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Download ueen of Dreams The Masks of Under #3 Book Ù 282 pages å Randarenewables » I diedIt was supposed to be the end of my story But after Aon buried me in the Pool of the Ancients I learned that Under wasn’t done with me yet Even though I escaped death the first time there’s a prophOn mad His desperation to protect me is dangerous deadly and I’m afraid of what he might doThe void that threatens to destroy this world is receding yet Under is still not safe I can feel it in my blood the warning that something terrible is coming S The end pushed this up to 3I apologise now because this is of a rant than a reviewI’ve said it before and yet here I am saying it againThis series was written as 3 books The publisher made the decision to cut them into 6 This in my opinion was a huge mistake It was a mistake with the first book and it’s a mistake hereYou know when you read a book which seems slow in the beginning You skim a little and get annoyed but then it picks up about half way The second half makes up for the first and by the time you’ve reached the end you’ve forgiven the first halfThe problem here is we don’t get the second half That’s now book 4This book wasn’t what I expected It’s slow and repetitive Edu hates Aon We know we knowI’m being harsh it’s not all bad But I want the second halfWe find the true depths of what Aon has done and the reason Edu truly hates himThere’s some lovely bits Aon leaned his head to whisper to her “I would have you rise as my eual in this world I would have you tear down all who stand in your way I would have you build this forsaken world to be your throne For I love you and I think I always have”“Aon you’re moping Want to stab me a few times to cheer yourself up?” Lydia smirked and nudged him “Edu will not touch you No one will harm you again No one but I” Lydia rubbed the back of her neck “Well isn’t that the worst superpower ever? ‘Hey you’re good at handling massive amounts of the bullshit we throw at you Here’s some ’” Lydia griped sarcasticallyThe end of the book and the opening chapter of the next book is fabulous I can’t wait to read it it’s out in 2 daysI’m annoyed incase you couldn’t tell this book was cut Why couldn’t we have the books as the author intended?

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I diedIt was supposed to be the end of my story But after Aon buried me in the Pool of the Ancients I learned that Under wasn’t done with me yet Even though I escaped death the first time there’s a prophecy predicting my demise and it’s driving A Oh this is just the best it's turning into one of my stand out favourite series EVER and let me tell you I have read a lot of booksSo where are we at now this is book 3 with 3 to go and every instalment of this is as different and also as good as the last oneLydia is now ueen of Dreams the mother of monsters and with her trusty sidekick of an inner monologue and now separate entity of her conciseness it's time to kick buttAon is trying his utmost to motivate Lydia to be self sufficient and in charge of her own protection even if that means using methods that may be extremely unpleasantAeon himself is such a contradiction of extremities the contrast between Aon's bloody inventive tortures and yes I do mean that literally and his loving regard and affection for his resurrected dragonfly was intenseShe also finally gets to see the man behind the mask man that was way cool and intenseThis was such a page turner and I just couldn't put it down I raced through in record time not wanting it to come to an end as I had such fun and immersed myself in all that is underWe have a prophecy that lead's to a jaw dropping decision a new player is also brought forthEdu that sanctimonious tin can is still on the warpath and Lydia steps out from behind her Warlock and stands alone taking baby steps into her new world while also trying to make peace with Aon's actionsAdored everything here have no negatives at all it was stand out bloody amazing from start to finishAll I need now is King of Blood can't bloody waitI voluntary reviewed a copy of ueen of Dreams The Masks of Under #3Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom

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ueen of Dreams The Masks of Under #3Omething bigger and stronger than all of us But I am no longer the human girl merely fighting for survival I’m different now changed into something this world hasn’t seen in fifteen hundred years I am immortal a ueen of UnderI am the ueen of Dreams Lydia is resurrected as the new ueen of Dreams but all is not solved uite yet She doesn't know how to unlock her powers and in order to help her Aon believes he must torture her Their budding romance takes another hit when he fulfills a prophecy to complete the job Once her powers are unlocked the Void stops growing and Under begins to restore itself Oh and Edu still wants to kill her This book fulfilled my expectations to move the plot along I mean we knew Lydia wasn't dead she's the MC of the series I assumed she would come back with some power and she did I also expected that once Aon and Lydia admitted their feelings toward one another that there would be something to jeopardize their happiness Aon's actions to unlock her powers did just that Now the uestion is when will she forgive him? And can the rest of Under stop trying to kill her long enough to enjoy having their world restore itself? I'll be reading the next book to find out