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Free read Ë Flaubert's Parrot 108 ´ Si nos preguntaran en la librería cuál es el mejor título para comenzar a leer a Julian Barnes sin duda responderíamos ue El loro de Flaubert Aunue Barnes es un autor ue ha ido creciendo literariamente con el paso de los años esta su tercera novela contiene ya los ingredientes más destacados de su estilo ESu autor favorito Gustave Flaubert y también la bibliografía escrita sobre él Solo le ueda pues conocer el entorno del escritor de Madame Bovary e indagar así directamente en su proceso de creación en su vida amorosa y en el loro ue da título a la novela El viaje de Braithwaite es entonces tam­bién nuestro viaje a lo ue ha dado en llamarse metaliteratura en cuya tradición cabe situar a Cerv. Will be top contender for novel of the year for me Or err anti novel It is intelligent literary analysis at its most intimate at its most arresting and brilliant; this may be one of the best literary dissertations of all time that is well bizarre; the last time I had declared this so recalcitrantly was for Mario Vargas Llosa's The Perpetual Orgy another immersive lit paper of the 19th century Flaubert and specifically on his megapopular diva M E BovaryBarnes merges poetics and juggles myriad miracles in this a satirical alchemy that hits you out of nowhere What a trick He takes the antiuated father of realism by the hand and jolts him out into our modern day What fucking balls this dude This is nothing short of madness Playful and overarticulate Flaubert's Parrot is an out of this world experience where fiction biography and fiction apocrypha interplays with history and the drama it all is to finally unravel it There is a certain VIPness to the whole endeavor oh exalted reader You are being shown celestial things and the sky is a theater of possibilities 83Flaubert's Parrot I shit you not LITERALLY grabs the reader by the lapels and yells brilliant miscellany right at his face This to my knowledge is the first novel to EVER do this to affect the brain and heart and lungs alikeAnd what finally is Flaubert's Parrot This is NO SPOILER An elusive emblem of the writer's voice It's a search for art in objects which is what a novel actually is Shivers down the backEXTRAHere are just two of my favorite things maestro Flaubert once wroteand of course they deal with class societyThe whole dream of democracy is to raise the proletariat to the level of stupidity attained by the bourgeoisieandThe greatest patriotism is to tell your country when it is behaving dishonorably foolishly viciouslyThanks Barnes dude Thanks for smashing Novel Conventions to smithereens; further for making me fall in love with the writing out of ideas of the dissection of the anatomy of great art

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Si nos preguntaran en la librería cuál es el mejor título para comenzar a leer a Julian Barnes sin duda responderíamos ue El loro de Flaubert Aunue Barnes es un autor ue ha ido creciendo literariamente con el paso de los años esta su tercera novela contiene ya los ingredientes más destacados de su estilo El protagonista un médico viudo llamado Geoffrey Braithwaite ha leído la obra completa de. That I knew very little of Flaubert’s life was an advantage for me to get a full immersion into this literary extravaganza One can tell that Barnes had fun writing this alternative biography of the famous French writer using his stuffed parrot to concoct a colorful tapestry of interspersed anecdotes with metaliterary intention ironic finesse and the savoir faire of a virtuous ventrilouistThe fictitious narrator Doctor Geoffrey Braithwaite scrutinizes the correspondence between Flaubert and his net of acuaintances and a sample of pompous academic miscellania to mis construct his own theories about the writer’s life or rather he presents the evidence and allows the reader to make his own assumptions in uite a burlesue styleThe result of this rigorous exploration is the vivid image of an eccentric stubborn contradictory scatological decadent but fiercely intelligent artist hungry for the hedonistic pleasures of life but sceptic about its purpose As a byproduct the novel is this a novel works like a very entertaining diatribe against literary criticism biographies and the railwaysBarnes plays tricks on the reader crossing the hazy line between reality and fiction In Geoffrey the reader can get a glimpse of the British writer and sense his deep admiration for Flaubert In the non biography of the French author one can’t help but wonder about the revelations discovered by the fictitious chronicler Would Flaubert’s lover the poet Louise Colet bare her emotions and hurt pride with such honesty Was Flaubert literal when he described his turbid sexual life his pure love for his mother or his flamboyant ideas about politics religion and animalsAll in all the book mystified and mesmerized me The lingering taste in my mouth after turning the last page is surprisingly sweet Because rising above the witticisms the apparently detached and playful teasing; love for words love for literature and deep reflections of philosophical nature on the role of the artist and the timelessness of his creative output is what prevails in this original workThe glassy eyes of the stuffed parrot stare at the reader and imitating Flaubert’s chirping voice he sings “¡Loulou c’est moi”Whatever the real identity of the parrot may be Flaubert’s essence shines in myriad colors in this homage to the writer and to his gift for elevating the imaginary to a reality greater than him greater than us

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Flaubert's ParrotAntes Borges o Italo Calvino Una apuesta literaria ue otorga a la ficción ese tinte de ensayo tan barnesiano Desde ue apareció en 1986 El loro de Flaubert es un libro de fondo ue no puede faltar en ninguna sección de narrativa una obra ue puede hacer feliz a cualuier amante de la literatura tanto si lo ue pretende es pasar un rato ameno como si disfruta diseccionando los mecanismos de la narració. I attract mad people and animalsLovedA novelised biography of Gustave Flaubert But better than that sounds I get the feeling that while Julian Barnes was stalking his favourite author he found so many oddities and pleasing coincidences les perrouets that he kept a journal entitled “Cool shit I know about Flaubert and other musings” which became this bookThe obsession rubs off You’re lying if you enjoyed this and didn’t contemplate ordering “A Simple Soul” This uote cut too close to home “Even what art is escapes them They find the annotations interesting than the text They set store by the crutches than the legs” Gustave Flaubert via Julian Barnes now via me in a goodreads review you are now reading “Why does writing make us chase the writer Why can’t we leave well alone Why aren’t the books enough” “as for coincidences in books there’s something cheap and sentimental about the device; it can’t help always seeming aesthetically gimcrack”“the common but passionate reader is allowed to forget; he can go away be unfaithful with other writers come back and be entranced again”“the lazy rush to understand”“How do we seize the past We read we learn we ask we remember we are humble; and then a casual detail shifts everything”“He finds himself by looking into the works of others”“you trust the mystifier if you know he’s deliberately choosing not to be lucid You trust Picasso all the way because he could draw like Ingres”“Do the books that writers don’t write matter”“perhaps the sweetest moment in writing is the arrival of that idea for a book which never has to be written which never needs to be exposed to a less loving gaze than that of its author”“Is your PhD from Bucharest” haha“pleasure is found first in anticipation later in memory”