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Read Ô Tierras de la memoria - Por lo tiempos de Clemente Colling - El caballo perdido 100 ↠ Lands of Memory presents a half dozen wonderful works by one of the greatest yet least known Latin American writers of the twentieth century Felisberto Hernández's extraordinary stories have been aLands of Memory presents a half dozen wonderful works by one of the greatest yet least known Latin American writers of the twentieth century Felisberto Hernández's extraordinary stories have been always greatly prized by other writers and the two novellas and four stories. Look Felisberto I'm not gonna lie You're no good at this short story thing You might as well give it up now Your 'stories' are like the slow kid in the back of the room who stares out of the window at the ballfield and gets hit by spitballs when the teacher's not looking All the other stories are gung ho raising their hands answering uestions with purpose drive But your story is still lost in thought he's barely aware that he's in classAnd the rails would spend all their time waiting with their backs to the sun for the monstrous egotists in the train always riding along thinking about the direction they were heading in to go over them Then the rails would bask once in the admiration of all the grasses that dwelled so peaceably around them p132Fortunately everyone has their perfect match in this world Even the homely girl gets a date to the prom And for your non stories I am that fool The fact is I don't often like stories They are too single minded in their trajectory But your stories lie on the outer perimeter of what a short story is or should be Your stories take on the appearance of a story while inwardly they are anything butWhen I talk with short story writers I knew uite a few back in the day they would always critiue each other's work by saying how there's a story here or there's no story here as if excavating bones from an archeological site But if a story has no story in it what's left I often find myself loving just this unnameable thing that's left which you have written many I like them because there is none of that anxiety that comes with the form One of my favorite filmmakers Abbas Kiarostami once said that he disliked most contemporary movies because they take the viewer hostage They don't allow any room for daydreaming reflection even deep sleep I feel that you and Kiarostami would agree on many thingsFurther I will ask you to interrupt your reading of this book as many times as possible a character of his writes in a story titled Gangster Philosophy and perhaps almost certainly what you think during those intervals will be the best part of the book from the ForewordReading your stories is like admiring the shadows of tree branches on the ground as a storm brews the light and shade moving in the mind of the story beating out a singular path from image to image The sentences each crystal clear but without any higher understanding or purpose Despite this lack perhaps because of it there is a higher enjoyment Not only are your stories unsolveable there is nothing there to solve so one must take them as they areThe nonstory of yours that I loved the most from this book was 'Mistaken Hands' In it you talk about the unknown But that's exactly what this story is to me a complete unknown I have no idea why I am so attracted to it but I feel I can return to it again and again It is like a pebble that I've mistaken for hard candy and I have it in my mouth right now and it will never dissolveWhile we were speaking there was something that had nothing to do with words; the words served to attract us to each other's silence p102PS I hope you will forgive me for addressing you so directly and rousing you from your peaceful state But your stories in their immense privacy seem to call for such direct addresses In the foreword that Esther Allen has written there is an excerpt by Cortazar where he has also written to you directly I think it's a testament to the extreme intimacy you're able to form with the reader

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N upon small improbable events small unpredictable off the wall events which turn upside down a first recital or a salesman's calling These works have been long overdue for translation into English and New Directions is pleased to have them in Esther Allen's stunning versio. Felisberto Hernandez is a Uruguayan writer of the mid twentieth century often cited as a major influence by other South American writers such as Gabriel Garcia Maruez and Julio Cortazar I heard of him through 'Bartyleby Co' by Enriue Vila Maltas Felisberto as he is known was primarily a musician a pianist who performed throughout Uruguay and Argentina and many of the stories in this collection feature a first person narrator who is also a touring pianist Like many writers his narrator blurs the line between fiction and autobiography and one would have to know much about him to sift through the differences His narrators are often concerned with problems of memory why we remember certain things and not others and his memnomic associations of people objects and events are often uite unusual and striking Impressions once made are hard to shake and so he cannot recall a certain person without also evoking a specific image color or scent These associations lead the reader through a maze of memories though always returning when you least expect it to the original thread of the tale My favorite of this collection is The Crocodile Here an itinerant pianist is attempting to augment his meager income with sales of ladies stockings and finding success in neither endeavor He voyages from town to town trying to both organize a concert and convince retailers to stock his hose One day he breaks down and starts crying in frustration drawing the nearby lady customers over to console him Their attentiveness helps convince the retailer to place an order and in lieu of this unexpected achievement our hero adopts this as a regular practice Soon he is known as the wandering weeping salesman Our amusement at his folly is tempered by our sympathy with his plight As readers we are drawn so far inside the narrator that we cannot laugh at him without somehow offending ourselvesSome samples of his imageryThat afternoon she appeared and disappeared like a light rain interrupted by sunshineBut she was the one who was pushing her way into the story as forcefully as if it were a crowded bus

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Tierras de la memoria Por lo tiempos de Clemente Colling El caballo perdidoCollected in Lands of Memory show why Lands of Memory and In the Times of Clemente Colling are two dreamlike novellas which are carried along like pieces of otherworldly music by odd rhapsodic memories Curiously haunting the four stories also included in Lands of Memory tur. I was sad in the afternoon At first I was as delighted with Colling's composition as a child with a present But a gradual sadness overcame me And I realized that the sadness was already starting even in my initial delight It was the sadness evoked after the first moment by certain toys that belong to other children toys that you find uite ugly but you see that the other child loves them very much It was also the sadness of the worn out relic someone else is preservingThe originality musicality and depth of beauty found in these pages is like discovering a secret garden