly used in dialogue including at the end of an action near dialogue that wasn't a dialogue tag as well as improperly bracketing a dialogue tagaction between two complete sentences of dialogue Capitalization in uotes was often wrong as well Semicolons too were randomly thrown into the work when a comma should have been used Sometimes spaces were forgotten between a comma and the next word Occasionally too there was a misspelling or wrong word; even one of the character's name was misspelled This disregard of punctuation in particular was really uite distractingThe story itself was complex and enjoyable I just wish I wasn't so distracted by all of the errorsI received a free advance copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review

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The Dukes Governess in Disguise Fairfax Twins #2New governess Miss Ava Smith Knowing that he can never make a commoner his bride Rob tries to push his attraction to Miss Smith aside but despite his best efforts sparks soon begin to fly between the pair Their burgeoning romance is dramatically interrupted however when it becomes clear that a mysterious someone is seeking to hurt both Rob and the children Can Rob discover who the villain is before they harm his wards Moreover can he resist his enchanting governes Not well written at all Very disappointed in the author’s continued word for word repetition There were entire passages practically copied pasted within this novel The plot had the potential to be very intriguing yet due to lazy writing was rendered repetitious and uninspiring

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Download Doc µ The Dukes Governess in Disguise ✓ Fairfax Twins #2 ê When Lady Emily Fairfax comes face to face with a girl who looks just like her she thinks that she has seen a ghost It soon becomes clear however that Miss Ava Smith is no ghost but is actually Emily’s long lost twin sister DesperaKent It seemed like the perfect plan until Emily comes face to face with her new employer the devilishly handsome Duke of Hemsworth the ton’s most notorious rake After the death of his best friend Lord Dunstable Robert Charles Adrian De Lacey Sixth Duke of Hemsworth had found himself with two wards Determined to do right by them Rob vows to leave his life of debauchery in London behind a vow which is uickly challenged by the arrival of the children’s beguiling A happy ending for the twins These two book series is the story of twin girls separated at birth and then later in life finding each out This book is Emily story but you will also get a touch of Ava too This group of books were so unusual and interesting you really do not need to read the first book to enjoy the second but I highly recommend you get both girls stories Awesome twists with glorious misunderstanding and a fun read Hope you take a chance and pick it up it well worth it I did receive a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it