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Loveboat TaipeiA wise man once said When at Loveboat party like the prodigies doWhen Ever Wong's parents send her away for the summer she's expecting Chien Tan a strict educational immersion program in TaiwanInstead she finds the infamous LoveboatThere Ever is surrounded by prodigies like Rick Woo Chinese American wonder boy and longtime bane of her exi This was an excellent debut I loved every bit of it It's such an addictive read full of well built up characters a plot full of surprises There was so much drama going down and that's honestly what kept me reading There was a great display of character growth with each of the characters and all the complicated relationships I loved the group of characters that we spend time with seeing how they all had come into their own by the end of the book I can't say this book is perfect by any means but if I were to rate this book on entertainment alone I would give it 55 stars I can't wait to read Abigail Hing Wen's next book

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Stence; Ever's roommate the confident and clever Sophie Ha as glamorous as she is sharp; and the intimidatingly cool Xavier Yeh heir to an international tech empire But her classmates are interested in the nonstop Taipei nightlife than anything to do with the curriculum Hookups abound snake blood sake flows and adult supervision is nonexi im so torn with this while this definitely has some positives to it there are some major negatives which i cant ignore like i usually would lets talk about the positives first this has some great messages its all about finding yourself following your passions and discovering your rootsculturewhere you come from it also talks about mental health stereotypes racism being a first generation american the pressure of pleasing your parents feeling like you don’t belong and first love and while all these things are great and deserve representation i definitely think its too much for just this one story as it is all very underdeveloped many heavy topics are glanced over or rushed and with rushing through something as serious as mental healthdepressionsuicidal thoughts it gives of the impression of mishandling the topic dont even get me started on the toxic love triangle cheating and unnecessary slut shaming im not saying this kind of content shouldnt be included it just should be developed and handled properly because these issues dont provide a good example of how to find a healthily resolution which can be harmful especially for a story primarily targeted towards teens im not sure if its because this is a debut book for a new author and she just hasnt figured out how to develop content but i want to give her the benefit of the doubt and blame it on inexperience which will hopefully change over time overall not the best story also not the worst even though the plot is a near copy of ‘when dimple met rishi’ but i can appreciate what the author was trying to do ↠ 25 stars

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FREE PDF å BOOK Loveboat, Taipei Û RANDARENEWABLES Þ A wise man once said When at Loveboat party like the prodigies doWhen Ever Wong's parents send her away for the summer she's expecting Chien Tan a strict educational immersion program in TaiwanInstead she finds the infamous LoveboatThere Ever is surrounded by prodigiesStent For the first time ever Ever is discovering what freedom tastes like and it is exhilaratingBut summer will end and Ever will be back to her parents and the future they've planned for her Will she let this glimpse of freedom go or will Loveboat give her the courage to pursue the future she dreams of and the Ever Wong she wants to be? Pretty girl on the pretty cover why did you have to disappoint meLoveboat Taipei follows a Chinese American girl named Ever who is crumpling under the pressure of her parents’ expectations She wants to pursue dance which has been her constant passion throughout life but her parents’ dream is for her to become a doctor instead She is sent on a summer program in Taipei where she ends up making friends and having a lot freedom than she thought she would—freedom to explore herself and what she wants in lifeBefore I read reviews of this book I was super excited to read this First of all Asian dancer—that’s me Second of all pretty girl on pretty cover—I love pretty girls But as I saw and reviews I started getting scared that it would not live up to my expectations And my gut instinct was right I did not enjoy the book In the mall back home heads sometimes turned when I walked by with my family but now my Asian Americanness is invisible erased like a shaken Etch A Sketch It’s an unexpected relief I think it should be noted that this book does have a lot of important messages especially for Asian Americanssecond generation Asian American immigrants There were some things that I related a lot to like how Ever was interested in the arts than STEM or medicine like what is usually pushed upon Asian American kids and how her parents wanted her to do what made her happy but also be able to support herself financially And there were also some other important issues tackled such as Asian stereotypes racism and abuse in relationships I also loved seeing Ever grow and figure out who she was as a person over the course of the book when she had not been allowed to explore her identity before But a lot of reviews that I’ve read have mentioned that there were just so many topics that the author tried to cover that in the end she was not able to explore these topics with the depth reuired to be meaningful—and I agree I would die for my family if I needed to I would emigrate to a foreign country and give up dancing to unwrap blood soaked bandages every hour of every day if it meant food and shelter for my family But because of them I don’t have to To be completely honest it was not an entirely unpleasant experience to read this book but I cannot count how many times I just had to put the book down and roll my eyes or scoff or laugh out loud at some of the ridiculousness that was happening At one point I closed my eyes because I just had to shut it out and then I accidentally fell asleep And some of the conflicts that occurred just felt really extreme and outrageous especially when they were resolved so uickly I really don’t understand how view spoilerSophie literally leaked Ever’s nude photos without her consent which is a complete violation of ever and her body hide spoiler