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Rings death but he might also be our salvation There can be no us and them There can be no prejudice There can only be the team because together we are stronger A Sci fi adventure with a Whychoose romance and part of the Planet Athion world. In the futuristic world females are a rare commodity and fertile ones even No surprise that there is some trafficking going on However Rogue is different rendered infertile by the fertility drug she was thrown into the fighting pit with no hope for escape and danger to her life every day She holds her own well though attachments are a weakness in this place and her heart is about to be broken However hope is a powerful ally Very fast read as this was relatively short novella and I liked the sci fi setup very much Two things though that forced me to remove one star from the review the jump in the middle of something ongoing after some search I found out it is part of a collection of stories set into the same world but eg the specifics of the races etc were not included here and I was confused how am I supposed to know and understand what goes on and the face used on the cover she looks delicate ethereal and far from a skilled pit fighter ready to kick some ass Does not correspond to the image of Rogue presented in the story at all Otherwise I enjoyed the story it was full of action balancing on the edge with emotions and tough decisions with a big promise of twists in the next books I am looking forward to it already

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Rogue; Planet Athion Survivors Heart #1Each Victory is another day I get to continue breathing  Each Victory is a reprieve from Death Ever since I was betrayed and taken from my home planet ever since they pumped me with poison and abandoned me on this asteroid to fight or die. I think I’ve stepped into the middle of a story without knowing it Which meant it took me to the end of this to really get into it Thanks to Ms extensive knowledge I now know I have stepped into the middle of the story as this is a series of books by different authors all based around the same Alien Planet Planet Athion The other books all follow different storylines but some of the missing descriptions of the Aliens and the world may be found in themhttpswwwgoodreadscombookshow4And is make me feel differently if I’d read those other books then I might not appreciate the retelling of the same background over again But I’m not and I need that info to connect with this one That should have been made clear as this appears to the average reader to be book 1 in a new series I don’t expect to only get half the story when I’m starting book 1 It’s manageable without reading the others we get the bare bones of the backstory and some idea of this world but it’s not compete Shelving that by the end I was into it and I do really want the next part of the story Rogue is a human who’s been kidnapped from earth and after being experimented on is now genetically modified with super strength and healing abilities She’s in a gladiator arena and fights to entertain the Aliens who kidnapped her The Trad They seem to be human like with shifting reptile features This is what I’m gathered from the little information we’re givenRogue is the only surviving female of these experiments and has a band of gladiators at her back whom she fights with It’s all a little vague and I had so many uestions about this Alien planet The facility they are prisoners in the training the experiments Etc etc so I think this cements my theory that you might need to read the others first The Aliens are humanoid and to be honest I didn’t even get the feel that they were in space It could have been on Faerie just as easily Again by the end my opinion changed somewhat so I would say stick with it it’s not long so it won’t be hard to give it a chance The harem in true Cassidy style seems like it’s going to grow from book to book so I can’t include my guy guideI wanted I need the parts I’m missing to connect with this MC She doesn’t have much personality and apart from the cover I have no idea what she looks like There’s no defining things about her she could be any of Cassidy’s FMCs Put Eva or Echo in there and I probably wouldn’t even notice the difference Hoping for from the next

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READ ↠ Rogue; Planet Athion (Survivors Heart, #1) ´ Each Victory is another day I get to continue breathing  Each Victory is a reprieve from Death Ever since I was betrayed and taken from my home planet ever since they pumped me with poison and abandoned me on this asteroid to fight or die I’ve been survivingBut I’m not alonI’ve been survivingBut I’m not aloneThere are others with me alien to me just as I am to them Separated into Houses we fight as a team on the blood soaked sands while the elite watch Each day is about survival until him An outsider he b. Fighting For SurvivalRogue makes my heart hurt She’s been through so much she doesn’t even have her own name any We are thrown in at the deep end with her as she fights for survival in a gladiator pit her House’s team fighting against another’s Her team may be victorious and she may be alive but she still lives in a cell living on gruel and tortured by her captorsRogue was kidnapped from Earth and dispatched to a rock at the end of nowhere to entertain the masses No longer fertile due to a drug she has been transformed into a berserker She still has friends who make her life bearable but she is tormented daily as the lone woman in the fightsThe author builds a world cleverly bit by bit as the nature of Rogue’s situation is revealed We learn about the different species she is fighting against and with and hear of her personal story Then she is thrown at the hardest House Team to beat and she knows her days are numberedThis subject matter is handled well and the horror and banality of Rogue’s situation is conveyed to the reader We cannot help but empathise with her situation an ordinary girl from England suddenly out amongst the stars fighting for her lifeThere is a cliff hanger but the next book is already available