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Read & Download The Trans Space Octopus Congregation: Stories ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ó Lambda Literary Award finalist 2020Lethe Press is excited to be releasing the debut short story collection by Bogi Takács Takács may be known for their recent editorial efforts winning aAkács may be known for their recent editorial efforts winning. Oh how I wanted to love this I really did I almost abandoned it halfway through but I’m glad I finished it as I enjoyed the second half far than the first For me I found the majority of the stories somewhat inaccessible I’m not from a Jewish or Hungarian background and felt the first half was challenging to read as result Some of the stories were so short I had just barely begun to understand the universe and then it was over The stories that did captivate me I wished were longer or a whole book themselves Overall I would say it was worth it but I wish I had consistently enjoyed each story rather than being jolted from universe to universe so uickly

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Lambda Literary Award finalist 2020Lethe Press is excited to b. I wrote this Coming this year from Lethe Press You totally want weirdness in your lifeHere is my announcement Now a Lambda Literary Award finalist book Yay Source of the book I wrote it

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The Trans Space Octopus Congregation StoriesE releasing the debut short story collection by Bogi Takács T. I got this ARC ebook from the author when Bogi offered a ARC in exchange for reviews I know of Bogi from lists of ueer books which I have had likedretweeted into my Twitter feed by those I follow there and when I saw the title and the cover art I just had the feeling I had to read this book So I applied to the form I did not really expect to get a ARC but I did I'm excited to share my thoughts on the short stories within I noticed and thought it odd that the trigger warnings were after the index I believe they would be helpfuleffective below each short story rather than all grouped together This Will Serve As A Demarcation Enhyoron takes and remakes and guides someone who once destroyed with magic and technology to build a barrier between sea and land Some Remarks on the Reproductive Strategy of the Common Octopus Seaweed a human left behind in a pod is found by alien octopus who developed sentience because of or despite mankind of the Old Empire A Superordinate Set of Principles Ishtirh Dunan Anihemer and Mezvamar encounter humans and grow despite it helping Interstellar Alliance find a threat Forestspirit Forestspirit Gabi was once a soldier in a long ago war but now dwelling in a forest as a shape shifting spirit which a young man calls upon to save his uncle's forest home from the ConsentienceGiven Sufficient Desperation Vera finds herself supposedly labeling objects for aliens aliens that supposedly bombed Earth but want to use the data to rebuild but her desperation leads to unexpected truths Changing Body Templates A breakthrough in technology and biology leads a confrontation with sadly predictable bureaucratic ending For Your Optimal Hookboarding Experience Bees and something like snowboarding only with hooks attached to lines with magic Increasing Police Visibility Kari and Jano work Jano at a airport and Kari to prove to government bureaucrats that detecting ETs isn't working has never worked and may never work with the gates Good People In A Small Space A forced stop at a station due to solar flare and a meeting between strangers and a exchange makes them good people in a small space Recordings of a More Personal Nature Idriwu a Achievist of the Temple and Athlaniyo her Maiden seek to save from the Achieve Idriwu's self and memories and with her help to record with writing what their people are being cut off from by the stars This one reminded me of old works by Andre Norton wished there was as it seemed almost connected to the cataclysm and Atlantisfled ruined cities theories although with the origin of writing implied This Secular Technology Leah uses secular technology to fight the sheidim on a gevurah dayThree Partitions Chani and Adira seek to help her community that without Adira among them the planetmind will devour them To save themselves they must change Unifications Sara tries to make whole what was broken in a passageway's history The Size of a Barleycorn Encased in Lead What is the shamir builder of the Temple How similar it may be to the origins of fissionfusion weaponsTo Rebalance the Body Biruyan's magic and bond with Master Viiren of Hairen Hills gives Benurh a uniue view when Biruyan falls ill I loved this one and hope there's a novel or short stories some day Shovelware More modern day the collaboration between Tamas a artist and Liliane a lucid dreaming game maker beginning to collaborate for a horrordark game to deal with a reality The Oracle of DARPA A weapon made by a oracle makes men cold to it's use is revenge or a answer to warToward the Luminous Towers Magic makes a biotech controller of weapons and may damn or save someone who just wanted to be a librarian in another life Wind Lashed Vehicles of Bone Araana dreams of what could bes of fast vehicles and Ujabir makes it so with magic and rides with him The Need for Overwhelming Sensation Miran Anyuwe a hunted politician seeks a ride in Master Sanre's ship and neither Iryu nor Sanre is pleased when Miran Anyuwe interferes in their relationship and the ship Liked this one it also seemed to be Alliance maybe related to Changing Body Templates or A Superordinate Set of PrinciplesSpirit Forms of the Sea Delin knows too well the secret of Reka's spirit guide and just what a taltos is to it I enjoyed this one and wished there were short stories All Talk of Common Sense Bihan is a fool in the court of King Abrany and Court Mage Marekas but even a fool can tell Marekas has no magic Standing on the Floodbanks Aniye a survivor and weapon of the Crimson Army is turned apprentice to High Mage Oresuy her master who is not mastered by King Abrany's court or the Mages' Guild even when waters run over Would like to see Aniye and Bihan and Marekas interact