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characters Emma the Matchmaker ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò Emma Woodhouse is happily single though that’s never stopped her from making matches for others Her best friend George Knightley thinks it’s a sure way to trouble but what’s wrong with giving romance a little nudgeGeorge has been fighting his feelings fHing they want is to face each other But when Emma’s sister goes into labor and they’re the babysitters for the weekend they’ll have to set aside their pride and undeniable chemistry to tackle diaper duty togetherA modern take on Jane Austen's Emma with all the characters you know and lo. Cute retelling or Jane Austen’s Emma Follows along with a contemporary case and setting I liked it Content Clean romance no language or violenceRating PG

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So closely intertwined rocking the friendship boat would complicate than just their relationship He won’t do that to her or ask why she keeps cuddling up next to him on the couch to watch their favorite show at nightWhen a matchmaking scheme gone wrong drives a wedge between them the last t. Jane Austen knew no one would like Emma when they started to read her book She knew it But she wrote Emma anyway For two hundred years Emma has been a difficult character for people to love no matter what her retelling But Rachel John has done something amazing I loved Emma from the first page She did a fantastic job of transposing the 19th century story into the 21st century Emma is confident strong kind if slightly misguided And the Knightly character is wonderful Their chemistry is perfect too I loved this story

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Emma the MatchmakerEmma Woodhouse is happily single though that’s never stopped her from making matches for others Her best friend George Knightley thinks it’s a sure way to trouble but what’s wrong with giving romance a little nudgeGeorge has been fighting his feelings for Emma for years but with families. A light romantic comedy can be just the thing on a hot sultry day and I was eager to pick up this author's latest Austen inspired modern retelling of Emma Austen fans will recognize a favorite tale and those new to Austen will have a uick entertaining story of a woman's misadventures into matchmakingEmma the Matchmaker is a standalone piece that begins at the moment when her good friend Taylor has married leaving Emma a bit at loose ends Taylor wasn't just her friend but the long time live in nurse for Emma's aged fussy grandfather Now Taylor has taken a job in a new city and Emma must find a new nurse for her grandfather Meanwhile she enjoys torturing her friend George Knightley her sister's brother in law with her declaration that she is going to take up matchmaking as a hobby since she's so good at it Exhibit A Taylor and West As can be expected George rises to this taunt and warns her on no uncertain terms not to start playing with people's livesGeorge started out as friends with Emma after their siblings tied the knot but it has gradually become something He doesn't want to ruin the close camaraderie they share when she has given no hint that she feels the same way about him Now she's trying to fix up her granddad's new nurse Harriet with her next door neighbor Elton George can see where Elton's interest lies and it isn't bubbly Harriet who is getting over a break up with her boyfriend But Emma likes arranging people's lives and won't believe that she might just have this one wrong It may mean their friendship and but he can't just say nothingThis was a gently paced 'comedy of errors' piece Friends to lovers was the romance element at the center with both Emma and George alternating narration time George is a little older than Emma serious and somewhat introverted but he's a true blue guy that really cares about the seniors at his job and helping out with Mr Woodhouse and the house needs that an old man or Emma can't do as well as hanging out with Emma after work on the couch watching reality TV with popcorn Emma appreciates this but takes it for granted until she nearly loses him when she gets hung up on her own brilliance at solving her need to have a good person with her grandfather by convincing Harriet to break up with her boyfriend to fix her up with Elton the neighbor all under George's disapproving eyes Oh yes you can imagine the mischief this causes and the soul searching that comes afterI have to give the author credit It could have been loaded with drama and angst and it did have some but it didn't wallow in it So if you're looking for intense emotions and complex character and plot development its not to be found here Though not boring there is a lightness that breezes over the surface rather than plunging deepThe author presented the classic story at the heart but it was also original so that each character and situation was up to date and suited the time I enjoyed the Emma is a personal shopper and fashion advisor for her career George is a physician's assistant at a senior center where he knows the Bates' family as they are in his case load and Jane becomes his secretary Harriet is Mr Woodhouse's nurse and Mr Woodhouse is in his nineties and is a fuss budget but also has real ailments George's brother is a strong side character but the focus is mostly on Emma and George's friendship as both become it is something when they stand to lose the other to other peopleThe author also abbreviated the original so this one paced out uickly in comparison I know the original well so I felt the cuts of some characters and some big moments that were combined in this one but I also felt that this still left a light hearted story that didn't seem to miss the essentials to make it a good modern romcom romp That said I have one niggle There is a storyline about Jane coming to stay with her Aunt Betty to get over an ex boyfriend who ends up pursuing her They are in a few scenes melting away into the shadows like they arrived It was just there and poking out with no real need to be included at all the way the rest of the story was written I think it was supposed that an Emma retelling must have her old rival Jane and the smarmy Frank there to stir things up I guess they did that but it didn't feel than a distraction at bestAll in all it turned out to be a moderately engaging sweet and fun version of Austen's Emma that I can recommend to old time Austen fans or those just looking for something uick sweet and lightCOYER Summer Scavenger Hunt Clue cover with a clothed couple on it 2pts