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Doc ✓ Bienes historie ¹ 496 pages æ Maja lunde æ Σε έναν κόσμο δίχως μέλισσες θα επιβίωνε άραγε ο άνθρωπος;Αγγλία 1852Ο βιολόγος Γουίλιαμ μελετά έναν νέο τύπο κυψέλης που μπορεί να αποδειχθεί σ?κεται στην εκβιομηχάνιση της παραγωγής και ελπίζει ότι ο γιος του θα συνεχίσει την οικογενειακή παράδοσηΚίνα 209 I am somewhere between 2 and 3 stars At first I liked the three apparently different stories But as I read I got annoyed and bored I think one of the main tasks of a writer is to keep the readers interested This is the difficult job Lundes message is good and the idea how to present it was also innovative But i think the whole story would have made a powerful impression if the book had been smaller I think sometimes that the authors are trying to create atmosphere and that is why they write stuff which apparently has nothing to to with the main story But Lunde as some other authors that I read did before her wrote page after page and dialogues without any purpose Descriptions of doing this and doing that one page full which have no point but to bore the hell out of the reader Tao Story very interesting dystopy I liked the idea a lot But come on there is sooooo long winded Plus I came up with the child's diagnostic uite early so the whole story had no point for me anyGeorge Story the main idea the desaster is happening somewhere after dull pages presenting the work as a beekeeper She tried to make it interesting by presenting the whole father son relationship but there was no drama no nothing to keep the reader interested Me at least William Story boring presentation of depression or some sort of psychiatric problem the guy had All the characters are superficially presented the language is mediocre and I have to say I was glad when it was over1 star for the dystopy idea and for the whole idea in general 1 star for the infos about bees 1 star for presenting a potential desastrous future that is not far from the reality And the whole 3 stars and not 2 for not making me aggresive as other books i read in the last months

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λης που μπορεί να αποδειχθεί σανίδα σωτηρίας γι’ αυτόν και τα παιδιά τουΑμερική 2007Ο μελισσοκόμος Τζορτζ αντιστ? Rating 4 out of 5 Read in Norwegian I feel a teeny weeny bit foolish reviewing this book in English since it hasn't yet been released in any other country It's been sold to several and it certainly has international appeal and thus I choose to review in English anywayThis is probably the most un Norwegian book by a Norwegian author I have ever read It works though The book is beautifully written and a joy to read for sheer composition There are three different plots on different timelines William in 1952 trying to figure out a sensible bee cube George in 2007 who is experiencing colony collapse disorder and has troubled relations with his son Tao in 2098 a time when all the bees are gone there are world wide food shortages and all farm plants have to be hand pollinated The plotlines converge in the end They all involve bees so there is coherence in them from the start anywayThe book deals with family dysfunction as much as with bees There is a strong voice of criticism raised against mono culture farming It is truly amazing that so few can feed so many but the system we have set up is largely based on poison and uite fragile I don't have any solution up my sleeve we cannot feed 7 billion people with ecological farmingSo this book mixes historical fiction with futuristic dystopia It's unusual but it works It's a beautifully written novel exploring relationships between people and people and ecology Easily read but not easily forgotten The book leaves us to consider what we can do for a sustainable future

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Bienes historieΣε έναν κόσμο δίχως μέλισσες θα επιβίωνε άραγε ο άνθρωπος;Αγγλία 1852Ο βιολόγος Γουίλιαμ μελετά έναν νέο τύπο κυψέ 35 Three stories that are connected though how is not apparent until book's end 1851 William 2007 George and 2098 Tao tied together by their dependency on bees In 2098 the bees have all been wiped out in China they pollinate by hand a labor intensive endeavor Each of these three have sons so this is also very much about the bond and expectations between parent and childVery slow start to this book was tempted to put it down but I have a profound interest in our environment especially after the fires storm hurricanes and earthuakes that have ravaged so many areas The lessening of the bee population has been on our nightly news and it is something I have noticed myself in the area in which I live Without bees and their pollination our food sources will collapse the world as we know it unrecognizable which is what happens in this novel So I kept reading and soon became better acuainted with these characters and how the author was putting her story together This book is not fun to read it is rather grim us screwing up our environment could be nothing less but also I think important The ending was so fitting and though sad also ends with a ray of hope It all ties together all three storiesand in a round about way comes full circle Rather ingenious A book I ended up glad I had readARC from Netgalley