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FREE READ º Nefarious ë He hates everything about her She despises him even So why is his heart so determined to belong to her Once trapped by marriage to a woman he loathed Fitzwilliam Darcy is finally free again Resentful bewildered and angry he is eager to begin his life over—preferably with a woman who is the exact opposite of his wife He never imaginedHe hates everything about her She despises him even So why is his heart so determined to belong to her Once trapped by marriage to a woman he loathed Fitzwilliam Darcy is finally free again Resentful bewildered and angry he is eager to begin his life over preferably with a woman who is the. This story does have angst which I love and the largest part is where many authors are giving the readers a climaxnot so here The story reaches out and grabs you around the throat at about 85% So if you are expecting a love story similar to canon you will be disappointed Darcy has to work very hard to change to be the man Elizabeth Bennet might accept while he is pulled and distracted by other forces in his lifeThe blurb about this story's premise gives us only a hint about the storyline Darcy's history with not only his deceased wife but with her family and acuaintances connected with that family and time in Darcy's life is very complicated Part of the angst herein is that I kept wanting the whole story about howwhy Darcy married this first Elizabeth Benedict The man we know from canon is so careful not to raise false expectations and seems to hold all women off with his disdain and silent presence one can only wonderDarcy waxes hot and cold about Elizabeth Bennet He assigns all the evil he knew of his wife to EB because she not only bears that name but also looks somewhat like her However she also enchants him and he curses that fact even as he can't seem to shake the feelings off He assigns many names to her in his thoughts Minx seems to last and she has called him swine I did love his thoughts about her and even how she became his whole life as he changes and accepts that place she has won in his heart This second Elizabeth is much as ODG in canon but it is not that Hunsford letter that reveals her mistakes about her opinions of the man She overhears some details and he finally tells her some but she doesn't know it all Georgiana comes into the picture early She as in canon is shy and Darcy with his aunt's help hires a companion and introduces Elizabeth to Georgiana That friendship is introduced early in the story However in trying to protect his sister Darcy again keeps some facts secret from her and this has conseuences No she doesn't elope with WickhamThis Darcy has some changes to make but he also is trying to balance demands from his past and at the same time is finding his bank and his lawyer are causing come ripples in his life I think of a carousel as I think of his life up down round round I have not set down many details as there are just too many in this long story However as I said above I was not expecting that just when I thought things were going to come together the story explodes and becomes very dark No author has taken Darcy on this path before Well done NicoleThere is an epilogue which has some reflections from earlier in the storyI highly recommend this story123019 I began listening to the Audible version of this today 1 8 2020 finished listening Excellent narration Loved the male voice Harry Frost reading Darcy's POV Highly recommend this version also

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Exact opposite of his wife He never imagined a short stay in Hertfordshire would bring him face to face with his worst nightmare; a woman similar in face form and name He certainly never expected her to be so impossible to ignore Torn between what he believes he wants and what his heart can. Onion spiced with angstA great story Unbelievable Darcy marriage Ton of bad guys I described it as an onion because there are lot of layers to it Lots of hidden things occurring on and off stage Odd choices by intelligent peopleSome of the names and genealogy of the characters are enough alike I had to slow down my reading to not get mixed up Luckily the writing is so good a slower reading was not a burden and allowed the style and ambiance to be better appreciatedI recommend this book highly


NefariousNot live without his dignity begins to unravel Will his desperation to escape his past drive a wedge into his closest friendship and destroy any hope of a future Will Miss Elizabeth Bennet prove to be as nefarious as his wife Or will the last woman in the world be his only chance at happine. Warning this review may contain spoilers Rating clean although a bit steamy with vailed sensual suggestions there is mild language British swearing“There were many beautiful vipers in those days and she was one of them Eveline's Visitant” ― Mary Elizabeth Braddon The Gentlewomen of Evil An Anthology of Rare Supernatural Stories from the Pens of Victorian LadiesIf you hate angst in a story especially JAFF stories with Darcy and Elizabeth this might not be for you It is gut wrenching and will take your breath away as Darcy is raked over the searing coals of hopelessness and despair In spite of the angst having a death grip on the reader there were many episodes of humor to temper the feelings of lost hope and devastation Those moments included the verbal swordplay we love so much between DE ex Netherfield drawing room when Jane was ill OH MY GOSH This story was an alternate universe portraying a very different PP Clarkston managed to keep the essence of the PP characters in spite of scenes being manipulated and yet maintained Austen’s ideas andor concepts for the story The dialogue was occasionally handled in different ways andor was delivered by others Even though Clarkston created euivalent scenes they were easily recognizable and followed those from canonTold completely from Darcy’s point of view the reader experiences his thoughts on everything going on around him From the first few paragraphs the reader is shocked to discover that something terrible has happened in the life of our dear boy and it was not good He was an emotional wreck nearly crushed in spirit and broken hearted for all those lost expectations his father had planned for him Gone in an instant his life was now changed forever In a moment of time he nearly lost all those he loved and were dear to him Now out of mourning he was bombarded on all sides “If you don't get the wrong people out of your life you will never be able to get the right people in it” ― Alex Haditaghi Softly As I Leave HerHis in laws there were many hints about problems with them that were not fully explained until much later in the story We only knew there was a situation that revolved around death and money as it usually does Wickham had a part to play and had a hand in stirring the pot as was his character Lord Matlock wanted Darcy’s help in furthering his political ambitions He declared that Darcy had failed in his duty to the family with his first match If he still refused to marry Anne then he should at least marry the daughter of someone that could help him politically in the House He had a list of wealthy families socially and politically influential with well dowered daughters and matchmaking mammas just looking for a matchconnection with the FitzwilliamDarcy families Lady Catherine unrelenting in her demands that Darcy marries her daughter She consistently ignored his refusal against the match Anne didn’t have an opinion she was resolved to whatever her mother wisheddecided for her What would be the use in thinking otherwise Lady Matlock tried to walk a fine line between all the combatants Her daughter in law the viscountess was a snippy snot that was uick to point out things that annoyed her She was excessive in nit picking at Georgiana specifically pointing out the defects in her person body hair and clothing choices It was completely devastating to a young girl not yet out and unaccustomed to being in company Georgiana immature and self conscious was caught under the magnifying glass of her aunts cousin’s wife and trying to deal with her own raging emotions typical of a teenager not yet a woman Everything wrong in her or her brother’s life she felt was her fault She was mercurial in her range of emotions and easily fell to pieces when things didn’t go well As in canon she made a foolish immature and dangerous decision with the help of Mrs Younge that nearly cost her dowry damage to her and her brother’s reputation and would have created a scandal for the rest of the family Then we have Darcy arriving at Netherfield at Bingley’s reuest and trying to avoid Caroline Bingley’s effusions and cloying attentions He knew he needed to be careful and remain alert at all costs He resolved that he would NEVER allow her to compromise him At the assembly he spotted Jane Bennet across the ballroom an angel and he was completely and utterly smitten What And then he saw her younger sister the spitting image of his deceased wife Heaven forbid he nearly bolted and ran when he heard her name Elizabeth Bennet so similar to his wife After the initial shock the tone of the story changed and turned hilarious as Darcy dealt with Miss Elizabeth Bennet The minx Our dear girl was than able to maneuver in such a way as to deflect and engage him in verbal and nonverbal swordplay on a level we rarely see in JAFF variations The swine This was freaking awesome as they went back and forth with their name calling Our author was extremely creative with a list of names Darcy conjured for our Lizzy It was hilarious The angst built again when the tone of the story shifted and Darcy along with the reader was thrust into the darkest pit where all hope seemed lost It was touch and go there for a while and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it OMG The last of the book was a total surprise Oh My Gosh I gripped my reader tightly afraid it was happening againI read this when it first posted as chapters on an authors’ website I was able to watch as this story came together to form the most exciting angst filled JAFF Jane Austen Fan Fiction I’ve read in a while I love this story and have followed this author for several years I have read nearly all of her work I was so excited about the launch of the pre order that I grabbed it immediately I highly recommend this for anyone who loves a good Darcy and Elizabeth story Many times his and her words were swoon worthy Heavy sigh