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eBook ☆ ePub Sickened é Free ä Julie Gregory æ A young girl is perched on the cold chrome of yet another doctor’s examining table missing yet another day of school Just twelve she’s tall skinny and weak It’s four o’clock and she hasn’t been allowed to eat anything all day Her mother on the other hand Gun waving confrontations the astonishing naïveté of medical professionals and social workers It also exposes the twisted bonds of terror and love that roped Julie's family together including the love that made a child willing to sacrifice herself to win her mother's happiness The realization that the sickness lay in her mother not in herself would not come to Julie until adulthood But when it did it would strike like lightning Through her painful metamorphosis she discovered the courage to save her own life and ultimately the life of the girl her mother had found to replace her Sickened takes us to new places in the human heart and spirit It is an unforgettable story unforgettably to “Your reality sir is lies and balderdash and I'm delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever” Baron Münchausen Hoooooolllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy crapsickle Julie Gregory memoirs her childhood as a munchausen by proxy victim and it’s a hell of a gawker story Not as jarring as The Glass Castle in my opinion but still Christ what the hell People really do suck “You looking for the suckers honey Here let me get ‘em for you”Mom pulls out a new book of matches and carefully bends back the cover to expose two fresh red rows of the minipops she’s been giving me for as long as aI can remember My mouth waters when I see their shimmery crimson tips The first one is always the best and I pluck it out and get it fast on my tongue waiting for the metallic zolt to rush my taste buds Once the hardest layer dissolves I flop the match against the side of my teeth and crunch the softer bits off the stick spitting the white flimsy paper to the floor swallowing the rest”Munchausen by proxy we’ve all seen The Sixth Sense we remember that little girl in the tent with Haley Joel Osment She scared the bejeezus out of me We remember the video of her mother pouring Pine Sol into her soup right Yessireee My faith in humanity waned big time then Definition “In the Münchausen by Proxy syndrome an adult care giver makes a child sick by either fabricating symptoms or actually causing harm to the child whereby convincing not only the child but others including medical providers that their child is sick” Named after Baron Munchausen a german nobleman who enjoyed exaggerating and was documented in literature as a sort of ‘cry wolf’ sort MBP could be presented in many ways such as the Pine Sol scene from above or say poisoning your child with excessive amounts of salt or umtainting your child’s urine with your own blood In Julie Gregory’s case it included not feeding your child and then bringing them to the doctor saying that they are listless and weak duh or convincing the child that something is wrong with their heart and introducing doctor upon doctor until the mother it’s usually a female caretaker finds a doctor willing to run a battery of invasive tests to determine the problem and then screaming at the doctor when he refuses to do open heart surgery on the kid Hmmm There are many incidents in this book that just scream ‘holy jumpin'josaphat’ her mother was a pathological liar who had grown up in an abusive situation and demanded attention at all costs Nature versus Nurture at its best Half the time I wasn’t sure if I felt bad for the crazy bitch or if I wanted to kick her ass Of course the kids have little idea of what is happening they just want to please their parents so Julie misses school nods and yeps when her mother explains all the symptoms that Julie has been experiencing She lets people prod her in those very special places and she gets her chest shaved like half a dozen times so they can test her heart If only this was all she had to endure her mother would often make up lies about the kids to get her husband’s attention which could result in beatings for the kids She would often run around their doublewide screaming how horrible her life was and the kids would have to pry the shotgun from her hand when she threatened suicide Where was this Brady Bunch episode The story was a clusterfuck of events and the fact that Gregory could document this AND include photos adds to the rubbernecking trust me shows a committed resolve to get people to pay attention I was not so fond of the language it was too flowery or too embellished making her seem dramatic than she needed to be Her story stands without the whole broken mirrorshattered image cliché

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A young girl is perched on the cold chrome of yet another doctor’s examining table missing yet another day of school Just twelve she’s tall skinny and weak It’s four o’clock and she hasn’t been allowed to eat anything all day Her mother on the other hand seems curiously excited She's about to suggest open heart surgery on her child to get to the bottom of this She checks her teeth for lipstick and as the doctor enters shoots the girl a warning glance This child will not ruin her plansSickenedFrom early childhood Julie Gregory was continually X rayed medicated and operated on in the vain pursuit of an illness that was created in her mother’s mind Munchausen by proxy MBP is th Rewritten to protect the guilty and me from embarrassment I wouldn't want anyone to think it was about them especially if it wasview spoilerI think a friend of a friend I know uite well has this She prides herself on being able to talk to doctors in medical termsShe herself has had all sorts of things removed and is on various handfuls of pills and gets disability payments She is small and pretty and probably anorexic She can't work because of her back or do much housework However a full day's shopping at the mall visiting Zara John Lewis and other upmarket places is not beyond her She had been divorced for years but didn't want to remarry for fear of losing various benefits Eventually she did remarry to someone who was close to me and although his mother disapproved saying She's tried all the men in the community but no one wants to take her on with all her sick children so why youHer eldest son has several neurological disorders Crone's disease ADHD and Tourettes He is chronically lazy apparently a symptom of his various diseases I think it's a symptom of getting benefits if you don't work He's very nice good company very bright and spends all day playing games online and fantasising about his future If he got his act together he could go to university but that would mean work He has a very strange relationship with his mother Almost like he is in love with her and demands all her attention She pretends to hate this and closes doors in his face to emphasise it but all the time enables this behaviour by treating him like a recalcitrant child rather than the adult he isHer second son had treatment for Crones and other illnesses and disorders as a kid However possibly because the emphasis was on his genuinely sick older brother there is only a year between them he escaped the full brunt of his mother's malign attention and he is a high achieving young man His mother says he has to watch his diet and worries about the ill effects of certain foods and various minor ailments she sees in him There's nothing wrong with him at all and he doesn't watch his diet or anything elseHer daughter was a big fat lazy cow Pretty and pretty dislikeable She like her mother feels entitled to the best just because she exists At 17 she sat most of the time on the sofa consuming family size bars of Cadbury's Fruit and Nut Taking the dog for a walk meant opening the door to the garden when she could be bothered Once three of us went to visit and expected a meal She was on the sofa of course so we poked around There were three breaded chicken breasts in the oven along with oven chips than enough for four and a whole baguette of cheesy garlic bread Great But no she said that was for her that was her dinner and she hadn't made us anything we should get a pizzaHer mother insisted she was fat because she had polycystic disease along with Crones a joint disorder a back problem and I forget what else I thought she was fat because she was unbelievably greedy and lazy She wouldn't even go out to help with the shopping unless bribed with a Big Mac or several family size bars of chocolate She only went to college on days she got a ride walking to the bus stop was just too much for her This lot enabled the mother to spend a lot of time taking the kids to the doctors and hospital and needing a whole kitchen cabinet full of pills When the family doctor changed to a very handsome and charming man home visits were needed too Her new husband is on all sorts of pills now for all the things that are not wrong with him This lady likes people to recognise the illnesses she diagnoses herself and have them confirmed by doctors really and medicated Her husband even had to have a minor operation for something or otherWhen her daughter turned 18 she got her a gastric bypass persuaded the doctor it was the only possible thing that would help the girl Diets had failed she hadn't actually tried any in reality in fact it was the mother that stuffed her to get her fat enough to ualify for the operation A gastric band was too temporary nope it had to be the whole nine yards The poor girl was seriously ill with various illnesses related to the gastric bypass operation in and out of hospital for months I was sorry but did wonder if the mother was gleeful at yet another illness and a real one at that to be able to involve herself constantly with technical medical talk with doctors Now if I challenged this lady about all these illnesses and chronic disabilities her family suffer from she would turn on me she is only doing her best That's another thing she's good at Turning on people It keeps everyone including her husband from actually saying anything Good defenceIf you are wondering if I like her well she is a friend of a friend that I have known forever I don't particularly but she can be good company She talks about health problems of all her family parents included a lot She is looking for admiration for her knowledge and sympathy for her plight as she has to care for them despite her own physical limitations I am just astounded that someone could manipulate the system and their children as she has and that no one doctors and hospitals included although I used to tell my mother and she didn't believe it but she was a hard old biddy at times even seemed to suspect it Until I read this book Then I saw what she'd been up toRead the book it's the literary version x 100 of this lady hide spoiler

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SickenedE world’s most hidden and dangerous form of child abuse in which the caretaker almost always the mother invents or induces symptoms in her child because she craves the attention of medical professionals Many MBP children die but Julie Gregory not only survived she escaped the powerful orbit of her mother's madness and rebuilt her identity as a vibrant healthy young womanSickened is a remarkable memoir that speaks in an original and distinctive Midwestern voice rising to indelible scenes in prose of scathing beauty and fierce humor Punctuated with Julie's actual medical records it re creates the bizarre cocoon of her family's isolated double wide trailer their wild shopping sprees and Though Munchausen's by Proxy is a terrible disorder that causes parents to inflict grievous pain and suffering upon their trusting and powerless children I simply was not impressed with this book Just another look how ed up my upbringing was but by god I'm a SURVIVORThere are so many survivors of so many diverse kinds of abuse and it seems like everyone wants to write a tell all now Some are excellent eg The Glass Castle and some are so deliciously horrifying I couldn't stop reading eg Running with Scissors but Sickened was redundant and padded with too many lame metaphors and not terribly compelling a read I did read to the end because I was curious about the fate of the family but could not identify with any of the characters I found the experience vaguely disappointing